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Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron… If you point these things out to the brothers and sisters, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished on the truths of the faith and of the good teaching that you have followed.

1 Timothy 4:1-6

Note to the Reader: You will notice a major change in this series. First of all, and most obviously, I am now putting a NAME to the person (“Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson) who has perpetrated the corrupt actions I have been discussing. I have a reason for that, which will become apparent as you read further.

Second, I am providing more context and background for his actions, so that the reader will be able to “connect the dots” easier. In past articles, I started in a fairly vague manner, hoping to wake up my old friend, “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson, so that he would level with his congregation regarding his dark actions and deceit, and close his corrupt organization (or at the least—have responsible persons clean it up, and start rebuilding it properly).

Instead, he dodged, excused, and subtly attacked those bringing the truth to light—therefore I saw the need to be increasingly direct; in the hopes that it would warn and awaken his congregation and associates (some thankfully have woken up and left), and in the hopes it could warn those who may have been hurt or perhaps were in the process of being hurt by Jesse’s depraved sexual actions.

To give you an idea of how I have structured this series, here is the timeline of my previous posts regarding this matter. But even before that, I had been alluding to these issues for some time on my blog, and have spoken to Jesse about them several times (he was privately apologetic regarding the sexual sin issue, yet refused to come clean with his congregation, which has become increasingly concerning as other allegations have surfaced…)

Sexual MOLESTATION—the Secret CRIME 11/8/21

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Some have hotly criticized my actions, questioning my motives and accused me of trying to “destroy” this man. If that were the case, I would have used his name in these posts from the beginning and fired every bit of “ammunition” that I had at him. Instead, I tried the route of reason, and ramped up my clarity as I’ve seen the need.

Some have chosen not to believe me, and have demanded “proof.” First of all, how easy would it be for me to prove secretive sexual encounters?

Also–consider that I have a wife and son. I’d have to be insane to allege what I have as a man with a family I love! In any case, Jesse has apologized to me and my family (and yet has refused to level with his congregation—though he is obliquely dropping clues for them as information continues to come out).

Up until now, I have not taken the route of naming him, though many criticized me for not doing so. They’ve had their reasons, which I understand, but up until now I have not seen sufficient reason to do this.

There is a third group that were glad to read this story (typically after experiencing the shock of feeling that the world we think we know has disappeared under our feet!), because they understood the overriding point: That we MUST put our trust in GOD ALONE, and not put men on pedestals (where we can be taken advantage of) and not seek our salvation through them. That is such a FREEING revelation, which I heard (and continue to hear) from people often. At heart, I truly believe that this is GOD’S message.

After reading the entirety of this post, I hope that you will see for yourself the rationale for my actions.


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Patrick Rooney. I have been a close friend of “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson for the better part of thirty years.

Over twenty of those years were spent working for Jesse’s nonprofit organization BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny). I have worked just about every non-tech position at BOND, including public relations, radio and TV show producer, management, and fundraising. I have also been a member of BOND’s board.

In the entryway at the BOND building, Los Angeles

I used to appear regularly on Jesse’s Internet show, in a segment called “Behind the Headlines.”

Later, after moving out of state, I appeared a number of times on his show, promoting my businesses, Greek Physique, and later Old School. I have also been a featured speaker at the 2017 BOND Men’s Conference in Los Angeles.

Everybody from Jesse’s “old congregation” knows who I am, as do some in the “new” congregation. Most who currently work with / live with Jesse know me too. Most who know me know I am telling the truth in my recent series of posts. Thank God, I have a reputation for integrity (with the obvious exception of my lengthy secret sexual relationship with Jesse, for which I am profoundly sorry to God and to those who have looked to me as an example).


I first met Jesse at the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) former headquarters in Los Angeles around 1992. The FHU was the late Roy Masters’ organization. Roy was a Christian minister, radio host, author, and speaker. He taught an observation/meditation technique that has helped millions of people worldwide to overcome sometimes deep-seated spiritual, mental, and physical issues. He was a brilliant and good man.

I had been practicing Roy Masters’ meditation technique since 1984 or 1985, and had several powerful spiritual breakthroughs because of it. I had sought spiritual “rebirth” since going through a series of traumas including being molested by another boy when I was about eight years old. I have published much of my story in a three-part series titled Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE The GATEWAY TO HELL.

Part I

Part II

Part III

The above series explains how I was set up to be taken advantage of by “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson. By the way, I use quote marks around the word “Rev.”, as I don’t believe he ever followed a real ordination process. Not that that makes much difference to me, as long as a minister is following God’s laws, which Jesse was not and is not, as I will explain. The “Reverend” title was really added on to give Jesse more clout in the media (like “Rev.” Jesse Jackson, of whom Jesse Peterson had a long history battling, which goes well beyond the scope of this story).

Since my posts have come out exposing our secret sexual relationship, as well as other instances of sexual grooming/sexual actions—Jesse has told his congregation to no longer use the “Reverend” title for him. He did not tell them the true reason—that he can no longer use it in good conscience—instead, he said that he doesn’t want them to view him as an “authority.”

Speaking of my finding Roy Masters’ meditation—I credit it with saving my life.

Jesse and Roy

Mr. Masters (Roy) had allowed Jesse to use his facility to meet with other black men for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment. This group later became Jesse’s organization, BOND.

Jesse had contacted Roy, telling him that by hearing Roy speak on the radio, and sitting quietly as Roy had suggested, he—Jesse—was able to see right away that he hated his mother (for trying to turn Jesse away from his father), and while weeping—seeing how wrong his hatred of his mother was—he was instantly freed of all anger and fear. Or so the story went.

I’m not here to say that the story was not true, but I do have a hard time matching up the idea that Jesse was somehow instantly free of all anger and sin with what I know of his behavior over the years.

The two things just do not fit together. In fact, his statements cannot be true and therefore are an out-and-out LIE! I’m not saying he’s necessarily lying intentionally. The Bible speaks of those who are self-deceived (or Devil-deceived), and therefore are easily able to deceive others.

Jesse has stated many times that he also went to see his mother—and later his father—and told them why he had hated them, but that he had forgiven them.

Jesse went on to continue an association with Roy Masters for many years.

Years later, Jesse recorded his own version of Roy’s observation/meditation technique, which Jesse called “Be Still and Know”–the same name Roy called his exercise. It is my understanding that Roy was not fully aware of the content and perhaps name, and after finding out, instructed Jesse to cease making the exercise available on his website, as Roy said that Jesse did not properly understand the exercise.

Jesse complied. He even admitted to me sometime later that he didn’t actually practice Roy’s meditation to “overcome” his hatred of his mother, which was a bit jarring to me. Jesse stated that he simply sat down quietly and this happened spontaneously.

I have never heard of something like this happening (a complete letting go of anger and fear in an instant)—other than the story of Paul on the road to Damascus in the Bible. Not that I—and many others—don’t believe it is possible. I do believe that becoming free of sin and anger is not only possible, but desired, and is what Jesus meant when he said…

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

–Matthew 5:48


Jesse said that he had no anger, and no sin, and continued to make that claim for decades. I have not heard him make that claim lately, and I suspect he knows that it would be a tough “sell” since the time of the publishing of my posts regarding my long-time illicit sexual relationship with him—and the stories regarding his initiating sexual incidents with others—have begun to come out…

The first video is of a protest in front of Jesse Lee Peterson’s BOND headquarters in Los Angeles, featuring Jesse’s former #1 supporter and long-time house mate, Martin Francis, Arman–another man who has accused Jesse of encouraging and participating in sexual misdeeds, and other former supporters…

This second video was shot during the same protest. “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson had one of his employees call the police on the protestors, even though the previous video makes clear that they were peaceful and respectful.

It is interesting that Jesse decided to call the police on these peaceful protestors, since he is well-known for protesting others, including Jesse Jackson.

This third video is Jesse Lee Peterson’s former #1 supporter Martin Francis’ story. He explains how Jesse attempted to “turn him” (toward homosexual acts), and also explains some personal and spiritual challenges he is facing…

This fourth video is from former BOND Member Arman Martikian, who has his own story to tell regarding Jesse tempting him into a sexual situation, and regarding another young man who lived at the BOND home, who told Arman about sexual contact between he and Jesse.

Arman has released a follow-up video in which he is crystal clear and comprehensive. He states that Jesse encouraged him to expose himself while in private counseling; and has also testified of running into a young man, Trayvon, who used to stay in the BOND Home and who told him that Jesse performed sex acts on him, reportedly calling it “oral massage.”

Arman said that when he confronted Jesse, that Jesse discredited the victim as someone who was “on drugs,” and said that Arman confused the victim with someone else. Arman says that Jesse even threatened to tell lies about Arman, in an apparent attempt to chill Arman into not speaking out about the matter.

Thank you, Arman, for standing up for me, for others, and for the truth!

Arman said he told Jesse that, “The good you taught us has come back to fight the evil in YOU!” He said that Jesse had a one-word response (perhaps you can guess it…) “Amazing”,,,

Regarding his professional relationship with Roy Masters, Jesse never told me that Roy Masters had any issues with him. In fact, he always told me the contrary—that Roy was proud of how well he had done, and had regularly praised him. I always had some doubts about that and sensed that perhaps Jesse was “sugar-coating” the relationship. Recently I have done some checking, and it appears my doubts were well-founded.

A “sinless” example to follow?

Jesse’s claims that “I do not sin” have been a strong selling point for his “ministry.” I know that I—as well as others—stayed around as long as we did partly because we were hoping that somehow what Jesse claimed he had/was would “rub off” on us. That never happened—at least in a good way!

It’s not that many of us have not received some great benefits from “Jesse’s teachings.” We have, and are grateful for that.

Jesse has spent countless hours with me (and many others) over the years in counseling. I will always appreciate that. Although, frankly I have wondered how necessary all this counseling was when almost every problem we have can be solved through the daily practice of quiet and sincere prayer.  

Ministers and gurus sometimes subtly make themselves the source others come to believe they need to come to for enlightenment. Jesse is no exception.

Jesse does encourage people to pray (with his “Silent Prayer,” which I will get into more). Yet, he has always maintained a busy and profitable counseling service, and his “church” service is much more about Jesse dispensing his “wisdom” than it is about fostering the sharing of testimony regarding what God is doing in his congregants’ lives.

A positive influence?

Many have told stories of how Jesse saved their lives or even the lives of their families. He was a father or older brother figure who regularly dispensed (and still dispenses) much wise advice—despite all his deceit.

That is the paradox many have spoken of.

Regarding Jesse’s “positive” influence, I do not want to cast doubt on those who may really have been helped by Jesse. In fact, just about all those who are now speaking up about his dark activities have acknowledged that he has helped them and sometimes their families too. Some have said he has helped them a lot.

But believing that Jesse has helped us in one way or another is often the EXACT REASON many of us have been hesitant to come forward regarding his evil doings! I believe the Devil is at work in this too.

Further, recently I’ve begun to question how much Jesse’s influence has truly helped people. For instance, I am aware of some who appear to have become much “stronger” from his teachings/their association with him, but who are essentially copying Jesse’s “in your face” personality and sayings. When he is not around, some of these followers are forced to ask themselves “what would Jesse do,” or simply fall into their more “regular” personality.

True, permanent change comes from WITHIN, not from WITHOUT!

I have also noticed that some who have “gotten stronger” around Jesse have become angrier and more corrupt. The innocence that I once saw in them—even if accompanied by weakness—was much more beneficial than their current state.

Sexual sin

Some of Jesse’s followers have developed an extremely protective attitude toward him, and have reacted strongly to my and others’ recent statements exposing his secret homosexual advancements and actions. Yes, I am saying “homosexual.” I have not heard of any allegations of this nature coming from women.

[I am NOT saying that Jesse has no interest in women. He often spoke/bragged of old sexual exploits with women that could be true. And he does have a son, whom I have met, and found to be a nice guy, so he may not be exclusively interested in men].

An interesting side point to Jesse’s sexual talk, is that it was and perhaps is still common for him. Some of us thought it was “cool,” and that we were just “uptight.” After all, Jesse had the reputation of being a different kind of preacher—“free” to paint outside the boundaries. Crude sexual talk was the norm for Jesse behind closed doors. This kind of talk also appeals to some of his more corrupt male followers, and no doubt makes them feel more comfortable in their own sins.

So since Jesse has been claiming that he does not sin for decades, and yet I know that he has been engaged in predatorial, homosexual sin during this time period, what can explain this?

Jesse has defined sin as essentially anger alone. He has said, particularly recently after my posts began to come out, that it’s all about the “heart,” and once God cleans up your heart, he will take away your “vices”–as he calls physical sins.

That may sound good, and I believe that God works that way, but I have no reason to believe that God would allow a minister access to vulnerable younger and older men—in order to tempt them or even violate them (keep in mind that in my situation I was married with a son, which constituted he being an accessory to adultery), and have this minister continue in this behavior over a period of decades. God would certainly not approve of a minister spreading this kind of corruption.

Which brings up the point: Did God really “ordain” Jesse to preach and provide Jesse the credibility to work closely with vulnerable men, knowing that Jesse had serious sexual issues that he had not overcome?

Some years back, Jesse said at BOND meetings on at least two occasions, that he had been molested as a child. And clearly he has not overcome these sins—or if he has, he would have had to have done so within the last month (I’ll get to this).

This is troubling.

So clearly Jesse is conflating (deliberately or otherwise) basic “vices” like overeating or over-drinking, or even something like masturbation which basically (but not completely) affects the individual themselves—with the much more serious sin of sexually corrupting another individual.

His congregation has not called him out on this point yet. Perhaps somebody will consider it after becoming more educated via this post/video testimonials.

Regarding anger supposedly being the only sin that matters (per Jesse), it’s just not true. The Bible clearly defines what sin is, as does our common sense. I have discussed the devastating effects of physical sin in my Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE The GATEWAY TO HELL series as linked above.

How could ANYONE make the case that corrupting another man—even in my case helping a man commit adultery—is somehow not sinning?! Jesse himself admitted to me (privately) that the Devil convinced him to fall into this.

I was surprised at his admission. “It definitely wasn’t God!” he answered.

No, this makes no sense on any level. The behavior is not defendable and must be dealt with, particularly for a “Christian” minister, who is supposed to be God’s representative.

“Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson’s sin here is not just the sexual predatory part. He has also covered up these sins and has even attempted to confuse or even threaten to “expose” an individual who has confronted him regarding it, as noted above in Arman’s testimony.

I’ve recently found out that someone who Jesse has mentored and been close to for years confronted him over the Christmas break regarding the allegations that are coming out, and Jesse is said to have responded that they are “all lies!”

Since when is bearing false witness against your neighbor also NOT a sin?

An explanation for failing to overcome

After Roy Masters told Jesse to stop promoting his own version of his observation/meditation technique, Jesse recorded another meditation technique—which had some key changes in it. He called it the “Silent Prayer.”

Roy Masters taught his meditation technique in stages. The final stage had the meditator place his or her fingertips together in a prayer-like position. Although he does not explain the spiritual significance of this in the exercise instructions, I have come to see the power of this in my own practice. I discuss it in this post.

In true, effective meditation, there is an “in-filling” of the Spirit that can occur, and I have noticed that this is more likely to occur (or at least more powerfully) when the fingertips are together in a prayer-like fashion.

But in Jesse’s “Silent Prayer” technique, the hands are left on the lap, either turned up or downwards, in a style I recognize from New Age practices. In other words, when the fingers touch, the spiritual “current” is closed, but when they do not, the “circuit” is open, and therefore is not as effective.

I realize that Roy Masters taught earlier stages of his observation/meditation technique that did not include the fingers coming together, but from my decades-long experience with it, I have found that bringing the fingers together is more powerful—simply a better connection to the Spirit.

So I believe that Jesse’s long struggle to overcome sexual sin is hindered by using an inferior technique to access the Spirit (Of course, that assumes that Jesse truly wants to access the spirit and get over this sin, which I’m no longer sure of, as I will discuss).

This could explain why some of those who have used Jesse’s technique find success early on—but find themselves falling into the same sins later—that they believed they had already overcome.

One of Jesse’s congregants spoke with me last week about this very issue.

Part of that explanation could be that Jesse’s WORDS in his meditation instruction act as a behavior reinforcement—at least for a time.

This is an explanation I’ve never heard anybody discuss—and may just be the “missing link” in the “Why the struggle?” question.

Let me add something else that has not been publicly discussed, to my knowledge, regarding this mystery. And this comes back to Roy Masters again…

A relationship gone sour?

I have said that Jesse always portrayed his relationship with Roy as a good one, with Mr. Masters looking at Jesse as “my son, in whom I am well pleased.” I have long suspected that this was not the case.

It is also known that Jesse rarely credited Roy as being the source of so much of what Jesse used to advance his name and reputation (when I say “the source”—of course, I am talking about the human source—needless to say, GOD is the original source of all wisdom).

Even after Roy’s death, Jesse did not speak to his congregation about the man, who was unquestionably the most influential man (in a positive way) of his time, and the most influential man (other than his father) in Jess’s life.

Jesse always told me that Roy had told him that he (Roy) had a reputation of being a “cult leader” (which is true–the media did try to paint him with that brush), and so Roy did not want Jesse to be tarred by association. I could see that risk being possibly true in the early days of Jesse’s “career,” but once someone is established–particularly one like Jesse who claims to be his “own man,” it’s hard to see that as being a serious issue.

I looked into this also, and Jesse’s claim didn’t check out. It seems something else was at play. Perhaps Jesse bristled at Roy’s corrections. After all, Jesse is a stubborn and prideful man who hates correction, and Roy was the kind of guy who didn’t hold back.

Related to that, Jesse used to say that after co-hosting his radio show with Roy, he would often be so “wiped out” that he would have to lay out on his couch for hours. Now realistically, why would that be necessary unless he resented Roy? A friend pointed that out and it rang a bell for me. That would explain much of Jesse’s behavior in relation to Roy.

There was one exception, where Jesse did credit Roy semi-publicly at a luncheon BOND held for him at a local steakhouse in Los Angeles. Much of our “old” congregation was there, many of whom used to attend Roy’s church when it was still located in Los Angeles, and they of course knew of the Jesse-Roy connection.

At the event, Jesse presented Roy with the “Booker T. Washington” award. It was a nice event, and Jesse even broke down in tears. He was either quite appreciative of what Roy had done for him, or was overdoing it–much like guilty mourners do at a funeral (people Jesse likes to make fun of).

At this point–knowing what I know–it’s hard to tell.

What did Jesse get from Roy? As I said, Jesse used Roy Masters’ building to hold meetings for black men in the early years. And Jesse also used Roy’s observation/meditation technique as his own.

Jesse used many of Roy’s teachings, such as the man-woman relationship starting in the Garden of Eden (Roy Masters even wrote a book titled The Adam and Eve Sindrome ).

Jesse also used many words and phrases that Roy Masters used long before. Besides the “Be Still and Know” observation/meditation technique, Roy also promoted that technique as “Antidote for All”–Jesse called his most recent book “The Antidote.”

Roy Masters referred to “the fallen state” as the sin state that human beings find themselves in–Jesse used (and still uses) the same name for his TV show.

It’s clear that Jesse held those who had been part of Roy’s “church” with a certain amount of disguised contempt. He made fun of them, and accused those he had trouble influencing of being “Roy-Bots.”

Ironically, as a friend once said, Jesse was the biggest Roy-Bot of them all.

It’s also interesting that last Sunday, Jesse announced his “theme” for the year—“Be your own man.” He has always portrayed himself as being an original—and his personality is indeed unique and kind of strange. Yet much of his philosophy and language was taken directly from Roy Masters.

One more note regarding Roy: Though he was a Jewish man from England, he had many black radio show listeners / church members. I’m not sure what the reason for that was, other than the fact that he boldly spoke the truth, which earned their respect.

It’s like the respect many black basketball fans have for the legendary (and very white!) Larry Bird, who had a “take no prisoners” style. One thing I’ve noticed in many black people is that they can’t stand weak, patronizing white folks!

In contrast, Jesse has a different kind of relationship with the black community. He started his organization to help black men overcome their issues, come back to God, and lead their families. Jesse used to have a good amount of black men and women in his congregation, yet lost many over the years. In fairness to Jesse, part of this reason was because Jesse was a (rightful) critic of hard-core socialist Barack Obama. But I believe something else has been going on here too.

“Thank God for slavery!”

On one of my last conversations with Jesse, somehow we got on the subject of slavery. I remarked how I enjoyed (liberal) Ken Burns’ old Civil War series, and really learned a lot from reading Frederick Douglass’ autobiography. Jesse has always been known for making dramatic statements that are generally truthful but appear to be motivated by a desire to shock. For instance, Jesse has famously said “Thank God for slavery!”

Now, the true part of that, is that if black Americans didn’t come here (for the purpose of being slaves), then they never would have gotten access to the great (or at least once-great) country of America. But it’s obvious that many people don’t know who Jesse is or what he’s talking about when he makes that kind of statement, so of course many blacks react with shock and just dismiss the statement–and Jesse–out of hand.

It almost seems that that is the secret purpose of making such a statement–to get people to disagree, to then point out how angry they are, and then to disparage those people. I told that to Jesse the last time we talked. Like most things, he doesn’t really agree or disagree–at least to me. He just tends to keep doing what he has been doing.

Apparently, it “works” for him.

Another example of this is Jesse’s statement that “There’s no such thing as racism.” Again, there is a spiritual truth there, which is that hating our fellow man is at the heart of the problem. Yet, imagine saying this to black Americans, who have been conditioned to see racism everywhere. There’s little chance of having a meaningful conversation after you’ve essentially thrown a lit firecracker into a crowd.

I remember seeing an old newspaper article from a black-owned publication called The Los Angeles Sentinel in one of our BOND scrapbooks (in a blue or green binder that’s likely still buried in one of their storage rooms). The article was a profile on Jesse, and the headline quotes Jesse as saying that “99.9% of black men are immoral.”

I wish I could link to the article, but I can’t find it on their website.

As I think back to that article, I realize what a crazy statement that was, and seriously wonder what good it really did. That profile came out very early in BOND’s existence, and indicates that Jesse was always a “bomb-thrower,” but that characteristic has worsened over the years, as he has become more corrupt–and in response to Jesse’s Internet fans, who love the “red meat” that he throws out about black people.

Again, truly, what good is this really doing?

Today, there appear to be few blacks left in Jesse’s congregation, which is sad, because black Americans need truth, rational dialogue, and redemption more than ever.

I’m sorry, but–Jesse’s protests of “l love black people” to the contrary–I sense and have for a while now that Jesse has an issue with black people in general. The proof is in the fruit–there are plenty of blacks in the Los Angeles area, but the vast majority do not come to BOND. That can’t be completely explained away by saying that the majority are Democrats.

Jesse and women

Similarly, Jesse claims to “tell the truth” about and “love” women, but I just don’t buy it. I didn’t even expect to get into this here; but suffice it to say, something’s not right. Sure–much of what he says about women (and what Roy Masters similarly said about women) is the truth. But there’s an edge to how he speaks, that I think belies something else going on.

Did Jesse ever truly forgive his mother as he claims? He is obsessed with telling people they need to confront and “forgive” THEIR mothers. I’ve even heard of extreme examples, with a caller telling Jesse about a clearly abusive father, and Jesse asking if they’ve forgiven their mother–what?!

Believe me, I understand that women can be seriously screwed up, particularly many modern American women. But men have the responsibility to love women in the right way, and not use and abuse them. If men would truly come back to God, then most women would come back to order.

Jesse used to say that a woman could not go directly to God, that she needed to go through her husband. As brainwashed as I was, I still challenged that as it made no sense. And he had no coherent answer for it. What an odd thing to say!

How I got involved with Jesse

When I first heard Jesse’s initial radio show many years ago (I believe shortly before I met him at Roy Masters’ organization’s building), my first impression was that he sounded like a Roy Masters’ imitation. That was the cold truth.

Had I held on to what the spirit clearly showed me back then, I could have saved decades of time and trouble.

Later, after meeting Jesse, he charmed me as he has so many others, and I began to “fall away” from my original way of seeing him.

This is just one of the many characteristics that Jesse shares with all cult leaders. You may object to me using that term, but if so, I urge you to read The 12 Characteristics of a Cult Leader, which I have posted several times in the past in regards to Jesse. If you know Jesse well, have seen “behind the scenes,” and are honest—you will see him (at least subtly) in EVERY SINGLE CHARACTERISTIC.

There’s also an interesting companion article that obviously applies to this situation, How Cult Leaders Use Sex to Control Followers.

At the time, I was the co-host of a Los Angeles public-access TV show called “Drug Wars.” A friend of mine, Ted, who had overcome heroin addiction through understanding/applying the teachings and observation/meditation technique of Roy Masters, had asked me to help him put together a show to help others overcome their issues. We knew of Jesse’s association with Roy, and we ended up broadcasting two interviews with Jesse and another member of Jesse’s organization, BOND.

Jesse and I personally hit it off well. After the tapings were completed, we spoke “backstage.” During that first one-on-one conversation, Jesse bluntly asked me if I was “gay.” My first reaction was to turn red.

I was never a practicing homosexual, but as I said, and have well-catalogued in the Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll series, I had been molested by another boy, and the trauma of it / resentment toward it produced sexual feelings toward men. I had always been ashamed of those feelings, and sought to suppress them.

I had never stopped being interested in women, and I certainly did not want to make these feelings known publicly.

My reaction had said enough to Jesse, and I’m sure I admitted some of these things to him. From that point on, our relationship turned into “counselor-counselee” / “teacher-student.”

From that point on, I began to drive to the BOND building (which at the time was located about a block away from “The Forum,” where the Los Angeles Lakers played) for private counseling with Jesse.

I wanted to get over these embarrassing feelings, and I believed that Jesse’s counseling would help me do that. I had no idea that instead—Jesse would begin to groom me for sex.


I was living in Southern California with my parents at this time. That’s another long story in itself that gets really deep. I tell it in Part II of the Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL series.

I had had a major health challenge (my lung had blown out while roofing in the South Bay with my friends David, Brian, and their associate, Matthew), and after the surgery, I could not work. As an adult (about 27 years old), I was forced to go back to live with my elderly and ailing parents in the San Fernando Valley. I was their caretaker for a total of about two years, which included moving to Thousand Oaks, where I cared for them in a guest house behind my older brother and his family’s home.

I was sinking into debt and my stressful situation worked on my mental state. I needed a way out. I needed to get out on my own. And I needed to work a regular job.

One day my friend Ted (my co-host from “Drug Wars”) called me. He was living in Grants Pass, (Southern) Oregon at the time. Roy Masters had moved his FHU headquarters up there, as he had long warned Americans to “get out of the big cities.”

Ted was working as a real estate appraiser there, and offered to teach me the trade. I had no particular interest in real estate, but the offer of a “ticket” to escape my current situation was really appealing, and so I accepted.

I ended up spending three and a half years working in Southern (and other areas of) Oregon as a real estate appraiser, where I also managed an office (in Springfield, near Eugene). One of the first places I lived in Grants Pass was in a rented room of a house owned by a friend and her father.

In the meantime, Roy Masters had invited Jesse to come up from L.A. and co-host a radio show with him, and Jesse accepted. Jesse called me, giving me the news, and asked if I minded him moving into the house I was living in. I was good with it, he worked it out with the owners, and came on up. This was in 1993 or 1994.

I spent a good amount of time with him alone in that house, and he did some things I thought curious, such as laying against me on a bed with his genital area pushing against me. Yet, because of who he was—or rather who I thought he was—I pushed these thoughts away, thinking this was just his way of “playing.”

No doubt others have thought the same thing over the years, and because of the way Jesse trained people to view him, they made it make sense in their minds.

It’s interesting that Jesse often says “ALL thoughts are a lie,” and since I have been posting my articles, I have heard from people who have seen odd things from Jesse but because what they saw became thoughts, they dismissed these things. This is a devious trick of the Devil.

But looking back, some of the physically inappropriate things Jesse did with me in Oregon were obviously bold grooming moves. I have also come to realize that the Devil uses boldness to shock us into acting outside our best judgment.

My response to Jesse’s moves was to (nervously) laugh them off.

At this time, Roy Masters still believed that Jesse was a good man (later he was to find out and state otherwise). In fact, a woman called Roy’s radio show one day and said some uncomplimentary things about Jesse. Roy was quick to say that “Jesse Peterson is as pure as the driven snow!”

I knew enough even then to know that Roy Masters was the one being “snowed.” Jesse Peterson was and is a lot of things, but one of them isn’t being “as pure as the driven snow”!

In addition to co-hosting a radio show with Roy Masters in Southern Oregon, Jesse also established a chapter of his nonprofit organization BOND there. I had been going to Roy Masters’ church in Grants Pass, but Jesse convinced me to start going to his meetings instead. He did that with a number of Roy Masters’ congregants, and Roy was not happy at all about this.

I was told that Roy stopped Jesse from using his office, and he likely told Jesse something to the effect of “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!” Jesse was soon heading back to Los Angeles to restart regular BOND meetings there.

Los Angeles

At that point, while still in Oregon, I began helping Jesse with BOND, such as assisting him in generating press releases for the organization.

I had been writing several movie screenplays with my friend, Marc, who was a basketball teammate of mine in high school. We had recently finished a new script and sought to sell it, so I decided to move down to Los Angeles to do that.

Jesse said I could live in his “BOND house” there. He called it the “BOND Home for Boys” and later the “BOND Home for Young Men.” By the way, we did help some young men there—more so in the early days, but we said we helped many more than we actually did. “Puffing” the numbers was something Jesse encouraged his employees to do, and something he himself regularly engaged in and likely still does.

Whenever I’d challenge Jesse on his desire to exaggerate almost everything, he’d fire back that I was too honest, or “rigid.” I bought that correction for a while.

The BOND Home program was pretty “seat of the pants” and could have been structured much better to help many more young men. That goes for most of the programs—the time, energy, money, and manpower were always pushed toward Jesse’s radio / Internet show and TV show. I don’t think that’s an accident, and I complained many times about that. What got the attention were the “Jesse” media “vehicles”—not the programs.

In fact, the organization never grew properly, and the programs never produced enough “fruit” to impress grant makers much. I tried to impress upon him the need for us to show “impact” if we wanted to increase income.

But to no avail.

So I came down to L.A. and moved in at the BOND Home. That was mid-1996. I remember the time frame because I moved in about a week after Independence Day–when he and members of his organization stood up for our border sovereignty against radical Mexicans and others who were pro-illegal immigration.

That is some of the work (border enforcement) we did that I am most proud of. We also helped the pro-life movement to some extent, and Jesse was quite vocal in opposition to homosexuality.

You can make of that what you will… I’m not saying he was wrong. I’m just sayin’… 🙂

One of Jesse’s finest hours was shown in this viral video when he brilliantly dressed down a liberal Hispanic reporter after she asked fellow BOND member Martin Francis if he was a “racist”—while blood poured from his face after he was hit by a frozen soda can from a violent pro-illegal alien activist!

Ironically, this is the same Martin Francis who has appeared in several of the video links I’ve provided, exposing Jesse’s sexual predatory actions… The same man who was Jesse’s #1 supporter (perhaps you can see why after viewing the video interview above). The same man who lived with Jesse in the “BOND home” for years, but who has recently moved out in disgust.

In Los Angeles, Jesse continued grooming me. He was certainly patient in that category, because he took his time.

First sexual incident

Yet no sexual acts took place until years later. I have checked my records as thoroughly as possible, and from what I can tell, the first incident was most likely in 2005 or 2006, in a Virginia (Washington, D.C. area) hotel room. Jesse’s BOND organization co-hosted two conferences (2005 and 2006) with the Heritage Foundation—a major conservative organization dedicated to preserving our freedoms. I’ve always had much respect for them, and met some great people there.

In 2005, BOND and Heritage co-hosted “The New Black Vanguard” conference.

The next year, we co-hosted a follow-up conference called (ironically now!) “Moral Reconstruction: A Model for Urban Transformation.” At that conference, one of our speakers was a man who had come up through the BOND program, and who was successfully mentored in the building trades by a member of the organization.

It is most likely that the incident between Jesse and me happened at the time of the 2005 or 2006 event.

My records did say that I went to D.C. two other times–in 2008 and 2012–but it appears that those times were for multi-day fundraising conferences at the Leadership Institute–a conservative campus activist organization. These were election years too–a time when fundraising was most important in conservative (or liberal for that matter) circles.

I’m just trying to be accurate here, and fair to Jesse. I do not want to make any more or less of this than what it was.

A few days ago, I thought of the first sexual incident that took place between Jesse and me, and I remembered something odd about it. I was sitting on a bed next to Jesse, as physical closeness at that point was not unusual for us. Suddenly, he turned and almost yelled at me, “What do you wanna do?!”

I’d never heard him use that tone with me in that manner.

Previously, I had already confessed to him—based on his questioning–some of the sexual activities I was interested in in my “fallen” state of mind. So his barked question in the hotel room clearly referred to that. But it startled me. So I responded by telling him again what I’d said before.

The next thing I knew he stripped his clothes off and advanced on me sexually. Before I knew it, I was taking part.

It’s recently occurred to me that this is a tactic of the Devil—to shock us into falling away from what we know is right. The Devil operates on SHOCK.

From this point onward, we carried on a secret sexual relationship that only ended when I stopped it in 2015, before I moved with my family to Tennessee. This may have been nearly a decade based on my calculations above—if this is indeed the length of time, it shocks me to think about today. I had always thought the activity started around 2010 (which if that were the case, would still be a fiveyear period–shocking enough!).

Perhaps I really didn’t want to know how long this went on.

Beyond the obvious trauma of the above-described situation, one thing I don’t think I’ll ever forget is Jesse’s behavior after it happened—he had to do a radio interview by phone, and conducted it flawlessly—speaking about the moral issues as was his norm. I wondered to myself how someone could do what he just did without any visible sense of shame.

I was still in shock as to what had just taken place.

I have not described this particular incident anywhere else, but as to the general situation and what I saw about it, my post WHAT Made Me CONTINUE in SEXUAL SIN pretty well covers it.


As I’ve written in the past, my conscience nagged me for some time about this relationship, and I finally started to listen. I put an end to it in 2015, and started making plans to leave BOND. Real estate was and is largely unaffordable in Southern California, and despite the fact that I was born and raised there and loved it in the old days, many areas have turned into s—holes.

I did some research on decent places to live and settled on Middle Tennessee. By year-end, I moved my family out of Southern California.

At that point, my friendship with Jesse was still basically intact, and I continued to work on and off for BOND at a distance while I was starting my own businesses, until the beginning of 2020.

But the full weight of what we had been doing was slowly dawning on me. In my writings, I have tried to explain the mindset I had as a child, not having a close relationship with my father, being badgered too much by an over-protective mother, experiencing trauma, never really finding my identity, making great steps forward through the meditation exercise Roy Masters taught, and then seemingly going backward–putting Jesse on a “pedestal” for so long with disastrous results.

This week I saw an old videotape of me talking on a public access TV show I started on my own (called “Culture Wars”) after co-hosting “Drug Wars” with my friend Ted. I was struck by how together and inner-directed I was becoming by my early thirties…

That all changed after becoming involved with Jesse. Some people think I became stronger during that time, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, looking closer it was not the case. I may have sounded stronger, or had the “right” things to say on the “right” issues, but I’d become more distant from my true self.

So once in Tennessee and away from Jesse’s daily presence, I did start to find my own ground of being again. Yet I was still confused. More and more I could see what I’d done wrong with Jesse, and it brought up feelings of anger toward him. But I’d tell myself, essentially, “You’re just angry, and anger is the real problem here, etc., etc.”

Everyone who has ever heard Jesse at a BOND meeting knows the drill!

In other words, while being associated with Jesse, I’d become a “Jesse-Bot.”

In fact, my friend John (who used to volunteer at BOND) told me—after I’d recently told him what happened between Jesse and me—that he had come to me a number of times when we worked together at BOND to tell me things that Jesse was doing wrong, but that EVERY SINGLE time I took Jesse’s side, to the point that John told me he quit approaching me!

I had put Jesse on a ridiculous pedestal, and that’s not his fault. Yet it was his fault for cultivating that relationship, and for taking advantage of it.

So I’d go back and forth, from being angry with Jesse for his actions to focusing on my anger toward him. It wasn’t till much later, that I began seeing the situation in a more mature manner. That it wasn’t an either-or. The anger itself was surely wrong, and through the practice of true prayer as I have mentioned, I have come a long way in overcoming that.

I have also come to see MY role in the whole issue. All of what I have said about the imbalance of the relationship and the reasons for it are true. Yet, I am a grown man, and therefore must shoulder my share of the blame, for not doing the Christian thing and saying “Hell, No!”, as I have said in one of my articles. Yet, I’ve come to realize that—though I should have said that—I never totally overcame the inherent weakness of not having my own firm ground of being, and therefore in reality I couldn’t say it. I was too brainwashed.

That is changing now that I am more objective through God’s grace.

After I’d said in one of my articles that Jesse had the characteristics of a cult leader, he called me and said he doesn’t even know how to brainwash people. I told him that he doesn’t need to know—the DEVIL working through him knows very well how to do it!

So I was still working for BOND for a time while in Tennessee, I was a featured speaker at BOND’s 2017 Men’s Conference in Los Angeles, and I did occasional video interviews with Jesse about my Greek Physique (personal training) and later Old School businesses, as well as discussing current events.

That same year, Jesse traveled back to see me with a young man from the organization. I trained Jesse at a nearby gym I worked at, and he and the young man had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and a married couple we knew. Jesse asked me to stay with him at his hotel overnight, but I politely declined. 🙂

In my living room–Middle Tennessee, November, 2017


At some point in 2020, I called Jesse and unloaded on him. I know I had confronted him in person in Los Angeles in 2015 sometime before I moved, but I don’t remember the content of the conversation. What I DO remember was how he flipped it on me and made me the bad guy because of my “anger.”

One thing I discovered about Jesse is that he must be in the “teacher” role—not the student (at least as far as spiritual matters). I found that he does not accept correction regarding matters of any seriousness.

After I confronted these issues with him several times, and let him know I no longer wanted to associate with him, Jesse told me he was working with some of the BOND guys, helping them to buy real estate, and he asked if it was okay to refer any to me, since he knew I was beginning to practice real estate in Tennessee. I thought about it a moment, and politely declined. He may have been genuine, but then again it may have been a kind of bribe to keep me quiet. Knowing what I know now, and knowing he offered something similar to me recently, I’m more inclined to believe he was trying to keep me close and quiet.


After these conversations with Jesse, where I made it clear I didn’t want to keep any kind of relationship with him, he still sometimes called my son, who used to go to the BOND “Academy” school Jesse had started.

The BOND Academy is a whole nother story that I don’t need to tell today. Suffice it to say that in its several years of operation, though we had a teacher and dedicated volunteers (including my wife) who worked very hard and did a great job, and had some nice successes, on the whole, it never amounted to much more than a “glorified daycare” for BOND employees (in that we never built it beyond a few students), as one employee dared say (he ended up being let go later, for what may have been legitimate reasons, to be fair to Jesse).

In any case, Jesse decided to keep in touch with my son, and with my wife. Now I want to be clear—I believe (or at least believed) that Jesse did care about both, and he regularly kept in touch. But I was not comfortable with him still doing this after I’d confronted him about our secret sexual relationship.

At this point, they did not know about that relationship, and they carried on with him as normal. But I did not want Jesse close to my family at this point, I no longer trusted him, and so I committed the ultimate Jesse “sin”—I went against the conventional “wisdom” he’d always spouted to never tell your wife if you cheat on her.

As I’ve said in other articles, there can be wisdom in that if you have a wife that seeks your destruction—but not if you have a good wife—which I do.

I told her, and I told my son. I did not want those relationships to continue, and I never wanted to take the chance that my son could be put at risk with Jesse. I would never forgive myself if something ever happened. That may sound harsh, but if Jesse thought he was “loving” me, why wouldn’t he consider “loving” my son in the same manner?

Taking it to my website

I did not intend to go any further than that with my story. But some time later, I found out that Jesse had inappropriately touched a young man many years back who was in one of our programs. The young man had been asleep, and awakened to find Jesse fonding his (private part). When the young man wondered what was going on, Jesse replied, “This is what fathers do.”

Wow. That is EVIL!

This is not the only time I have heard of Jesse denying, excusing, or turning something around on a victim. And it’s pretty sick.

Now again–to be fair–this young man, who is much older now and has a family, desires to remain anonymous, and one of the reasons for that is that he believes that if it were not for meeting Jesse and finding a BOND mentor, he would be in jail or dead.

This is the kind of story that has given me great pause along the way. Yet, I also realize there are many who–because this and other incidents are coming to the surface–have found great spiritual release from the lessons contained in it. For instance, Martin Francis, who I have mentioned earlier and who posted three videos he has appeared in exposing Jesse, has told me several times how beneficial my posts have been in helping to save his spiritual life!

He had been involved in physical / sexual sin for decades–habitually. And he–like Jesse (the man he looked up to)–excused and indulged in his sin to the point of it nearly destroying him. Now he has made a complete turnaround!

I do not want to minimize the stories of people who have said that Jesse “saved” their life. On the other hand, I could find similar stories from those who have been helped by people like Louis Farrakhan–who is a known anti-Semite and hater of white people. Just going to the NOI website, I see that there is information warning people not to get the COVID vaccination–that information is likely saving many lives!

No doubt I could likely find some nice testimonials there from people who’d credit Louis Farrakhan with saving their lives from drug addiction, gang violence, etc.

But I think many who are reading this post would also agree that Louis Farrakhan is not a good man.

What happened “in between”?

I began to think (which per Jesse, we’re not supposed to do, since “ALL thoughts are lies!”) that Jesse did something with the young man I mentioned above many years ago, and also did something with me which only ended fairly recently (2015 because I stopped it, and then moved).

The obvious follow-up was, “Has he been doing anything like this to / with others IN-BETWEEN that time???

Good question, right?

How could I get the word out somehow to try to ascertain that? For several reasons, I decided to put something out on my website, starting in a fairly vague manner (the clarity of the message which—as I said—needed to be ramped up based on the public denials / veiled attacks I received from Jesse via his “church” service performances).

BOND isn’t a traditional church and doesn’t have a traditional Elder structure. A lot of the older guys are obviously tight with Jesse. I didn’t think it likely would go anywhere just telling Jesse and them. So after telling Jesse, I decided to bypass the telling of others—trying to hold meetings, etc.

My hunch was proved right as recently—upon the request of one of the older guys I’ve been in contact with—I did talk to a couple of the guys I thought would reject my testimony. Sure enough, they reacted as I’d thought, with one going so far as telling me that what I was saying (not what Jesse and I DID) was “poison.” He told me not to tell anyone—I told him that ship had already sailed!

Yet, after sending the main story link (WHAT Made Me CONTINUE In SEXUAL SIN) to some of the key people at BOND, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Martin Francis (“The Bible Go-To Guy” from Jesse’s radio/Internet show—the same one who was in the immigration video, and the first three videos on this post), who I’d assumed had written me off forever based on the way he rejected other critical information about Jesse in the past).

I was shocked one day to get a call from Martin Francis. He told me that when he read my post, he knew I was telling the truth right away, based on his own experience as Jesse’s #1 supporter / benefactor and long-time housemate. Martin has been through some serious physical and spiritual challenges, and he has really woken up!

It’s inspirational to see his courage!

A NEW accuser!

And now there’s a very credible man who has told Martin that Jesse (within the past month!) had him sit down on his bed, told him to close his eyes and began to instruct the man in meditation, then took the man’s pants down and fondled his (private part). The man was scared—he kept his eyes closed for a time, then excused himself, leaving the room.

This last allegation shook me—it took this situation to a whole new level. Keep in mind that this incident happened AFTER I posted at least FIVE articles on this topic… AFTER Jesse apologized to me again when I talked to him… And I AFTER several key supporters contacted Jesse with their concerns.

God’s work?

I talked with one of these major supporters this week, who is convinced that Jesse is doing great work, and who urged me to be fair to Jesse, in my article(s)… That I must “balance” the evil that Jesse has done with the thousands he has helped, and the “fact” that he is doing “God’s work.”

As I’ve said, I acknowledge that many have credited Jesse for the “good” he has done.

But let me tell you something—a man cannot ride two horses! You cannot be doing evil and good at the same time! Yes, you can say some things or do some things that help people. But if you are corrupt, you will also infect others with that corruption over time.

I believe that those who have done best from Jesse’s influence are those who have heard some freeing truths, and then moved on instead of staying too long.

The man who is convinced that Jesse is doing “God’s work” urged me to watch last Sunday’s “church” service and said what Jesse preached was “all truth.” Because I value this man’s friendship, and because I wanted to be one hundred percent sure before moving forward with this expose, I did watch the service: and seeing it actually CONFIRMED everything I have already seen about Jesse.

Yes, Jesse spoke much that is true. That has always been the case, and is the main reason those who are coming out to expose his dark deeds (including me) have struggled with bringing them to light. We feel personally indebted to him, and do not want to hinder people getting help.

But we also know that the Devil knows the truth, and can quote it very well. Many religious leaders hand out the truth like candy—corrupting their followers with untimely knowledge, instead of guiding them back to the truth within.

Even though Jesse constantly tells his congregation he is bringing them back to that truth within, I firmly believe that he still wants them to look to him for that truth.

An example of this from last Sunday’s service is when a woman told Jesse she has realized that she had put Jesse on a pedestal (as he subtly encourages while denying it), but now she sees that God is the only one who has authority over us.

Jesse didn’t fight what she said (how could he?), but still managed to place himself into a position where people would look to HIM for answers, by saying, “I’M bringing truth from God.”

So basically “Trust no man (except for me, since God is giving me this message!”). Very tricky stuff! Who can be this smart? The Devil is VERY smart!

This woman also asked a great question: “Can you be saved and also have a VICE?”

The background of this question is that since Jesse’s sexual predatory actions have come to light, he has been trying to do “damage control” and essentially admit that the accusations are true without admitting it. That’s a fine wire to walk too!

Instead of continuing to portray himself as the man “without sin” as he used to, now he’s saying that “I’m just Jesse,” and telling people not to call him “Reverend” anymore. He’s been speaking a lot about how “God cleans your heart, and then your “vices” fall away.

Keep in mind that Jesse has an almost entirely new congregation—culled primarily from the Internet. Much of the older congregation know him better, and are now wise to his devious ways.

So in answer to the question, “Can you be saved and also have a “vice,” Jesse told the woman “Yes. Because He (God) will fight the vice for you—we can’t do anything about it.”

Just a “vice”?

Now this sounds good, but to put this whole thing into sharper focus, by “vice,” Jesse is purposely downplaying the reality of what he has been doing for decades, and what we know he has CONTINUED to do within the past month—SEXUALLY TEMPTING AND ABUSING MEN! This is no mere “vice”!

Toward the end of the past Sunday “church,” Jesse’s assistant and radio host, James Hake, read a comment from “Michelle” in the Internet feed “chat.”  Michelle’s comment was that people need to be careful not to allow “don’t judge yourself” as permission to continue in their vices.

In response, a distracted Jesse said “Try to avoid it, but just don’t judge it.” But this is a great danger of Jesse’s message now: Where once he at least told people not to have sex out of wedlock and guard themselves from physical / sexual sin, now his message is “there’s nothing we can do about it, let God deal with it.”

In the context of sexually predatory behavior, this is downright dangerous! He knows what he is doing is wrong, but it has continued for DECADES! And he is subtly teaching his congregation to accept their “vices.”

This type of teaching led ex-BOND supporter Martin Francis to wallow in his sin for decades—just as Jesse has, before waking up recently—and aided by these posts.

My conclusion

I have spoken with Jesse several times since my posts have come out. He has been apologetic to me, and even admits the Devil caused him to sin with me (and no doubt others, though he wouldn’t admit to any wrongdoing with them). Yet his public face to his congregation continues to be one of defiance, denial, and veiled attack (“They’re ALL lies!”).

Clearly, at this point, my old friend has no desire to change or be truly honest. The Devil clearly has his mind (as ironically, he has so often said of others), as well as his body, and soul.

On one of our calls, I spoke with Jesse for the better part of an hour. I told him he needs to come clean with his congregation and close his organization—as it is too corrupt and self-serving, with a “rubber stamp” board and little financial oversight, as I’ve discussed with him many times. How can donors be satisfied with this? Perhaps it could be rebuilt if it were done by more trustworthy people.

On that same call, Jesse made me another curious offer—to have me as a host on his (planned) talk radio network! He knew I love doing “talk radio.” But seriously—there’s no way he would actually follow through with that promise, knowing that I would be on the air exposing him and others who are leading the “flock” astray. It appeared to be another attempt to offer me something of value as a way to try to keep me quiet. You know—keep your friends close, and your old friends closer!

Is Jesse a sociopath?

It is hard to say certain things about someone I have been friends with for a very long time (albeit in a pretty unhealthy “friendship”!).

But it is hard to square Jesse’s dark deeds with him being a “man of God.” How could God have given him this ministry (as he claims), with all the associated access to vulnerable young and older men, knowing that Jesse was a slave to his sexual passions and apparently has STILL not overcome them?

And how can we explain the other corruption in his life and teachings?

Clearly, the Devil has control of this man. And he appears to be working so stealthily in Jesse’s life that Jesse is not even fully aware of it!

The whole thing is mind-boggling!

And yet it is true.

What is this all about?

I can only conclude that the Devil is making good on his promise to “deceive every man, woman, and child,” as Jesse himself has said on many occasions.

What does Jesse get or think he’s getting out of this “bargain”?

I believe he’s getting the same thing people always get when they deal with the Devil: increased pride (of being “The Teacher”), fame, power, and money.

Deception is the name of this game.

“But evil men will go from bad to worse as they deceive others and are themselves deceived.”

2 Timothy 3:13

There is only one solution to this problem—true repentance.

Viable alternatives

So where does the true seeker go for help, if he or she cannot go to Jesse Lee Peterson and BOND?

I have discussed this question in my post, A MODEL for a NEW Kind of CHURCH. I do highly recommend the late Roy Masters’ church, the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) as an excellent start. I have no affiliation with them—just a sincere appreciation for all the help I have received over the years.

If you need to contact me, send me an email at [email protected].

Feel free to post any comments you may have at the bottom of this article.

In closing…

I’ve posted this article and others as a public service. Ultimately, Jesse’s fate is in the hands of his congregation… and of course, God!

If Jesse wants to continue being a YouTube influencer / guru / entertainer, and people are interested in following him, then have at it. You know where to find him.

But I and others have not been willing to stand by and allow this man to continue pretending to be a Christian minister—it is an insult to God and his congregation.

We’re talking about our very souls here! Our souls are not play things!

Let the “buyer” beware.

I sincerely hope that my old friend, Jesse Lee Peterson, is willing to lay down his pride, repent before God, and come clean with his congregation. A little honesty goes a long way. He doesn’t need to go into detail.

But I strongly recommend that he show a bit of humility–and humanity. And that those around him hold him to account.

“After all, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?”

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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162 thoughts on “The DEVIL Has My Old Friend, JESSE LEE PETERSON”

  1. Some of you are blaspheming unitarians that otherwise come across as fair-sounding “Christians”, yet by indulging in the vile affections of Romans 1 (which is what Sodomy is) have demonstrated yourselves to be God’s special enemies.

    Homosexuals are not just devi-ant; they are devi-ous and extremely dangerous entities who bear that sin as a mark upon them to show us what they are in God’s sight. Glossing over this crime against the light of nature and calling it a “thorn in the flesh” in an otherwise “good servant of the Lord” is unconscionable and reveals those who think like that to be in as much darkness as Peterson himself is.

    None of you would have been duped by Jesse had you tested his abominable teachings by the yardstick of the Word of God. Does the Bible reduce all sin to anger? No. Does the Bible say almost all women are incorrigible? No. Does the Bible teach a Roy Masters style “silent prayer”? Hell, no! No, no and a million times, no.

    Peterson’s ministry is evil because the root is rotten. That root it is unitarian and thereby denies the Deity of the Lamb, Who is the Word of God incarnate, Who in the beginning was with God and was God, by Whom all things were made and are sustained in existence. That alone, right there, John 1:1-3, has enough material to expose the whole edifice of JLP’s Satanic ministry. No fancy exposition required, no weeks and months of intense, prayerful study, no giving the man a chance to preach his message… He falls and flounders on one small snippet from John’s Gospel, and had you taken cognizance of that, you would have run a mile long before Sodomitical activity entered the fray and clobbered some sobriety into you.

    1. Thanks, Jay. Frankly, you sound like a really judgmental guy. I’m not sure who you are accusing of “indulging in the vile affections of Romans 1.” That’s not something that is part of my life anymore. I’ve repented for that. And my sins have been forgiven. This is Christianity 101. Are you not a Christian?

      Others who have come forward are of the same mind.

      Where you may have a point is in the slippery slope of believing the lie that it’s okay to live in sin (physical) as long as “your heart is right.” As I and others have seen, this can easily lead to license. The Bible warns many times not to use grace as license. There are many other examples of wrong theology that I and others did not examine or “push back on” enough, largely because of the leeway we gave this pastor. We and those close to us payed a painful price for that.

      Yet–after all is said and done–through this great sin some of us were blessed to have woken up. And there’s no substitute for it! Like Paul, some have sinned greatly but are so thankful for His mercy! We “died,” but through Christ’s sacrifice, have been “made right.” I am forever grateful! And I know others who feel the same way.

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  4. This has shed some real light for me, thank you for this. I am one of Jesse’s newer audience, have been listening to him intently for a year and a half. The whole thing about “all thoughts are lies” I’ve clung to so for a really long time due to my tenancy to overthink, it was a big problem. Looking back, holding that belief on a high pedestal blinded me to things I saw, simply dismissing them as lies. It has had a large negative impact on my life. Also the not judging yourself has led me to overindulge in my vices. This situation has been a major wake up call and valuable lesson on the depths of evil’s deception. Here I was thinking I had it all figured out, all the while having a general feeling that something was off. Again, dismissing it as a lie. I’m reminded of Jesus’ teaching of having only one teacher, I’ve failed in this. Now the road ahead is clearer, I gotta repent, please pray for me. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you, Charlie, your letter hits the nail right on the head. It is the evil disguised within the good that is so tricky. You have described clearly how the Devil is working through Jesse. No human being is that clever!

      Seeing the deception is the key. The test is just trusting God and no man.

      I certainly will pray for you, but you will be fine in your sincerity.

      God bless you,


  5. I always had a feeling Jesse was a closeted sodomite. He hates women too much and is only ever surrounded by young men. Worse than a sodomite though is that he is a Christ denier. He does not believe that Jesus was God in the flesh. THIS is the root of all his evil, the sodomy is merely a symptom.

      1. That’s not the classical Christian position (maybe you’re not Christian …), which is that Jesus is the second consubstantial person of the Holy Trinity. This is merely an academic statement: I make no claim of special knowledge as to the nature of ultimate Truth.

        I’m sorry to hear this about JLP. I’ve always admired his willingness to speak hard truths, especially about race in America. I hate it when people I admire turn out to be sleazy. I’m not sleazy; far from perfect, but there is no aspect of my life I’m ashamed of morally (I regret not being more professionally successful, but I’m hardly ashamed of that). Why can’t more prominent persons be upstanding, too?

        1. Thank you, Harry. Re your question as to why more prominent people aren’t upstanding, I think at least two things are at play: 1. They may choose fame, money, and power over what is right. 2. Once they get some of these things, their ego tells them they’re something special. And “special” people don’t have to play by the rules.

      2. A Piece of nonsense. Reverend Peterson isn’t a deviant engaging in homosexual behavior. I think you had a major crush on the reverend and he got you to hells fire out his place. They always try to ruin the truth teller’s with the most disgusting defamations. You supposedly spoke on the phone many times about his homosexuality and never thought I better record something as people will think I’m a demonic liar? What rubbish and the same with that other druggie the ‘bible’ go to guy.

        1. Thanks, John. I’ve never heard of you. I am known quite well by those who were involved with BOND from the beginning through 2017. I was involved with BOND since the beginning, and worked with Jesse for 20+ years. I have a wife and son. I’m sure you can figure out the dynamics of this. I’d have to be insane to have come forward under these circumstances with a lie this big. Go to tonight at 5 pm Pacific Time / 8 pm Eastern Time to see their special report.

  6. I am not shocked by this, I was a watcher of Jesse for about 3 years, but I always thought was a narcissist, (I watched him because he spoke some good truth of Christianity but also because he is funny and ruthless) I never really took him seriously. Now upon reading all of this, it’s obvious he is a psychopath, he always says things like ‘Crying is weak, being emotional is weak’ that’s because he doesn’t feel them, he is a psychopath and he has that dead eyed stare look, psychoparhs are very convincing and behave the exactly same way as Jesse behaves, he is very much a white collar psychopath, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Please do all you can to expose him, I will assist in that also.Thank you for your honesty. God bless you Patrick and Martin.

  7. This is crazy. Wondering what your real purpose is though. If your goal is healing and forgiveness isn’t it enough to seek that from God, Jesse and your family alone, rather than the whole world? If your goal is to expose Jesse as fraud and warn others why did you not include any evidence? Do you not have a single text message or letter from anyone for the 20+ years?

    1. Rob, what kind of text message or letter do you think Jesse would produce. He’s a lot of things, but he’s not an idiot! If you read this piece, you’d see that I am married with a son. Can you think of any potential “benefit” I could get out of this that would be worth risking my own family? Surely you’re smart enough to look at these things. Have you noticed Jesse’s response to the questioning he’s getting from Martin? Does this look like the behavior of an innocent man?

      …And of course he and his “posse’s” outrageous lies in court against the biggest supporter/volunteer/long-time BOND Home manager Martin Francis? Surely your eyes and conscience show you what’s going on here?

      1. I mean like evidence from you. You’ve accused him of all these things and Martin says his goal is to shut BOND down. So even 1 piece of hard evidence would help.

        If you look from my perspective and a lot of others like me. We see 90% of the world hating Jesse and saying all kinds of mean things about him every day from callers, to media networks, to celebrities, etc. So 1 more person or even 4 more people accusing him is really nothing. Does that make sense?

        I am not for Jesse or against I just want the truth. Obviously you can just tell me to take you on your word, so I’m just asking if you have anything beyond that. I don’t see what further damage it would do to your family if you’ve already told them (and the whole world at this point) everything.

        But again I’m not sure what your goals are with this so that’s why I’m asking.

        1. Thanks, Rob. So you can’t see based on the testimony and Jesse’s weird reaction and perjury himself in court in order to trash Martin? Really?

          As I believe has already been said. Jesse apologized to me and my family privately. That’s our evidence. We would all have to be lying. So would the other accusers. I trust you’ve seen their videos? These people are not anonymous. All are well known among the older congregation.

          If you’re looking for something else. Such as some bombshell sex video, incriminating texts, etc, I think you’ll be sorely disappointed. Jesse’s not an idiot!

          The goals?

          1. To convince Jesse to tell the truth ro his congregation. He may now say ‘,Don’t call me Reverend”, yet he set up his organization as a Christian church and still reaps the benefits. Most important he’s insulting God and our true Savlvior Jeseys Christ.

          2. To warn his congregation.

          3 .To encourage others Jesse may have led into sexual sin, or tempted to do it, to come forward and tell their story. Since I first exposed Jesse and my sin, several others have come forward, and I strongly suspect there are others who have not yet come forward either out of shame, or guilt because Jesse helped them in some way.

          I hope this helps, Rob.

          1. Rob, I couldn’t find a way to edit my last comment, so I’ll have to add on:

            I spoke of our one true Davior, Jesus Christ–not Jesse christ–that would be blasphemy! The spell correct messed up. Perhaps there is some truth there as Jesse has tried to take Jesus’ place ad the 0nly mediator between God and us. You may notice that there is no cross in this “Christiam” church. I’d say thats no accident!

          2. Thanks, I think you answered my question well.

            It is interesting looking back on some events over the past 6 months such as his being absent for a week, removing his reverend title, no longer calling BOND a church, moving to florida, lots of congregation leaving now make sense if these allegations are true.

            I also looked up Roy Masters and its crazy that Jesse is Roy Lite essentially. So thanks for pointing that out.

            Thanks for responding and I wish you the best.

            1. Thank you, Rob, glad to hear. Jesse had that week’s absence after blacking out in the middle of his radio show. I saw a video of his rpisode–he exhibited the classic signs of a stroke. He later called it a high blood pressure issue.

              Keep in mind that this had never happened to him before to my knowledge.

              Also keep in mind, that this occurred shortly after my articles began to come our, and people were starting to ask questions.

              Btw, there is another reason for me and others moving forward, and this is the most important of all–Jesses SOUL is on the line. His eternal soul. So far he has doubled down In denial. But as the evidence of his guilt mounts, he may finally feel that it’s time to come clean.

              I hope–for his own sake most of all–that that time is nearly at hand.

    2. I have been listening to JLP for about six years, and while I find him entertaining and I agree with many of his political opinions, I have always believed that his religious and spiritual teachings are dangerous, damaging, misleading, and just plain wrong. I don’t listen to his “church” recordings because I find them so bizarre. He sits on the stage and laughs at people in his audience, and he holds a Bible even though he has no idea what’s inside it. Worst of all, he doesn’t care. What is spiritual about this? For someone who talks every day about letting go of the ego, his is the biggest and most fragile of all.

      The men who come to him are often in trouble or depressed or stuck in life, and he tells them that it’s not their fault and never their fault. It’s their mama’s fault. And if their mama is dead, it’s their grandmama’s fault. If she’s dead, it’s their wife or girlfriend’s fault. It’s never the man’s fault. Jesse believes men should be strong alpha males and leaders, and yet he removes all accountability from men and makes women the scapegoats in every situation, no matter how heinous a man’s behavior. I heard him tell someone whose father was an abusive alcoholic that it wasn’t the father’s fault, but it was the mother’s fault for making the father act that way. I’m sure that, if these accusations against Jesse start to pick up more attention, and they will, Jesse will blame his mama and not the man he evidently once claimed molested him.

      Jesse hates women. They disgust him, which is a common feeling among many gay men and transgender people. He only tolerates women who “obey” his own personal teachings, but he lumps them all together like they’re subhuman animals. He has a very Islamic view of women, and he got called out for it during his interview with Michael Voris yesterday (and Voris slaughtered him roundly). He mocks and laughs at women who quote the Bible because “Satan is their daddy,” and he thinks they should only be listening to what Jesse preaches. He says that women have no love and do not love their children, yet rants about abortion constantly, ignoring how many women DO love their babies and protest against abortion. But that’s not “real love” to him. Love is only what Jesse says it is and nothing else. He says that the woman’s god is below and the man’s god is above. Where does he get any of this? Where does it say that you come to God only through your EARTHLY father, no matter how much of a scumbag he is? Where does it say you must forgive your mother specifically to have peace? None of this is biblical. He says things like this to appeal to his misogynistic incel listeners and unhappily married men, and they go right along with it because it makes them feel good and it gets them off the hook for their own bad behavior and mistakes. These are the views of a man who has deep-seated issues with his own mother and, more importantly, the mother of his child. He hates them both and it’s obvious he never forgave either of them. He cannot stop talking about what he considers the supernatural importance of “earthly fathers” because he so strongly resents that he never got to be there for his own son.

      And I always noticed that Jesse’s team of so-called “experts” is comprised only of attractive young men. I used to think it was because he yearns to be a father figure, but I’m not sure about that now. The only ones who get on camera and interact with him are young and good-looking, and it makes me think that Jesse likes to be around them for those reasons only. As far as I know, he’s convinced them all to avoid women and they’re all celibate or even virgins. There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s advisable in our modern society, but Jesse seems to control what they think and do to a large extent. It goes beyond a normal employer/employee relationship.

      To sum it up, I believe that Jesse’s move to Florida is largely due to these accusations against him and he’s trying to escape the situation, hoping it will all go away. I hope it won’t. This is evil. He has been spewing self-important spiritual garbage for years, all the while abusing and molesting several of the men he claims to care about. He tells us all to get away from sex and porn, but he himself has the same sick addictions. He laughs at gay people constantly, but he himself is at least bisexual. He is a predator, and I’m sad to know this after all the years I have enjoyed listening to him. I have noticed over the last couple of months that Jesse’s spark seems to be gone, too. He’s not as funny or upbeat as he used to be, and then there was that time in December or January when he collapsed on the air and disappeared for a couple of weeks with no explanation. Looking back on it, that was around the time that people started speaking up against him. Now I know why he wanted to disappear and why no one would say what was going on with him. His “experts” are always there to shield him.

      Sorry for the long post, but as someone who has occasionally looked to JLP for encouragement in this sick world, it’s incredibly disheartening to know that he is just another pervert and a fraud like all the rest.

      1. I agree with all you wrote and was exposing his fraud of a ministry years ago. I overplayed it though which didn’t help the truth.
        Please try out, it is the real deal that Jesse sort of tried to emulate in his silent prayer poor version of it. You will learn to be best friends with your inner silent partner very well.

    3. I always knew something was wrong with Jesse lee peterson. And Patrick you fell in love with Jesse because you know he hates black people you was attracted to that part of him. Jesse has sold his soul for a small price his day will come. I have a problem with anyone of you who in anyway supported this man any normal human being with just basic common sense can see Jesse is lying Hypocritical peace of shit. But you all rock with him for many years. He has embarrassed not just himself but all of you and I hope this entire organization comes to an end.

      1. Shareef, you make assumptions you know nothing about. Did you even READ my post? I told my story, and why I got involved, etc. You can accept it or not, that’s on you.

        1. Hi Patrick,
          Can you make a video explaining it in full, it would get more traffic and people will push JLP to speak the truth, he has been avoiding this topic for months and its not fair to those who are seeking God. God doesnt want liars and manipulators to lead his sheep.

          1. Thanks, Ty. I wrote a nearly 12,000 word post telling this story in detail. People have also seen me on video attesting that is true. I have a family, and see no need to go into detail on video. Now we’ve seen other videos of Jesse running from the truth, even to the point of causing car accidents. Any reasonable person with an open mind can see that I’m telling the truth. For others, nothing I or anyone can say or do will change their minds.

              1. Hello Ty. I’ve mentioned this several times in videos, but not in detail as I go into here. I’ve been as careful as possible to tell what has been needed without causing undue pain in my family.

      1. This message is for the Bible go to guy. My brother has followed Jesse for at least a couple years or more. I started listening to him over a year ago. I’m almost 60 years old now and consider myself Street wise and experienced Christian. I just wanted to say thank you for doing the right thing and fighting the good fight. There’s absolutely no doubt you’re telling the exact truth. Anyone who thinks differently Lacs discernment. I hope God blesses you with your own Ministry because the short video I’ll just watched proves your great value 2 the people seeking truth. I know God is finally Gathering together a genuine group of broken Warriors to call out the current state of the church and lead people into something much more real. God bless you

        1. Paul Rix,
          there’s no way you can actually know he’s telling the exact truth unless you have photos, videos or written evidence. He might be telling the truth but you actually don’t know that. In case you didn’t know, people lie all of the time and usually they don’t even know they’re lying. That actually believe what they’re saying because they’ve deceived themselves and others and they do that everyday, all day of their unconscious lives. You appear to be that same kind of person. Maybe it’s time for you to wake up. The bible go to guy hasn’t lived a life of truth and has never even had a wife or children. He’s been an escape artist hiding behind the bible and living a life of fantasy and never has dealt in reality. What’s wrong with you that you suddenly believe a self-deceived man like that?

          1. That is false Walter….the holy spirit can show us when someone is an honest person, and in this case it is three men where there attitudes in speaking demonstrates honesty. If you in your life know person that is honest, his word is like golden and there is no doubt. Also, you are a liar and totally judging Martin. His life is getting so blessed by seeing and standing up to the darkness in his former long time “leader”, and he, like many souls, have been a mixed bag…not completely living in fantasy. He has had a long successful career as a high rise building engineer, and there is a lot of reality living in that position. You may want to check with the former “reverend” with that comment though, lying to the world for so many years while having man on man sex and even now alluding to it as a “vice”. And yes, he has admitted and apologized to Patrick and family, so not sure what world you are living in? Are you really Jesse incognito? Or Doug, or maybe one of Jesse’s possible present day concubines? Just wondering…

            1. Thanks, Fabian. I agree, but do want to point out that I hope Jesse has finally stopped his homosexual advances. I know he was doing these things until pretty recently (w/in the last 2 months or so), but hope he finally has had enough sense, decency and self control to have stopped. If not, it shows a brazenness to continue in his so-called “vices” right under the view of public scrutiny. Anyone continuing to act in this manner would be–to me–under complete control of the Devil.

              1. Yes I agree. But there would be a deep change and an admission of lying about Jesus and real salvation, and making lots of money by those, if it has stopped. That would be necessary of course, and perhaps it may happen still?

      2. People love Jessie‘s view of women.

        Yet all of the men seem confused that he was showing homosexual tendencies? It’s so crazy to me, I never heard one man get up during service and defend women. They were too afraid to say they had a good wife. Jesse wouldn’t hear of that! A good wife? That’s not possible! Not possible to have a good mom! Never possible that may be their dad was the abuser. But he never said anything good about women, and no one ever challenged him on it. I did on chat, and I got beat up every time.

        It’s not helpful when somebody is having a hard time, to tell them that they have no love inside. Why don’t you just kick them while they’re down? And I think God and the Holy Spirit is actually closer when we are at our lowest, because that is when we allow him in more willingly!

        Anyways just wanted to thank you for the update, Hope you are doing well!

        1. I understand your point, Bb. Jesse definitely promotes a group-think atmosphere while insisting he doesn’t. And I–along with many–lacked the internal strength and conviction to stand strongly against much of what he said that was off. One of the examples of something that made no sense–but I DID challenge–was that “women can’t go to God–they need to go through their husbands.” It’s a preposterous statement on its face, but like other questionable statements, remained largely unchallenged. The problem is not so much the Jesses of this world, it is the “congregation’s” lack of vision and desire to construct an “authority” to show us the way. Thank God I woke up and others are doing so! Yes, I am doing well, and thanks for checking in.

          1. I don’t care for your use of hyphens so much Patrick. Commas are better =) Thanks for sharing though. Sucks because since I’ve read this, kind of been bummed. I thought Jesse was something he wasn’t. But, proving JESSE’S point, “let no man teach you”. So, I guess it’s kind of a good thing to find this out. Proves that no one is perfect, we all have sins and secrets.

            1. Sorry about that, Plissken. I am fond of hyphens and probably overuse them to an extreme! I’ll keep an eye on that! Commas, huh? Let me chew on that…

              “Let no man teach you.” Yes, that is the overriding principle. I was even looking to sneak a quote about that in today’s blog, but realized it didn’t quite fit–had to leave it “on the cutting room floor.” See how I used a hyphen in that last sentence? 🙂

              Seriously, thanks for responding. I know there’s some serious stuff here, but you’re on your way!

          2. @Patrick,hi I’d like to pull you up on your assertions that racism does exist or that black people should not be thankful for slavery when the second one is said all of the time by other commentators such as a famous atheist Jewish conservatives.
            It’s to state either is absurd is a denial of reality not to mention scripture.

            Nowhere does it say in canon or apocrypha that such a thing as ‘racism’ exists.

            It was a stupid false concept invented by an Englishman in Africa a couple of hundred years ago,before that the equally false concept named ‘racialism’ was coined.
            It is indeed a false philosophy which we’re warned against in scripture. To believe it exists is cult-like. If Peterson is indeed guilty of half of the things he’s accused of(such as molestation)then the victims would report it to the authorities.
            A man with his amount of exposure would surely have been caught out long ago. As mentioned by a previous poster,there is no proof just accusations. If they are true then people have an obligation to expose him. I disagree with him on some things such as the claim that Christians can never sin or that he is perfect(only Yeshuar/Jesus is perfect)when Christains are warned to flee from sin lest it be crouching at the door(with the implication that Christians CAN still sin)

            1. Thank you, Chris. Regarding, racism, of course it is not uncommon for people to be prejudiced against or hate others because they are of a different race. I agree with Jesse that the ROOT is hated, I just don’t agree that simply tossing out statements like “racism doesn’t exist” to people who know full well it does exist is a smart or good thing to do. Many of the things Jesse says are designed to tempt people to lose their cool, much as the “shock jock” does. That way, you can show people you’re the cool one and invalidate arguments based on their reaction. It’s a psychological game of chicken.

              Regarding accusers going to the authorities, as far as I know. Theres no proof Jesse was doing these things with underage boys.

              1. Right…and Jesse used his, and from testimony of one young man, recently still has, his position as “spiritual leader” to seduce to homosexual sex. That is a shocking and horrible thing for some to even fathom, but obviously it is true. The total lack of denial by Jesse (as well as private admissions and apologies), are also making it clear nobody is lying here as well as the honest reputations of the exposers. People really need a better connection to their inner wordless conscience and resulting patience, that way they can keep themselves safe in these spiritual vampire moves upon them. Of course you are helping them to do that by promoting being still in the real deal meditation at

              2. @Patrick,thankyou for the reply.
                With respect,brother,on racism you’ve kind of proven my point IMO.

                Using other words (prejudice and hate) to describe ‘racism’ disproves the notion that it exists.

                It reminds me of another false concept;’Islamophobia’ that people use for political purposes.

                Who knows ”full well that it exists”?

                There’s no consensus of who first coined it or mainstreamed it but one of the people put forth as doing so was a rampant sexual deviant himself(Hirschfield),so it pains me to hear Christians propagating it.

                I’m not claiming that there is nothing to it just that the real thing is hatred so people may hate other races but in spite of them being different not because of it.

                Most of the people he triggers with his claim that it doesn’t exist are themselves pretty unhinged and brainwashed any way so it says more about them than the person denying it exists.

                A comment below my previous post implies that he was guilty of molestation(or pederasty) and it applies to even people above the age of consent.
                If true why do they not go to the authorities?

                1. Chris, so we’re clear, I understand that the underlying issue is anger. I’ve never denied this. The point in someone’s presentation is INTENT. A point can be made that has truth in it, yet the INTENT of the way it’s presented can be to cause a negative reaction. I don’t want to back and forth with you on this point, because it’s something that I cannot prove, yet see this in Jesse. I’ve talked to him about this, and he said I’d made a good point and he would consider. I don’t think anything in his presentation has changed, so it looks like he was just humoring me… Regarding reporting to the authorities, in my case, I was an adult, but also a willing participant while it was going on. Others have somewhat different circumstances, and would have to examine that themselves, if there is an application…. And yes, I understand your “burden of proof” on the accuser comment that you made separately. Thanks for that.

          3. The lack of sweet kindness expressed towards women throughout the years was a big red flag, as well as lies sometimes told about “most” blacks. Even without the homosexual reveal, people really need to be more discerning of any persons in any position of authority.

            1. I agree, Fabian, and yet, I also see how intelligent the Source is in people like this–unless we spiritually discern, we will be fooled by these kinds of people.

            2. The accused do not have to deny any claims made against them,
              instead the burden of proof lies with the accusers.

              If any of the claims are true then he should have been reported to the authorities at least for improper conduct,sexual assault or what ever the law is called in the States for people touching others inappropriately etc etc.

        2. Hello,
          Did you ever think of recording a phone call where he admits to the acts so we can get the show on the road?
          It’s easy for him to keep quiet/deny it because no evidence has been presented. At this rate he’s gonna keep quiet until it blows over.

          Just an idea.

          1. It’s against the law for Patrick to do that in Florida. Also, I am willing to bet Jesse won’t be speaking to him anymore.

            1. Thanks, Ted. Once I heard DIRECTLY from a very credible source, who told me that Jesse was (RECENTLY) touching him sexually after Jesse told him to close his eyes, meditate, and “don’t believe ANY thoughts,” I realized more than ever that we’re dealing with a sick man (Jesse). I was outraged, and called Jesse. He didn’t pick up, so I had to leave a message–I blasted him, asking, “What in the HELL is wrong with you?” In a way, it bothered me more that at least up until about 5 weeks ago, he was STILL playing these sick games, with another young man who came to him for help. Who could possibly defend this?

        3. I read your article in its entirety and then i “skimmed” over the replies…I find it baffling that the concern/confusion that Patrick (and other experts here that know JLP) have regarding their apparent lack of nuanced understanding over JLP’s profound statements such as “racism doesn’t exist”… or “thank God for slavey”… or even JLP’s dissertations that women are mostly evil…
          Anyone that actually listens to his programs understands these truths and the details behind these statements and if someone doesn’t then they are only listening on a surface level…yet these folks/accusers are saying they understand him better than the rest of us…kind of telling… and kind of tone deaf…JLP’s statements are actually not that hard to get, and if you are baffled, then maybe the problem is your understanding of things spiritual ( or maybe you are confused by his unique sense of humor when approaching these topics???) Are people here offended/upset ( about his statements concerning race/females/society) that they unable to see these concepts/things?

          1. Thanks “Boomerbob.” The key is understanding the unspoken INTENT of these statements, which of course contain spiritual truth. Jesse is well aware how the average black person, who may not be familiar with him, will react to a statement like “Thank God for Slavery” or “There’s no such thing as racism.” He knows they will reject these kind of statements out of hand as sounding absurd, and may get angry. Jesse is a master at pushing people’s buttons in order to get a desired response, and then discrediting anything they may say because “they are angry.” It’s a trick of the Devil, really, and just mimics the person who actually does have good intent. Once the person has rejected Jesse’s initial statement, he has lost the ability to help them. As I noted in the post, I recently told this to Jesse, and he admitted it is a good point. Intent is everything.

            1. I am not talking about the “average” black person who per chance reacts to the initial statements for the first time…I am talking about regular listeners/callers ( and perhaps folks in these threads) who chime in constantly and pretend that they do not understand the spiritual and real world truths that JLP is bringing up…all that a first-time listener has to do is (sincerely) listen to the full show ( or maybe a couple additional shows) to get to the foundational truth of his statements…it is kinda ridiculous to expect a new listener to instantly “get it” or to require JLP to endlessly play their game. you should know these things yourself and perhaps folks like you “to this day” are willfully ignorant and have a tone deafness that no human can open your eyes to…i still find it hard to believe that you (who claims to know him so well), gets stuck and hung up on these straightforward and blunt real world truths that JLP addresses…you keep defaulting to the “tricks of the Devil” accusations…perhaps folks like you are the ones being willfully tricked? Just saying…

                1. Once again I am NOT referring to a random first time listener…I am talking about folks like you and all the callers that pretend like (or live in the mind bending reality of ignorance) they dont “get” JLP’s profound understanding of (so called) racism, feminism, antisemitism, LGBTQ-ism, victim-ism etc, etc, etc… you cant keep saying that you know him so well and at the same time not understand his main points…total disconnect!

                2. Your points are a bit moot also when the very man you uphold as wise or such, has been a lying closet homosexual, totally discrediting his entire messaging. How is it that you have no commentary on that?

                  1. my point is that folks like Mr. Patrick who claim to know JLP very well…are tone deaf and dont have a clue as to the basis of his teachings… Concerning the 1st time listeners…if they are sincere and open to truth, the holy spirit will open the understanding and they will be back for more understanding and revelation…similar to Christ’s teachings that the 1st time pharoses reacted to violently… but the truth seekers kept coming back!
                    Concerning the closet issue…the most detailed/defined encounter that Mr. Patrick fleshes out is pressing bodies when sleeping/sharing a bed…and then he talks about “audultery”/”sexual advance”/”sexual incident”/”naked”, which is nebulous to say the least…Mr Patrick also indicates he isnt gay, but yet supposedly/allegedly performing homosexual acts of sodomy?…this indicates that he lives in a fake/altered mind bending realm of today’s dysfunctional/dystopian reality… If JLP committed actual physical acts of direct sodomy, you (Mr. Patrick) have not directly explained this yet and your commentary is nebulous/cloudy/fuzzy…BTW, if JLP actually performs man on man sodomy i agree he needs to drop out of the godly leadership roles because then it is simply playing mid games…but what has been provided here is rather “psyh-op-ish”…which is very popular/fashionable nowadays….

                    1. Boomerbob, your language sure is interesting! I’ll keep this simple. I am married with a son, and will not get into detail here or anywhere. Suffice it to say that there WAS sexual activity–period. Nothing that could be misunderstood.

                    2. Mr Patrick, your responses are getting more and more “me-too” ish, especially when combined with your inability to determine recent time frames of these allegedly major events (5 years vs 10 years… but don’t know and can’t seem to figure it out)…more and more this smells like a hit piece/vengeful lashing out of a wounded/confused/jealous spirit (happens lots nowadays in today’s woke world)…If you are unable to be convincing and explicit, then why bother with this…unless you’re practicing your hand at authoring a new provocative fantasy book to be released soon?

                  2. Exactly Boomerbob, took the words right out of my mouth!!! Jesse IS telling the truth about the vast majority of these idiot women, cause I am one, and the blatts and their perpetual whining and blaming, you’d have to be lying or a semi retard not to see this!! I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right about these guys, I can’t put my finger on it. They can go kick rocks for all I care, and continue on their quest, that is their right. The truth always prevails. I just wanted to give my two cents, and the feeling I got reading this whole article.

              1. Shmookie, you make some good points but i think you’re missing an important one. None of these people are real question, maybe in word and theory they’ve been but they all admit the last 20-25 years they’ve been living and giving into illicit sex, cheating, adultery, lies, cover up & complicity. They are claiming they are just now beginning to take a born again new path; patrick by coming clean about his sexual multi-year extra-marital affair and Martin being born again because he added meditation to his evening routine. Not sure about fabian but he seems like he’s been on some kind of mission for revenge with Jesse. Regardless they all seem like they want to become christians and are just now attempting to redeem themselves with God and believe that shutting down Jesse and his audience and congregation is the access needed for them to be redeemed, as well as save other souls. Personally, i’m grappling with their approach, it doesn’t make sense to because i’m not hearing them repent themselves (Patrick has a bit, but not martin or fabian.). Anyhow, that’s my two cents.

                1. Jesse hated my new awareness years ago and I became a threat to him by seeing he was living a lie and not free of sinning, even before the sexual stuff became public. But I have no bad feelings towards him and do not feel my salvation depends on exposing him. Don’t mean to be rude, but that is your imagination/ judgment at work there. I would be more objective, if you wish. My little exposee war on Jesse, after he tired to shut me down, was long over, but Martin saw to it to protest when these shocking revelations came out, which was the right thing, so I offered to shoot it on my phone and post for the public, since Jesse is a public supposed minister of Jesus and wanted to hide his private grievous lies from the public from which he has collect plenty of money over the years. It is called spiritual moral fraud what he has done and the public deserved to know. Simple.

              2. Boomerbob, You right. It doesn’t seem like most people get the TRUTH behind the statements JLP makes because they caught up on the surface and just “entertaine but they missing the deeper truth!

            2. you people that still find ways to defend JLP make me realize how dumbed out this population can be. This sexual pervert in his 70 portrayed himself as someone you would never be suspicious of being who he is accused of being. This level of deceit is out of this world. And if you can trust him moving forward then it hasn’t really hit you what you have been hearing. I believe in repentance and change in a man, but this guy is still fighting to keep his deceit alive. You guys out there talking about not judging and looking at our own sins. Patrick here, knowing that he isn’t the man he portrays himself to be, exposed him because he felt you guys deserve to know whom you been following. By doing this he put his reputation on the line and for me, he has redeemed himself for any wrong act he was engaged in. We might’ve not known about this if it wasn’t for Patrick and this isn’t the thank you Patrick deserves

              1. Thank you, Arman, and I know you and Martin have also stepped forward to help shine the light of truth. I always understand though, that some will see and some won’t, and always remember that even Jesus was only able to convince one of the thieves on the cross. We’ll never convince all, but I am thankful for those who HAVE seen the light!

              2. Arman, you seem sincere but very angry. Your anger is killing you and that’s fact. Who cares about JLP or anything else when TRUTH is, you an angry man 👨!

            3. Hello, sorry for not responding to your email, I took a break from this whole thing.

              I’m definitely convinced that’s he’s a fraud at least, based on his relationship with Roy, that he kept secret from the viewers. He made it seem he was self made.

              My question is, since you did the mediation from 1984, and still committed homosexual acts, does that mean that the mediation doesn’t really do anything?

              Or is it more of a thing where it only works for people who are truly born again?

              In a sense you were also talking about religion and acting holy when you yourself weren’t either.

              Thank you for coming out with this and I wish you well.

              1. Hi, Spencer, I missed hearing from you. Yes, I get that. Your question is a really good one, and one that has honestly puzzled me some. I know that the original meditation really helped me, yet, I see that it didn’t save me-‘at least at that time. Jesse was able to pull me away from it eventually. Yet, after coming back to it fairly recently, I see it has helped me again. Interesting. I will ponder this some more, and let you know if anything further comes to me regarding. Perhaps I lost seriousness in my practice along the way. It was a long time ago, and I don’t recall much detail about it.

                1. Thanks for responding.
                  Did you do Roy’s or some other version of the mediation consistently since 1984 or did you stop? Specifically did you stop while you committed those acts?

                  I though the mediation was supposed to get rid of all your problems,bad habits, evil etc… without your effort. Or was it misleading and/or a scam?

                  Maybe it has to be paired with being truly born again, at this point I’m not sure.

                  1. I did Roy’s meditation since that time till some point where I was trying Jesse’s version for a time. I don’t recall how long I was doing that for, but it would have encompassed at least some of the time I was also doing these things. Roy’s meditation is no scam. I believe it helped save my life. As I have said. It just did not save my soul T that time. As I’ve told you, since starting again I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my spiditual/mental/emotional state. And yes. I’m sure much depends on a person’s intent/seriousness. Perhaps I wasn’t serious enough back then. God has my attention now. I hope that helps.

                2. Hello folks, I keep hearing this thing about meditation.
                  And to do this meditation according to what a individual says you must do to get whatever your trying to get from it.
                  Im sorry folks, but thats the trick.
                  Why would I want to listen to a earthly man tell me that the meditation, or silent prayer will get you whatever your looking for.
                  I did the silent prayer for several years, and it changed nothing of my behavior. All it did was to keep me looking at the man and not Jesus.
                  All I needed to do was keep my eyes on Jesus and not Man.
                  I did not need to sit and meditate or sit for 30 minutes or more and not listen to my thoughts
                  Just pray through out the day. God knows your heart.
                  And one other thing ,I was told that satan has no power, if that’s true how can he project his thoughts in your head, thats takes power. And how can he make you believe he is the light.
                  Once again he has some power.
                  He fooled me.
                  Im asking God, to just keep me in his will, and grant me wisdom.
                  I dont need to listen to a man to tell me how.
                  Thats another trick of satan.
                  If you want to whats going on in this world, just pray and ask God to show you.
                  That’s really all it takes.
                  RobertC ☕️

                  1. Thank you, Robert. My two cents: While I know that meditation has helped me greatly in my life, I also see that it has not in an of itself been a “magic bullet” to immediately awaken me, otherwise I would not have fallen like I did. I appreciate the simplicity of what you have said. Keeping our eyes on God and not man is definitely the key!

                  2. Robert, maybe consider that you don’t want to take the time and sit with yourself, the relenting thoughts, feelings, emotions and get confronted by your restless ego. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient and even worse…the ego gets confronted in the light of stillness. As you say, “thinking about God throughout the day” is way easier on the ego and way less painful than sitting being still and getting present to what’s actually going on with you internally. However, consider that God is on the other side of all that restlessness and avoidance.

              2. To ALL…

                I just wanted to say that I appreciate everybody’s input, but many of us call ourselves Christians, and therefore I urge that we keep that in mind.

                Hopefully, we’re here to edify one another. I exposed an evil working through an old friend, and I believed–and still do–that exposing that evil was essential to my spiritual growth, a dire warning to the person I have exposed (his SOUL is on the line), and hopefully edifying for my old friend’s congregation.

                I believe it was something of an “intervention.”

                I understand that people have many opinions about what I have done, and that’s fine, I myself have struggled along the way sorting all this out.

                But I believe the process would be better served by sticking to our points, and not attacking the motives or character of anyone who agrees or disagrees. Just the points…

                I am trying to keep my deleting of posts to a minimum–at this point only deleting those that are clearly obvious insults, etc. Please help me here by self-editing as necessary.

                I’m asking those of you who are “fighting” here to try to restrain yourself from answering posts that disagree with you with anything other than the issue at hand.

                Often a post requires no response at all, or perhaps a short one.

                Sometimes answering–even at all–just adds gas to the flame. That’s not my purpose here, and I hope it’s not yours.

                What I and others have testified to speaks for itself–agree or disagree. And I get that the “believability” of a person is fair game. But harping on it excessively is not helpful.

                I know all those who have come forward with a testimony so far. I know them as trustworthy. I thank God that they have stood with me (not me, really, but the truth). But I am also speaking to them, asking them to consider these points too, while engaging with others who do not see things the way they do.

                The world is filled with people who do not see things the way we do, or who differ on strategies, etc. But sometimes more is not better–it can even have the OPPOSITE effect we intend–pushing people away instead of pulling them in to listen.

                Anyway, enough from me here. I think you get the point. I just wanted to y’all to consider chilling a bit 🙂

                “Come, let us reason together!”



              3. Even IF Jesse is guilty of those allegations, it changes nothing for me. Nothing but gratitude to God for speaking through Jesse and transforming countless lives.

                By not responding to these allegations, Jesse is practicing exactly what he preaches and what he has always preached: Don’t overreact to Anything; Wait and See;
                Doubt all Thoughts; Don’t put your Business out into the world; Don’t Identify with the Not-You; Have no opinion about anything; keep your eyes on yourself; keep going forward in Service to God and helping others, etc.

                Even if he still has those vices, God has used him and continues to do so. If he’s good enough for God, he’s good enough for me.

                You guys would be pulling down Paul (if he was alive today) for his “thorn in the flesh.” But God allowed it to stay, yet He used Paul for a mighty purpose.

                Patrick, it’s fine you came clean with your family, but you didn’t necessarily HAVE TO. Now, you’re forcing others to do the same. This is not a service, but a disservice.

                Thousands of people who hate Jesse (Athiests, Liberals, Haters, etc.) are now making videos about Jesse, saying “You See! It’s all a phony. Religion is a Joke. God is a Joke.”

                I know your response: “The truth must be Told!” But can you handle the deeper Truth that I am now presenting? Can you not admit that Jesse see’s things more deeply (by Gods Grace) than you?

                The Armenian guy admits in his video how wise Jesse is. He said “I can’t understand where he gets his wisdom from!” Yet, in the next breath, he goes on to be MORE wise by all his mixed up opinions and speculations.

                In a nutshell: Even if you guys are right, you’re Wrong in a deeper way that you can’t quite see. Consider that carefully if you can. Or, just do what you can’t help doing: Spreading all kinds of information ( some lies and some truth) all over the world, confusing everyone, and feeling righteous)

                Now I’ll keep quiet. I’ll keep my eyes on myself and consider my own weaknesses privately, seeking to eventually overcome all things by the grace of God—and give what I can to others along the way.

                1. That is good to always keep our eyes on ourselves and we still do that, while exposing a false witness to real salvation. God is not speaking though Jesse and has not for many years, Jesse simply has a loop of partial truths and a lot of nonsense going on over and over. That can easily be discerned from the dullness and often repeated same old words, worn out. The truth from God comes out with love and makes it all very interesting, such as Roy Masters was, which Jesse is sort of trying to mimics, perhaps unwittingly. The awakened souls see where a person is coming from, more so than the words that can be used. The devil uses lots of good sounding words and phrases, to lure people in, and often the host of his evil motivations are too prideful to want to see it. For Jesse, it has manifested in sexual power and pleasure over the weak at times, and it his has become a severe homosexual addiction. As Roy used to say, power turns sexual. Jesse is a prime example of that. It is a crazy and sad place to be, and people like you who continue to prop him up, only are hurting him. And in our video and Patrick’s blogs, we are leading people to the real silent prayer as taught for over 50 years at the, which Jesse has morphed into a relation/ hypnosis thing…hence why he got stuck badly in darkness in his soul. So your premise that we are leading people away from God is not so. Our example also of standing up to a false minister of Jesus, which by the way Jesus did big time, to the false rabbis during his time, is a Godly one. The energy of love can and must fight when it needs to, otherwise we halt our own growth on the Path. Cowardliness is a major sin…

                  1. Fabian, you’re so brave and courageous as a keyboard warrior. the internet is full of trolls amd cowards who claim righteousness and bravery but in real life, in real situations with real people they are cowards. I remember you from the foundation on venice blvd and also a bit from bond although i only went to bond meetings a few times because i moved out of state. However, you were always known as someone who lived in his head and i remember having a conversation with you after a bond meeting once and i just remember thinking that this guys is in fantasy land. You were talking about how Jesus lives in a golden temple up in the sky, and that this was heaven, and you heard angels singing. I walked away from that convo thinking this guy in is fantasy tough light zone. You’ve not been called by God, you’ve not been with the people serving and courageously taking on evil, head on, with real people and turning hearts on to Christ. You’ve spent a life living in your head and now, you act like a courageous truth teller on your phone keyboard? Really?! I call BS. Maybe JLP failed in certain ways. Maybe his ego got him, as it has all of us; ypu, patrick, martin arman. if what patrick said is true so be it, but i trust God will handle it, and perhaps God, Jlp and patrick and anyone else with DIRECT negative experience VS. the gossip and the demon that’s clearly working through you, martin and arman…along with all the other pro-left, anti-christ, anti-man militia on your bandwagon. GHANA is so right, you all would be calling for the death of Paul and life for BARABAS! You all are unwilling (or willing) dupes of the devil. Period.

                    1. We have come in truth for the possible protection of other gullible souls and to defend the faith. That is all. You are actually doing to me what you claim we are doing to Jesse by bringing up years long ago memories by you of me, some of which may be true, some not so. At any rate, I a m very happy God has has courage and love real to me and going in front of Bond to confront a very dark evil was certainly not being only a “keyboard warrior.” Thank you.

                    2. Very easy for you to call out me as though I was a coward, when the real coward has a high position as a supposed minister. That is what some tend to do when they lack conviction,sight and strength to confront bullies, they go after the innocent.

                2. Thank you, Ghana. I know you are sincere, but it’s a bit sad that this letter could have been written by Jesse himself–you have taken in apparently ALL of this teachings. Not that they are all bad, in fact most of them are the truth. Due to time constraints, I cannot answer everyone in detail, but I do try to answer the sincere. In your case, there’s so much here, that it will be good for all if I answer your points…

                  So you’re saying that even if Jesse is guilty of all the charges, it changes nothing for you. I wonder how much you actually care about your fellow man or woman. This is a man who has clearly used his position for DECADES to carefully take advantage of specific weaknesses of young and older men. They are men who have either been molested in the past, have a drug problem, have been to prison, or some other weak spot (all have had a tough upbringing, typically with little relationship with their father, and a negative relationship with their mother).

                  Jesse has honed in on these weak spots to sometimes test the susceptability of that person to his sexual advances. It’s like dropping a fishing line in the water to see if the fish bites. If the fish doesn’t bite, he moves on. If the fish bites, he moves IN.

                  This activity has happened–on trustworthy testimony–even RECENTLY, as I mentioned in my last post! Jesse USED his knowledge of good to do evil! He had a young man go into meditation, close his eyes, told him that “all thoughts are lies,” said “No matter what Satan says, don’t listen to your thoughts.” Then Jesse proceeded to start touching the man’s private part. This is PURE EVIL!

                  Jesse KNEW that by telling this young man not to listen to his “thoughts,” that it would lull the man into not stopping Jesse immediately.

                  Later, after the young man confronted Jesse, Jesse attempted to keep him close and offer the young man benefits, in an obvious attempt to keep him quiet. He did the same with me, and has likely raised others up for the same purpose.

                  He has tried to confuse others. With one young man, Jesse fondled him as he slept. When the young man awakened, and asked Jesse what he was doing, Jesse answered, “This is what FATHERS do.” Really, which fathers do that?

                  Do you not care about your fellow man? Should this kind of behavior be allowed to continue by a “man of God”?

                  I assure you, no man of God would be doing these kinds of things.

                  You bring up “vices,” as Jesse does. Vices are things like overeating and smoking, not using your position to lure men into sex, then denying it happened, or even threatening to lie about someone (in Arman’s case)–the clear implication being that if Arman were to “talk,” then Jesse would lie about him to ruin his reputation.

                  Is this what a “man of God” would do?

                  Jesse (and you) keep dragging Paul (in the Bible) out, because he talked of having a thorn in his side. I assure you, whatever Paul’s thorn was, it wasn’t taking sexual advantage of young and older men, then covering it up, or attempting to confuse or intimidate the victim.

                  In Thessalonians 4 (Jesse will likely NEVER read this in his “church”), PAUL (yeah, that same guy!) wrote:

                  “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body[a] in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God…

                  ..and that in this matter no one should wrong or take advantage of a brother or sister.

                  The Lord will punish all those who commit such sins, as we told you and warned you before.

                  For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, anyone who rejects this instruction does not reject a human being but God, the very God who gives you his Holy Spirit.”

                  Are we clear on Paul’s position now? Jesse (and you) need to stop misrepresenting this man.

                  Does Jesse know truth? Of course. So does Satan, the “brightest angel.” Jesse also studied well under Roy Masters, and this post covers that ground in detail. And Jesse also has his own wisdom too. I believe Jesse did wake up–at least to some degree–many years ago. And he was given wisdom. But if you’ve been around him any length of time, you will also see that he has a FINITE amount of knowledge that he recycles endlessly (but he always manages to make it sound like he just discovered it!)

                  That recycled knowledge has been enough to help some people–sometimes dramatically. But those who do best around Jesse don’t stay too long. When they do, they often begin to take on some of his corruption, and like him, tend to excuse their vices as they often get into them DEEPER (as he has). So be careful!

                  Regarding not putting your vices out there into the world, it really depends on the situation. Obviously, Jesse is using this admonition to cover his own sins, and as I said, he and those around him fall into deeper sin, whereas those of us who have unburdened ourselves are doing better and better. I’m not saying that everybody necessarily needs to do what I have, but for me it was right in many ways.

                  For a minister, who is representing God, and who–as you say–God is “using”–yeah, it’s a requirement: come clean before your congregation, otherwise you’re no better than the Hypocrites Jesus blasted. BTW, why should anyone take advice regarding getting over their “vices” from a man who is NOT getting over his own “vices”?!

                  As for haters of Christianity using this situation to try to discredit God, that goes with the territory. Jesse made that unavoidable at this point, by refusing to “man up.” JESSE is the one attempting to discredit God, and he is the one who is being seen as the hypocritical con man that he is. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

                  One more thing: This “keeping your eyes on yourself” business. Keeping your eye on yourself does NOT mean burying your head in the sand. It includes standing up for what is right, and helping our fellow man or woman in their need. It means being willing to see what is right in front of you–to not doubt what you see–and to be willing to expose evil in all its forms.

                  I get that you feel you are personally “getting something” by sitting in this man’s church. If you want to keep doing that, then have at it. The only true source of truth is God, but if you want to find better messengers, I would suggest you start at (The Foundation of Human Understanding–the late Roy Masters’ organization). The meditation they teach is more pure and effective in every way, certainly for helping to overcome vices. Their Sunday talks (on YouTube) are more honest. It’s the real thing–not a counterfeit).

                  The real reason Jesse is not responding to our allegations is because they are TRUE, and they challenge the way he has conditioned his congregation to see him. Believe me, I’ve watched this for almost 30 years now.

                  I wish you well in your journey, and hope you find what you are looking for.

                  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

                    1) “I wonder if you care enough..”
                    None of us truly “care” until God changes us.

                    2) “Paul preached sexual morality”
                    So does Jesse.

                    3) “Jesse has finite, recycled knowledge”
                    We all have finite knowledge and if it’s true we SHOULD recycle it. This works for many people.

                    4) “Why should we take advice from someone who hasn’t overcome their vices.”
                    We all have vices. You have vices. Should I take YOUR advice? Why do you offer it?

                    5) “keeping your eyes on yourself doesn’t mean burying your head.”
                    That’s why I’m not burying my head but speaking up according to what I see as Truth.

                    6) “Roy is the real deal, Jesse is not.”
                    Roy said Jesse was pure like the snow. Maybe they both have some truth and some confusion. Roy is great, I also sense pride in him at times. I’m fine with that.

                    Most of your other allegations and arguments are speculative and only your personal opinion, so I would not find it valuable to respond to those.


                    1. Thanks, Ghana. I see where you’re going here. I hope you can at least open your eyes enough to see that Paul warned us to take sexual sin seriously, and to NEVER take advantage of a brother or sister in this way. Jesse laughs at this advice and has made a CAREER of this. If you can’t see this, surely someone out there can.

                    2. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa. 5:20.)

                      Purely despicable the way you defend the indefensible. Simply shows how Jesse’s teachings are turning some of his congregation’s hearts into stones. They talk about “loving” everyone, yet when you love you “care” about your brothers and sisters well-being, specially if they are being destroyed spiritually, physically and mentally. And don’t turn a blind eye because oops (inconveniently) the person committing the abuse just so happens to be the one pretending to be pure and without sin.

                      They have identified with him (Jesse) to such a degree and put him up in a pedestal that their minds have completely distorted what’s actually right and what’s actually wrong! They can’t even see (which is now so clear for those with eyes to see) how Satan has cleverly been using Jesse to deceive and lead many astray. Satan has given Jesse wisdom and has made him a good counterfeit. This has all been written in the Bible, many Christians will fall for false teachers!
                      They will one day face their maker.

                      1. Lucas. You just made all of that up in your own imagination. A lot of magnificent words making up a fantastical mystical word salad…with a little bible sprinkled on top.

                      2. Roy was fooled by Jesse and some others at times. But he eventually saw the truth and said looking right in my face before a sunday meeting that Jesse is not a good man. Roy tended to be too optimistic about some, but always ended up seeing the truth. And we see this before the homosexual revelation came forward about Jesse.
                        Your defense of Jesse’s severe sins, which are not “vices”, that is a word play by a denier Jesse, shows as much about your lack of courage to speak up against it, as it says about Jesse’s predatory behavior. Your types have built up this monster in him, just as weak people always allow any bully to grow.

                      3. Ghana, I appreciate your perspective. It’s valuable insight and wisdom. I love Roy Masters. His message saved my life back in the 80’s. I’d hate to think where’d be in life if i hadn’t discovered him. With that said, he too was just a man and with many flaws. A good man with something extraordinary gift from God, but as a man he had many blind spots too. The way some of these people portray him isn’t honoring him, honestly. They put him on a pedestal, especially now that he’s passed, but i believe if given the opportunity to see some of his flaws (not referring to anything sexual in nature) they would have torn him down. I even remember fantasyland fabian targeting Roy at one point, although he denies it now. Any how, keep trusting yourself and it’s probably good for all of us to listen to all the different voices in this situation and then trust what God leads us to do, and not any person in this big mess.

                        1. WALTER, you are very insightful. I appreciate your recommendation to let this all play out and hear different voices, trusting in God. Yes, if Jesse is guilty here, so be it. I don’t know enough either way; I just know he and Roy have been a blessing in my life. These other guys trying to tear JLP down are also becoming guilty (in the name of “getting the truth out there to protect people”) Clearly these guys have all kinds of mixed and resentful motives themselves. Patrick may be a nice guy, but there’s nothing so special about that. I don’t believe he sees the right way to handle this. The other guys seem kind of off to me.

                          While it’s reprehensible to Exploit, Abuse, or Take Advantage when your a LEADER. It’s also reprehensible TO BE Exploited, Abused, or Taken Advantage Of. This is too hard a truth for most people to digest. But it’s true.

                          Roy points out the Drug Addict BRINGS INTO EXISTENCE OR ATTRACTS the Drug dealer! And the Drug dealer BRINGS INTO EXISTENCE OR ATTRACTS the Drug Addict!
                          There you have it! They are both totally equal and responsible for creating each other. But these guys only see one side. And it’s easy to form an angry mob to take down one man, “The Leader.” But they can’t help it.

                          It will play out accordingly, and either way I’m glad Jesse is still moving forward and sharing truth. I’m grateful beyond words. After all, we’re all just here in this fallen world for a short time—I’ll be grateful for whoever shows me a little light and let God handle the rest.

                        2. Go with your lies somewhere else Walter. Shame on you. I never “targeted” Roy. He and God saved my life and he did not have many flaws, but yes, a bit of gullibility towards certain personalities.
                          And I clearly saw a demonic side of Jesse years ago and that he was and is living a lie of being supposedly free of sinning, So I was honest about that insight with my bond friends. It wasn’t until Jesse in his extremely ego defensive nature, tried to shut me up, even with court perjury, which Patrick actually witnessed, that I did in no ways back down and admittedly did too much. But always with only truth. Never did I tell lies like this ” man of God ‘ did, when his temple of glass was exposed even moderately. I came to see that Jesse’s issue never was with Roy, or me when I saw his fallacy, but he truly hates God. His while persona is a foolish attempt at convincing the world that he actually loves right and God. There will be an awful hell to pay for that if he doesn’t see it and repent, and people like you will share in that guilt, if you’re not careful.

                  2. Unfortunately he learned all those things from Roy Masters and the foundation of for human understanding I could go out and do what Jesse does and I do in my own quiet way without asking for money I share the meditation I remind people Christ message there’s no way I can be in a homosexual Affair and be a true follower of Christ is impossible so if you want to make excuses for his behavior you go right ahead but we all have a judgement day

                  3. GHANA, you’re very much spot on. I believe Patrick believes he’s doing the right thing by taking it public, i also don’t believe taking anything public in the current culture climate makes sense spiritually. To create greater cynicism toward Jesus, men and anything thing decent that’s left, then yes, take all the dirt public..follow the footsteps of the far-left and anti-Trump coalition, etc. I have no issue with disrupting the status quo, destroying lies and living for truth at any cost but something doesn’t smell right in this whole situation. Arman, Martin and fantasyland fabian are absolutely conduits of Satan in this whole situation. If you look into any of there eyes or listen where there coming from they are channeling something very dark. I hope Roy Masters sons are being very cautious with having fantasyland fabian in there midst. it’s only a matter of time before he’s targeting them for some imaginary wrong or fault he discovers in his own fantasy’s.

                  4. GHANA, I disagree with you in one thing. It’s good that they’re exposing Evil. If they lie, the Evil is in them, if they’re right, then Jesse is obsessed with Evil. Either way is good for others to observe and learn from, see no issues here.

                    And as for haters making up videos, they were doing this since the beginning of times, see no problem here as well. Thee who seeketh, shall findeth.

                3. This is big enough scandal for this man to just quit and give up his title of being Minister. Apparently this is a continuous habit that disqualifies him from anything that has to do with preaching.

                  1. Arman, If you, fabian and martin are without sin, then go ahead and keep throwing stones at jlp and anyone else who doesn’t measure up to your moral righteousness. but you would be wise to heed the words of Jesus when he said “ he who is without sin, throw the first stone.” that was a profound teaching of Jesus, a teaching that you lack understanding. I’m not defending jlp. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do, and really it’s not my business because like ypu, all i have is hearsay and a lot of gossip swirling around from people who already had it out for jlp ans this situation is super convenient for those types. i include fantasyland fabian in that category too.
                    Jlp will have to atone for his sins, just like the rest of us will have his judgement day, and maybe even more so as a minister of God, but you, Martin, and fantasyland fabian are hypocrites. That’s clear. On your videos it seems like you believe you’re doing the right thing, want to be a good person but you sound like a lost puppy or more realistically like an emotionally upset 13 year old boy.
                    To me it seems that you, martin and fantasyland fabian all have an unwholesome and hypocritical weakness rooted in judgement. You’re on a mission because of hearsay. and yea, i guess you exposed yourself to the minister. you pulled your pants down, but YOU did that and you were a grown man. instead of owning your actions you blame someone else for YOUR actions. Again, not defending the minister, i have no knowledge of what he did or didn’t do other than hearsay from people who are out to squelch him, but you’re the one who did that. Any self responsible man who pulls his own pants down in front of another person, would feel shame on himself for doing that, not blame someone else. The only way i would take my pants down for someone is if i wanted to do that in the moment and if i later regretted it i would blame myself for my own folly. Instead your acting like you got #metoo’d and you were just a helpless damsel in distress. I call BS. Given your whole criminal background as an identity thief and fell on, and your emotionality in this situation. What you say holds zero credibility. I’d trust JLP over you in most things, in a heart beat. Doesn’t matter who that someone else’re 100% responsible for your actions. You could man up and own it but you don’t. Instead you’re snitching to make yourself look and feel better, but your not better. That’s like taking drugs and blaming your addiction on someone else when your the one sticking the needle in your arm. the math doesn’t measure up.
                    It seems Patrick has a real story and experience—he’s sharing it and wants to see accountability for the impact on him and his family and prevent anyone else going through his same experience. That’s fair. I have no idea if patrick’s story is true, i don’t believe it but i also don’t disbelieve him either. To me, Patrick is dealing in reality. You—Arman, are jumping on a bandwagon. Fabians had an axe to grind with jlp for over a decade and martin just seems like an angry person who feels betrayed and wants to project his own inner pain on an easy target and chase some clout as well(his videos are a giveaway that he’s gloating in the spotlight and loving the attention.)

                    1. Walter, the purpose of our protest was for him to give up the minister title and step down from his position. To keeping things in simple perspective, we as society, hold certain professions to different standards. Yes we all sin, but I would hope that you would not want a minister that is into that stuff. These are members of his own congregation that he either engaged with or attempted to engage. Can’t we simply disapprove him for this scandal without being judgemental?

                4. First of all I’d like to say I do not want to use my name as I’m not 100% sure if it’s true or not and I don’t want to have my name involved in the mess.
                  I started going to bond in 2016 and ended up moving away from California a few yrs ago but still listened to radio and church.
                  To me this are real accusations because I know arman, the Bible go to guy and I have met Patrick a couple times, these are real people in my eyes. It’s not like some haters and strangers just saying stuff.

                  So let’s go this is my take on this as a lot of ppl are confused and don’t know what to think .
                  None of these things I’m going to say takes it away from the fact if it is true by the way. If it’s true it’s true don’t matter the motive of him finally exposing this.

                  Bible go to guy – yes he looks like a homeless crazy guy but it seems like he has medical issues going on and it’s understandable, this is a real person who I went out to eat with and all our interactions were pleasant. He said for 25 yrs he donated most of his money and he could of had 5 houses with it by now, now he is broke living out his brothers house and sick…
                  Did Jesse kick him out of bond house and didn’t want to help Martin anymore? If Jesse had helped him with his medical stuff would he have turned on Jesse? Or why did Martin leave the bond house on his own?
                  if he was getting porn for Jesse why he kept going to bond and treating Jesse like the perfect preacher and helping others understand jesses message?

                  Fabian- I do not know Fabian and never met him, after a bit of researched I see that him and Jesse had legal issues in the past. He says he’s not judging Jesse and all that good stuff but it seems like he is the team captain when it comes to taking Jesse down. This guy comments on every single thing multiple times. A lil bit obsessed with it in my eyes. Him and Jesse seem to have been enemies for a while now.

                  Arman – I know arman he was always super cool to me.
                  I have no reason to think arman is lying, I can tell by knowing him the little bit I know that he really believes what he is saying. However one thing about arman is he was always a bit of a hater, not sure if hater is the right word but I do remember him being a bit of a beta sometimes and some things he just couldn’t get right..
                  I’m not trying to debunk arman I’m just looking at both sides and examining this situation from my perspective from my time at bond.

                  Patrick – I have seen Patrick 2 or 3 times during the mens conference which I believe he was the fund raiser guy. Never had any thoughts about Patrick as he had moved after I started going to bond. But everyone there knew him and he was loved by all the old members.
                  I wonder why he never had a problem with Jesse when he would go on the show live to promote his business?
                  Going thru Patrick’s older blogs I see there was barely any engagement/views etc.. I see he is asking for donations a lot before all this, on multiple occasions in his older videos he mentioned how he can’t fully follow his passion on promoting freedom, success & health without support.. From what I pick up in his videos the way he is asking for money makes it seem like he is begging & struggling to make this thing work with his passions. Again I’m just pointing out what I personally see as I try to make sense of it all.
                  Could Patrick have asked Jesse for help with money or something and Jesse denied the help? A man desperate for money would do a lot of things.. I don’t know if that’s the case and even if it was it doesn’t take it away from it if it’s true. The last thing here is that without Patrick there is nothing. Sure more things came out after the blogs but the main proof of it all is Patrick.
                  I’m not trying to debunk you Patrick, I’m pointing out what I picked up in the most neutral way I can.
                  I do believe you 99.99%

                  Jesse- when I met jesse I had a lot of anger towards my mom and after we worked out our issues & my life became very peaceful. I did not listen to jesse on everything, I took what worked for me and always did my own thing.
                  I feel like I can read people pretty good as I grew up in the hood and been stabbed in the back many times by the ones closest to me, I have been around some cult leader type of people and they always have a dark energy around them. This is why it’s so mind bending to me, I never picked up anything weird from jesse, he seemed like a fun guy to be around & I never felt any dark energy around him. although I never been with him alone 1 on 1.
                  However The way he is avoiding all this, more and more im thinking this is true. I also asked a couple people that have worked and someone that still works there about this and no one is denying it but instead they are giving me vague answers that don’t make sense.

                  So so far there is 2 sides the people who think it’s true and the people who are avoiding it, calling it gossip or just giving me vague weird answers.

                  I’m very interested to find out if it’s true or not. As I wanna know if I was being fooled by an evil charismatic sociopath, I’m not 100% convinced it’s true but 99.9999999% especially after the way Jesse and his crew is handling this. Maybe it’s going to become a legal issue and lawyers told him not to speak on it?
                  This is getting out more and more and it must be addressed.

                  It’s fascinating that Jesse tells people not to put anyone on a pedestal, don’t let anyone teach you, everybody is messed up.. it’s like he is preaching and showing the proof at the same time. Lawd have mercy..

                  In conclusion I think we are going to have to choose to Believe one or the other and live life with that perspective about it, if Jesse is as evil as they claim he is then he will never admit to it. And we will never know 100%

                  I wish all of you well.

                  1. Thank you, “Producer,” for weighing in, and for being as objective as possible. Interesting deductions–some on point. I’ll let others answer as they wish. As for myself, yes, I have wanted to do Old School full time, and yes, I have a lot more traffic at the moment. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to more people donating. Now that that’s out of the way, it has ZERO to do with why I came forward. People can choose to believe that or not, nothing I can do about it. Most who know me believe me. Thankfully, I have built up enough moral “captital” with them, despite my obvious flaws.

                  2. What Da…thank you for your comment. I actually am not at all the “team captain”, as this is and was Martin’s idea after so many years falsely believing a liar disguised as a saved minister. Jesse has this addiction super bad for men and does not want to have it stopped, to the point of making some pretty weird excuses in his head, like this “vice” thing and others. I see it as a type of penance for Martin, to warn others and hopefully to have bond close down. I simply am the one with a YouTube channel, so I saw to help out. And yes, I do like replying with truth to a lot of knuckleheads who are judging us as liars and calling names and such. Perhaps too much, but obsessed I am not, thank God. I do have a responsibility to reply to some though and I will continue that, only with truth. And yes, Jesse took me insanely to court for a lying restraining order attempt the first time, lying in order to get the hearing, calling me a harasser, when almost all of my emails over several months were polite disagreements sent to Patrick who was his P.R. man at the time and my friend and who I worked with at bond for a little over a year. I never ever harassed as defined by law, and always kept it on the up and up, however ANY communication to Patrick was deemed out of bounds by the sociopath Jesse, and he needed to try and shut me up. Little did I know completely why…I was attmeting to awken his prey to stand up!… and I did actually win that first hearing, as Jesse did not get his restraining order. He tried again though as I put up Youtubes of his court joke of a hearing with him committing perjury several times, including that he had fired lie. Transcripts could prove his prejury, but it wasn’t worth my time honestly. Anyways…Jesse has a history of misusing the court system and while I definitely had the tiger by the tail and swung him around, what I did was never a reason for a court appearance, ever.
                    In closing, the Centurion who knew that Jesus had cured his servant without ever seeing it with his eyes, is the same intuition by which we can see and know the truth of anything, like this extreme situation. So I understand that you do not know for sure,however many do 100%.

                5. Thank you for the very interesting post. I always wanted to know the start of Jesse’s BOND. It all makes sense now that he started under Roy Masters as both the Advice Line and JLP Radio sounds one and the same. (Jesse even lived in Grants Pass, the dots are connecting!) It would even bother me that when asked by callers or congregation, Jesse would answer that he found it within from God. Although not wrong that being still and going within is from God, it was always strange Roy was barely credited. I can only find instances on older radio shows of Jesse bringing up a Jewish pastor (Roy) on the radio that helped him realize the anger within. What was a great read Patrick. This mustve been a heck of a journey to bring this all to light. It has also been eye opening to how some of Jesse followers have been very nasty towards you and others. Thank you again. God Bless.

                6. Why is it that Jesse always has dilated pupils? It’s as if he has been in some sort of hypnotic trance for years. Supposedly he has blue eyes but the pupils are so dilated I only see dark. Anyway, I just always had that observation & it seems weird. Idk how it was in his younger years.

                  I’m not entirely sure what to believe, it’s still hard to believe he’s a closeted homosexual. There is no solid proof or evidence, we’re just taking your word for it. But at the same time, I can’t help but think you’re not lying either. You been on his show & church several times, & I also can’t believe the Bible Go To Guy has spoken out against Jesse either since they seemed very close & was also on his show multiple times. It was actually shocking.

                  Regardless, Jesse has helped me out a lot but I do feel deceived after finding out who Roy Masters was. I just found out who he was yesterday. I did some research on him on YouTube, Google, etc.. & it seems Jesse has literally copied everything from Roy Masters & made it his own. The silent prayer. The fact that he changed the first version on SoundCloud (with the praying hand counting fingers) to the current version now (palms up). The neger thing, women are evil, a sinless life, thoughts being a lie, these are all things Roy Masters has preached as well. It’s all making sense to me where he acquired so much wisdom. He got that wisdom from Roy Masters. And of course the wisdom from the Bible. I mentioned hypnotic trance above because maybe he is in some sort of trance since I read that Roy Masters was a hynoptist before. Either way, I feel like Masters was the originator of Jesse’s belief & doctrine. Maybe Jesse is just a better marketer & more popular, especially now because of social media tech (and he is still alive, unlike Masters). Also, I believe in “follow the money” & I’m sure he’s made a ton of money with Roy Masters teachings. Everything is still so bizarre to me though, he definitely speaks the truth on mostly everything he says, he wakes people up, but at the same time he’s living a double life & has the Devil within his grasp?

                  Also, Patrick, why didn’t you just continue following Roy Masters instead of an imitator like Jesse? Why not just follow the original source?

                  God bless & I hope all of this comes to light. People deserve the truth.

                  1. Thank you, Jorge, glad you’ve done your research. Very interesting points. Re why didn’t I just continue “following” Roy Masters..

                    #1: It was not my INTENT to follow anyone. At that point (where I met Jesse), I had been doing Roy Masters’ meditation (it sounds odd to say that I was doing this man’s meditation, since I remember meditating naturally as a child. The only real addition Roy Masters added, was to move the attention from finger to finger, so as not to get stuck in your head for long periods–that’s IT, really.

                    …and as I had mentioned in my last post (I know it was LONG–you may not have seen this part), I WAS attending Roy’s church in Grants Pass, Oregon, but after Jesse came up to the area to co-host a show with Roy, he started his own “chapter” of BOND there, and convinced me to start going to his meetings. That eventually convinced me to start meditating “his” way, which I found did not work for me. It’s been a long journey back, to the point where now I typically do Roy’s old “finger to finger” meditation–as it is a way to really experience the “IN-filling” of the Spirit as I mentioned and linked to another article where I discuss it. But sometimes I just put my fingertips together in prayer and just become aware of the “screen” in front of my closed eyes, my hands, and sometimes my whole body. I see when thoughts interrupt, and I return my attention back to–as Roy used to say–the present and the “Presence.” I hope that helps.

                  2. Many reputable testimonies with the same things being attempted or accomplished to them, as well as a partially true but real prejudiced throughout the years towards women is evidence Jorge. We have to research and wait for our intuition to show us all truths, right? There simply is no motive and actually it is harder to believe all of these witnesses have concocted all of this, than to see the reality that sadly Jesse is a sociopath and has used his position of power over others to gain sexual satisfaction, like a real spiritual succubus. Now Jesse’s actions publicly , like illegally lying to the police that we were in any way harassing anyone at our protest, also demonstrates an admission of guilt. Not happy to keep on this, but it has been needed for the truth and warning for other young men.

                7. Been listening for a few years now.

                  Jesse used to make so much sense.

                  He exposed so much,
                  and caused me to see things in a fresh way.

                  I would fall asleep to the old Bond Sermons,
                  Been hearing y’all’s voices over the years,
                  Feel like I know y’all…
                  Pat, Fabian, & Bible Go to Guy.
                  That’s why I believe these accusations.

                  I wouldn’t judge Jesse if he hadn’t been speaking out SO HARD against LGBTQIA…
                  If he hadn’t been exploiting gay preachers & priests on the Fallen State…
                  Gay Pride parade,
                  Straight Pride parade,
                  If he hadn’t been pushin this BETA Male thing so much..

                  What’s crazy is,
                  Right now…
                  There’s a huge Social Media personality named “Jack Murphy”,
                  His whole platform is about being Alpha Male,
                  and he just got exposed for doing live gay porn on a website!
                  Everyone is making memes from the video
                  It really is the darnest most unexpected thing…
                  This happened right as these Jesse accusations have surfaced, and I can’t believe Jack Murphy has been topped! (no pun intended)

                  It’s too much,
                  people not living authentically & preaching hypocritically.
                  It just ruins the whole message.

                  It’s making me think of Jesus’ words more clearly.
                  Before you can tell someone what they shouldn’t be doing,
                  you shouldn’t be doing it too..
                  Judge not lest you should be judged doesn’t mean we shouldn’t judge..
                  It means don’t call someone on they shit unless you ready to be called out on yours!
                  All the interviews,
                  All the press conferences,
                  All the media appearances,
                  Give someone a little fame and you’ll see how pure they really are.
                  It’s okay judge others, if you are prepared to be judged on the same accord.

                  But in a way this has freed me.
                  I was just being straight up rude & distant to my family.
                  I’ve been judging all Women to have promiscuous inclinations & thinking them evil.

                  The one spiritual influence I FINALLY trusted on how to live free & do it right has been having gay sex for over 10 years.
                  This dude live free because his conscience is seared like a Flat Iron Steak.

                  If Jesse really “touches” vulnerable Men, when they’re looking for Spiritual guidance, and says
                  “this is what father’s do”…
                  You know how people incorrectly use words or over-emphasize to prove a point?
                  To me…this is actually despicable.
                  It makes me sick.

                  When I see his face I literally get the Creeps now.
                  When I used to love his face as a Grandpa or something.

                  I don’t know what I’m saying on here.

                  I believe this testimony,
                  Because you can’t just make up these details,
                  Because Pat was Jesse closet advisor,
                  And I’ve been listening to Pat input on the sermons I feel like I know his heart…

                  Then again,
                  I thought I knew Jesse’s heart.


                  I am underestimating the serial insanity of someone posing as Patrick & making all this up.

                  The whole Christianese is making me sick too.
                  Christians have a way of wording things that is revolved around ‘Blessings’ & Fluffy speech.
                  The whole,
                  God’s healing this & that stuff…
                  God is so mysterious,
                  Christianese is always trying to speak on what God is doing,
                  We have no real clue on what He’s doing…
                  He’s toooooo Great!
                  If you are clearly seeing fruit or feeling conviction (Christianese lol), I get it…I really do,
                  But we should stop inserting our finite perceptions into what GOD
                  …come on guys
                  …What GOD!…Is doing.
                  The maker of the atom & universe.
                  It’s all making me shake my head.

                  The purple haired, tattooed, feminist, is more Honest about who she really is, and is living authentically.
                  She took the time to explore herself and is trying to live honestly.
                  Problem is she is trying to put her own shame on society, pressuring others to affirm her.
                  But at least portrays her actual self,
                  I respect that!
                  She’s not waisting anyone’s time.

                  I had never heard of Roy Masters till now…
                  I can clearly see all of Jesse’s little statements and principles are just ripped off Roy Masters!
                  What the!
                  man not giving him credit?!

                    1. Please to meet you Pat.

                      I’m actually a young dude just seeking the truth about life.
                      Up until a few days ago,
                      I kept a playlist of all my fav sermons,
                      and just really preferred the Old ones!
                      Yall would make me laugh,
                      all the personalities.
                      Like Gold I cherished the messages,
                      Wanted to DVD burn them so I could get through the apocalypse (jk).

                      Now I can see through a lot.

                      The one thing I’m taking away is:
                      – You have to seek the Holy Spirit for yourself because it’s a personal journey
                      – I’m convinced Anger puts you in the Devil’s territory.
                      – Don’t be a scared whimpy Man

                      But idk now about this whole:
                      – not judging yourself,
                      – all Women are evil…
                      (I can see why they are so evil to him now).
                      – The ‘coming to the Father’ thing,
                      (I get The Spiritual Order of Family,
                      But something’s not right about his take on being Born of the Woman & Having Her Nature vs. Born Again through the Father…)
                      – Forgiving your parents,
                      (I get it, But I don’t think that’s the magic solution, nor everyone’s problem)

                      My concern is with the production boys..
                      Nick, Joel, & Chris.
                      Because They are all around my age,
                      And similar to me.
                      I always noticed Joel wouldn’t fully cave into Jesse viewpoints,
                      And was sad to see him move on,
                      But I can see why now.

                      And I don’t want to speculate,
                      But Hake seem like he been preyed upon.
                      I’ve seen him come along way from the old sermons
                      …but somethin ain’t lookin right there.

                      It hit me hard,
                      But I’m okay now.
                      No one’s perfect,
                      And we can’t idolize anyone.
                      They could be full of beans.

                      But our of all of this…
                      I am absolutely AMAZED (Amazing)
                      At how you can just live a double life to this extent!
                      I literally cannot comprehend it,

                      ..And I completely understand why you had to get this out of your system.

                      I know you TRULY love God because on this one…
                      I know it was difficult to share before others,
                      But you wanted to live AUTHENTICALLY.

                      Do this real Christian Life.

                      Man I just wanna go back to the basics…
                      Read my Word,
                      PRAY OUT LOUD TALK TO GOD IF I WANT TO,
                      And just Enjoy God’s Spirit.
                      Which gives life Flavor.

                      Best of Luck in all your endeavors,
                      I Sincerely wish you & your family a great life.

                      1. “Smookum”,

                        You are one blessed man (I’m assuming you’re a man, right?–you may have said and I’m working fast this am)…

                        Your level of perception is sharp.

                        Time to start your own “church”!

                        Stay in touch,


                      2. Smookum

                        You have more wisdom and discernment than most people your age. What a pleasure it was to read both of your messages, literally put a smile on my face and filled me up with hope.

                        I am an ex bond member myself and as Jesse would say a wicked woman. Well this wicked woman had literally the same revelations you described on your messages. I have been talking to other Bond women and we’ve all realized how we have been filled with guilt, shame and fear (of doing evil) because we have been convinced that we are evil. We got it so ingrained in our heads that we are evil, to the extend that we are having a difficult time recognizing the damage that message has done. It is our own responsibility to figure it out and deprogram our minds from the garbage of such hateful teaching. The way Roy taught it was different and not inducing hate or disrespect towards women.

                        Not to mention that the men living at the bond house were/are either single or childless. So who has Jesse been rebuilding men for? Definitely not for women it seems.

                        Either way I could go on with other revelations but I highly recommend you listen to Roy Masters’ son’s latest speech. He touches on this situation and I am sure the message will get to your core. It sure got to mine.

                        Wishing you and all the men who are coming out and supporting Patrick and the others, strength and faith. Some of the Ex bond women sent messages asking for Jesse to address the allegations and as usual we were dismissed and accused of engaging in gossip and told that we are full of condemnation. Those who can see clearly, it feels like we have stepped into another dimension. When we first got Jesse’s message it was an awakening but this is more like a “real boom” other worldly experience!

                        Do you love Black people? Do you love white people? Yes I love everyone and true love means we care. We care about you guys’ pain and it doesn’t matter one bit if Jesse’s teachings helped me at one point in my life! How selfish to think that way! …. “Well he helped me but he wronged you too bad” that’s the attitude I’ve read over and over from Jesse’s followers; such an anti Christian and self absorbed way of seeing all this.
                        Jesse has discredited himself by listening to his daddy Satan and doing despicable acts. I do not hate him, just wish him to stop abusing his power and leading people astray.

                        Peace and love to all! God Bless

                        Using another name because I was already attacked by Jesse’s followers.

                  1. Shmookie, you make some good points but i think you’re missing an important one. None of these people are real question, maybe in word and theory they’ve been but they all admit the last 20-25 years they’ve been living and giving into illicit sex, cheating, adultery, lies, cover up & complicity. They are claiming they are just now beginning to take a born again new path; patrick by coming clean about his sexual multi-year extra-marital affair and Martin being born again because he added meditation to his evening routine. Not sure about fabian but he seems like he’s been on some kind of mission for revenge with Jesse. Regardless they all seem like they want to become christians and are just now attempting to redeem themselves with God and believe that shutting down Jesse and his audience and congregation is the access needed for them to be redeemed, as well as save other souls. Personally, i’m grappling with their approach, it doesn’t make sense to because i’m not hearing them repent themselves (Patrick has a bit, but not martin or fabian.). Anyhow, that’s my two cents.

                    1. Thank you, Walter, you at least seem to be keeping an open mind, and that’s all anyone can ask for. One correction, though: “Shutting down Jesse and his audience and congregation” has nothing to with our redemption (at least that’s how I see it), that is between us and God. We are simply exposing the truth, so that people can see the clear deception in front of them, and to expose other danger, which includes a credible allegation against Jesse within approx the last MONTH. I had always wanted to put out my message and move on, but Jesse’s actions in response have made that impossible. And I had always kept his name out of this until this last post–once I’d found out about the new allegation, which happened AFTER I had already posted 5 articles about this! To NOT put out his name at this point–to me–would be negligent.

                    2. I am not sure why you are drawing conclusions that I am seeking revenge Walter, and that I haven’t repented in my lief when you do not know me. It is always easy to drawing conclusions that the intellect will imagine in our minds, but is it fair? I have no reason nor motivation to seek revenge on anyone as I know, “vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay.” I didn’t ask for this fight, but Martin saw it as right for him, so I wanted to help.It is the least we can do, all of us as former bond supporters.
                      My life is growing well and I am blessed with a peace that has been obtained from wanting it more than delusions that I had…real humility blessing. Sometimes we have delusions that we do not see, and for me it took my friend Roy Masters to simply and gently point it out a few years back, then my real spiritual growth could restart and I am always very grateful for that!
                      I believe some people have a hard time with this exposee of a very real sociopath, which I actually see as a psychopath too, is they tend to not really take strong stands in life, and if they do, often it is with anger. So that naturally is projected onto us, because they do not know differently personally. Not fair but also not controllable by many. We all need that centered objectivity that only real silent prayer brings us.

                  2. Shmookie, you make some good points but i think you’re missing an important one. None of these people are real Christians, maybe in theory they’ve been, but they all admit the last 20-25 years they’ve been not living christ-centered ways and instead engaging in illicit sex, cheating, adultery, lies, cover up & complicity to spiritual crime, etc. They are claiming they are just now beginning born again & on new path; patrick by coming clean about his sexual multi-year extra-marital gay affair and Martin being born again because he added meditation to his evening routine. Not sure about fabian but he seems to claim he of pure heart & deed. Regardless, of their pasts they all seem like they want to become true christians now, and are attempting to redeem themselves with God by exposing the sins of JLP & shutting down his organization & church, as well as save other souls in the congregation of jlp. Personally, i’m grappling with their approach, it doesn’t make sense to because i’m not hearing them repent & take responsibility for who they have been in the whole melodrama and instead pinning 100% of responsibility on JLP. Patrick has taken some accountability, but not Martin. Martin says he starting a new meditation regime and had an awakening to jlp being a demon but he hasn’t taken any real responsibility for his part over 25 years of being compliant & complicit. it shouldn’t matter whether he was conscious or unconscious at the time, he stil played his part as a partner in crime as a close friend and #1 supporter and & is 100% responsible and should confess & repent publicly, but as of now, he has not and is only pointing fingers. Anyhow, that’s my two cents.

                    1. Walter, FYI, I’m leaving this reply up too, even though it repeats much of your first, since I’ve already replied to the other. Sorry about my system–it’s a bit delayed, so sometimes people think their comment didn’t get through. BTW, there are some comments I don’t approve at all since they’re just off the wall attacks with no redeeming purpose. Regarding Martin, I believe he has repented of supporting Jesse’s dark deeds. He was one of the few who are around Jesse, and who had the courage to respond to me. When I heard him, I could tell immediately that he had gone through a serious change, and had clearly renounced his old “life.”

                      1. Patrick just seeing this after indent this new comment but thanks. and yes, i thought my comment didn’t send initially so i resent but i guess it was just the delay. you can remove my first one of it’s redundant. thanks for your perspective on Martin. I do see it differently but at the end of the day that’s for him to get flat with for himself.

                    2. Last point. Martin admitted to buying porn online for jlp and i think even alluded to watching it himself, but he didn’t admit to being the enabler, complicit and equally guilty in the spiritual crime. I mean, is the drug pusher anymore innocent than the drug user? No! The pusher of drugs has much stiffer consequences in a court of law than does the user, and for good reason. The user is sick but the evil pusher provides a life line to the sickness and thus the user become more diseased. Martin wasn’t an underaged clueless young boy in all this, he is and was a grown adult man with the title-“Bible Go To Guy”. He held the role and responsibility of representing the BIBLE, Jesus and christian values in the entire congregation over decades and he acted proud of that role and title. In many respects in the congregation he held the same spiritual weight as the minister! Or something equivalent to an assistant minister. As far as i’m concerned MARTIN HAS ZERO MORAL RIGHT TO BE POINTING FINGERS RIGHT NOW. He should not be representing truth, when he’s been a first class deceiver as bad, or worse, as the person he’s pointing his finger at. It’s worse because HE KNEW, enabled and went along quietly. You all need to confront that you all enabled this whole thing for decades and you all now acting morally outraged is absurd. A lot of people, including myself smelled something not right and we stopped attending, stopped enabling. you made a different choice and now your blaming outter circumstances and other people for your own dumb life choices. If you go and buy a used car and the salesman cons you and sells you a lemon and with no refund or warranty. That’s your dumbness. Learn from it and move on. Do what you want but this could be an opportunity to man up, look in the mirror, tell the truth on YOURSELF, take 100% responsibility for your flaws, failures, deceptions, pretenses, hiding, and hypocrisy because from over here it looks like Martin is screaming loud about JLP in order to take the attention off himself. Maybe he doesn’t realize he’s doing that, but that’s what’s happening. He’s deflecting his own guilty-ness and skirting accountability. He needs to put himself in a spiritual time out/prison and figure out where he went wrong for the last 3 decades of deceiving others and hiding behind a bible. He holds zero moral authority to be schooling anyone on their wrongs, when he’s been misleading the whole congregation of sincere seekers for decades. That is being the worst kind of hypocrit and using the bible as a shield of deception. My dad always said, “never trust a man who carry’s around a bible.” I don’t know about fabian, but Martin needs to shut it down and do some serious soul searching of what is wrong with himself. With the exception of Patrick, this “calling out” of one deceiver (Martin) on another (jlp), wreaks of hypocrisy. Enough said.

                      1. Thanks, Walter. From my vantage point, Martin is certainly guilty as we all were–no argument. I have heard him freely admit to these flaws though. I don’t believe that should mean that he has lost the right to call Jesse out as well, particularly as he is a pastor… My two cents here… Martin may have a few more cents to add 🙂

                8. I think all of you are ridiculous. Patrick, you act like a child with your lame posts. It’s almost like you want to be seen as this amazing writer. Instead you come off as a nutcase who is obsessed with Jesse.

                  Get a life. Mind your own business, and seek mental help. What’s your point in all of this.? You, Fabian, Martin, and that Armenian guy should focus your energy elsewhere. The proof is in the pudding-you’re lame.

                    1. No, I am not afraid to use my real name. But, I honestly think that what you’re doing is a disgrace. Jesse’s life is not your problem to solve. What he does, did, or will do is not something you have control over. Just keep reminding yourself that if your accusations are true; you engaged in the the sin as a grown man because of your choice and your desire to explore with the same sex.

                      However, I highly doubt this is even real. I don’t know Jesse personally but I do attend his church online and listen to his show. I think he is great. I know God uses Jesse to reach people who are so lost in their ways, like the Armenian guy who likes to talk about other people’s “experiences” with Jesse. Talk about staying in your lane huh…..

                      Anyway, just know God sees the heart. And in my opinion and the opinion of a lot of people, your actions are not rendering any good.

                      God bless.

                      1. You’re still not using your name. You don’t have to, of course, but why say you’re not afraid to use your name and then not use it? Seems odd. Anyway, there is a credible allegation made against Jesse within the past month! This is AFTER at least 5 of my articles came out! Would you prefer we just ignore that, since “Jesse doesn’t sin”?

                      2. The big problem here is the collection of testimonies and the FACT that Jesse has spoken and apologized to Patrick and his family. Hello! That, along with silence publicly, which is Jesse’s lame attempt to help people have doubts about what happened, makes him a low life liar. If he had any shame he would do for the public what he has done for Patrick’s family, but I don’t think he has any. As the other person just where, his conscience has been “seared like a flat iron steak”! And those attacking the messengers rather than being objective and investing into a little research, simply do not want to see that they have been fooled, and they don’t want to consequently do the brave thing and stand up to the false teacher.

                  1. And none ya,
                    Our motives are obvious to moral souls…to make sure the public is warned and that a false presentation of Jesus is exposed and shamed. We are following the example of Jesus, and Jesse’s collection of much money from the public, conning them wittingly or not, that he was like Jesus free of anger and sinning, that is at least as bad as what the low lifes were doing in front of the temple ripping off people which caused Jesus to kick there asses!

                9. While it is true that you were one of the first to call out Jesse for not being what he said he was years ago how does that vindication feel? And yet that ability to see Jesse for what he was and is did not keep you from marrying a crazy woman with kids.
                  Lots of people can see others but to see yourself is a whole Nother ball game. The difficulty of doing the observation exercise for 40 minutes to an hour is being able to put up with the dullness of your own mind. If you can suffer yourself you will reap the benefits.

                  1. Well, yes true. I had a hidden underneath emotion/anger for bullies that actually caused me to make errors unknown to me at the time. I had a great blessing miracle visitation that I had told you about, but I allowed the devil’s idea that it was indeed complete salvation. And with the idea and sort of push to be that way as bond…I accepted it…my bad. So while I remained with a blessing and good vision, I also was partly blinded. That blessing did keep me fairly safe even when I married the wrong woman, but I was not able to see at that time that I had no business marrying her. Live and learn! A weight was lifted off of me when my good friend Roy Masters told me rather gently, that he saw emotions underneath my calm exterior. That was all it took for my life to again take off on the Path. Thank God and Roy. And yes, a longer silent prayer/ meditation is also helpful , thank you.

                  2. It really doesn’t make me feel anything Martin, I know better. It is a blessing to see inwardly lies of my mind and then others, more and more. I am just glad this thing is turned into a good for so many.

                10. Jesse is awesome . i do not believe these claims . Even if they are real how can you as a grown man have sex with another man for 10 years ???? you are gay bud no doubt

                  1. His question to you is not the same question to Jesse. He accuses you of being a homosexual but not Jesse. He is brainwashed it is clear.

                11. Dear folks, My name is RobertC. And I have been knowing Jesse and Patrick for a few years. And I must tell you I fell for the trick of thinking I was a part of a Godly organization. And I believed this man for over 20 years. I believed in this man so hard that I destroyed my marriage and lost siblings and friends. I was a hard-core believer thinking I was so correct in my following this man. Im not mad at him, Im angry at myself, and I don’t care if I use the word anger. Jesse made the word “anger” and believing your “thoughts” a negative in your life. I could care less if what if anything he was saying helped me or other folks. It was what he was doing all along while doing it. I personally dont see any love in what he was doing. It was all smoke and mirrors. It was a front from the beginning. If Jesse up until this last encounter a few weeks back is true, even after Patricks latest articles. This man is a deviant. A liar, a sexual predator, all a front.
                  And Im sorry folks, the ones that new him the longest ,Patrick and the Bible go to man and a few others new this while he was proping himself up as a master in his field. Patrick and the Bible go to man, Jesse just used his ability for you folks to continue in your sins,(as was I). Im not blaming Jesse for none of this, when I new it was wrong. I committed Adultery and was into porn big-time. Even while listening to his radio show. I was conned into believing dont worry about your sins ,dont judge it, just wait on God. What a crock of BS. All it did was allow me to continue in my sin without me feeling guily..Now thats a cunning trick of satan. Patrick you were way into your Adulthood and I dont blame Jesse for you committing these evil acts with him. All Jesse did was make you not think it was a bad thing to do. He just awakened your desires to do these acts.
                  For instance why would you allow a man to sleep in the same bed with you if you did not have those desires yourself. I would have slepted on the couch or floor. Why would you allow a man to have his genitals even close to you. Even the Bible answer man said out of his own mouth as he was staying with Jesse he would get sexual content or Porn for Jesse, while at the same time getting his own satisfaction in veiwing them.
                  And then go on the Radio show and give us his knowledge of the Bible.
                  Patrick you want to say that it was Jesse’s fault for abusing you, that would work if you were underage, but you were in your late twentys and did this act for several years. While doing the radio show. No sir,just like im held accountable, so were you and the Bible answer man.
                  And let’s be clear, the word “Sex and Adultery” is between a man and woman, not with man and man, woman and woman.

                  Those acts are absolutely deviant acts against God period. The question I here so often is why now come out with this. To save the day and force Jesus to shut down his organization.
                  You folks have been knowing this for years. You want to know why, because you enjoyed your part in this yourself, you were into this stuff, like I was. I could not help myself just like Jesse cannot help himself.
                  I lost my wife, but and Amazing thing has happened, she came to Indy for a funeral and she came by to visit me. We talked for a couple of hours.
                  I also had the chance to apologize and make amends.
                  It was a pleasant conversation. My wife is still a prideful woman and still will not admit her her guilt in this marriage.
                  My job is to do what is right no matter what. And hope my walk will gain her trust in myself.
                  After all God is God, is he not.
                  She still wants a divorce, but I did the right thing.
                  I pointed the finger at myself alone. I was at fault.
                  I alowed another man into my marriage and for that I lost my wife.
                  I ask God to bring my wife back to me. He may or he may not.
                  As for Jesse and his church, I want nothing to do with him or his church or his advise. I was in a Cult plain and simple, and Im not ever again going to allow a man to direct my life.
                  And that includes Roy Masters.
                  Patrick, I love you and you are blessed to have a wife that loves you.
                  You need to concentrate on making that a better marriage and not get so ingrossed in what Jesse has done to you and is still doing.
                  Yes, shutting down the organization may ease your pain,and you may feel better in doing so..But God is in control. Trump was brought in to put light to the darkness.
                  The difference is that Trump was not apart of the mess.
                  He was a man like other men, fallible.
                  You folks on the other hand want to point fingers, and not get burnt yourselves.
                  You and all the folks that knew this ,are just at fault as Jesse is.
                  Now that I know the truth, I must make anends to my family and ask for forgiveness.
                  As for Jesse I forgive him.
                  And Im moving on and live life as a Man should do.
                  And hope that as long as I do what is right no matter what I will be fine.
                  Jesus, is absolutely the only way.
                  Not through any man whether it be Jesse, Roy,Trump,etc.
                  Patrick and Martin Francis ,if this is where God is taking you, then follow it.
                  I love you.
                  God bless all of you.
                  RobertC ☕

                  1. Yes Robert, many fell and some are still falling for Jesse’s scam who I believe is scammed himself by his demon of sexually perverse fakery. And of course Jesse’s teaching for all these years that the only sin is anger allowed people like you to feel better in sin, and himself. A most despicable excuse and people should have seen that he was a false teacher just from that.
                    The only reason we have went public is because Jesse would not, and he is simply not going to keep doing his homosexual predatory stuff behind the scenes without public knowledge on our watch. Simple. He has gotten away with “murder” for many years and it needed to be air out for all to see, as he is supposedly a representative of Jesus and God…not! He is a low life scumbag, but yes, we must always keep our eyes primarily on ourselves always. And Roy always promoted our own intuition and refused to give much specific personal advice at all, he was all about teaching people to separate from the intellect and the still is doing that with Roy gone to heaven. By the way, Patrick has in his writings very much owned up to his part in all of this and how it took place spiritually. Never the less, Jesse has been manipulating men by his position, and that his a dastardly thing to do.
                    Take care,

                  2. Dear Robert (and all my friends),

                    Thank for putting your whole heart into this letter, and there is so much truth here. I am further shamed by wha you have said, as I know that four fingers are always pointing back at me. I urge anyone who is involved in this, to always keep your eyes on yourself, and be open to see what weakness in YOU was exploited by another person.

                    The most important thing in this life is our SOUL, and this is the only thing we take out of this life. Never forget that, and never let the Devil–working in your own mind or heart–or through an outside vessel–destroy your soul.

                    But that does NOT mean that we don’t have a responsibility to expose evil in all its forms–inside and out. I have now put this story out in the most clear and comprehensive way possible. I’ve put out as much as I can. I fully understand that for those who do not want to see, no evidence could possibly be enough. Yet, for those who do see, they knew almost as soon as they began reading that I was telling the truth.

                    So we DO have a responsibility to expose evil on the outside of us. We just need to be ever watchful–as I have had to be with myself–not to let our efforts to seek justice consume us. Justice can become revenge–depending on the state of our heart and mind.

                    As much as I’d like to forget about all of this and completely “move on,” I still have to watch what is going on, and be ready to assist in this cause to whatever degree God deems necessary.

                    Robert, knowing you has been such a blessing in my life that I can’t even describe it. I love you, and the God who shines through you.

                    I wish all of you well, even those who’s actions have tempted me to fall and to cause great pain in my family (which we are healing from daily, thank God!). I hope that anyone who has been similarly tempted and who has fallen will be open to the same kind of healing. I have already seen miracles–on a DAILY basis!

                    I wish you all God’s discernment, and God’s peace.



                  3. If you really want to get over any hang up any sin you must religiously do the observation / meditation exercise taught by Roy Masters.
                    The exercise will make you bold beyond your own strength. I have not seen any great light when I close my eyes and practice the observation technique I have not heard or been visited by angels. I only see a dullness within me I see nothing happening and yet
                    over the last eight months finally doing the exercise for 40 minutes to an hour I have found a piece and a courage that I never had before and there is no way I can put anything together to point to that as the reason. Now I routinely and frequently confess all the things that I have been doing wrong and it makes me even less fearless to take on anybody about anything. 40 years of sexual corruption is gone like it never existed. I always suspect someone is lying if they say they are doing Roy’s observation exercise morning and night for 40 minutes to an hour and yet they are as corrupt as when they started.
                    This Robert Campbell fellow is still mourning over the loss of his wife. Why? You sound like a lonely puppy. There is a peace that defies all understanding. And you won’t find it just getting back with your wife. You should’ve at least learned that by now.

                  4. Jesse always says to watch it, and it won’t go away. You actually end up doing it more.

                    I was addicted to the Internet for a long time, the porn crap . I didn’t sit by and watch it, I said, you know what? Gods right here right now with me in this moment, and then I said please correct me and show me why I am searching here!! And it may be something different for you, but for me, being corrected in the moment was what I needed! I didn’t need to sit back and keep watching and letting myself do what was not good for me. This was over 10 years ago. That was before I ever found Jesse, so I knew when he said that that it was so wrong.

                    It’s like going to forgive somebody before you know God. You don’t have anything to give LOL. But after your saved, God flood you with forgiveness, you finally understand forgiveness, and you want to give it out, you don’t hold anger anymore. But with Jesse, it’s the opposite, he wants you to get saved by forgiving. I think it’s the opposite.
                    For me, the worst what is the teachings on women.
                    I know a few other girls who left, and they felt so low about themselves for a while. The guys should put themselves in our shoes, every time you open your mouth, chat lights up, calling the women devils… etc . That’s not Church, that’s high school! It is become bullying. There’s absolutely nothing he has nice to say about women in any video on the Internet that he has done.
                    I’m thankful I quit, but I also would like him to come forward because he needs to clarify his mission statement.
                    If he is rebuilding the man for the woman, why do they warn the men to stay away from the women who go to church there? I don’t want to hold onto this too long, but I would also like to see justice served, remember proverbs 11 one I believe it is, God hates just honest scales .
                    He is not mocked and he fixes things

                    1. These are excellent points, Bb: 1. I too made the mistake of “watching my sins”–for years! As I kept doing them! 2. GOING to forgive (a big Jesse teaching) FIRST did not work at all for me, and I agree it makes no sense. As you say, when you forgive in your heart first, you WANT to go and unburden someone else. Jesse even told me that in regards to his mother, he supposedly forgave in his heart FIRST, and then went to see her–not what he teaches. Honestly, I have to question if he ever DID forgive his mother, after seeing all I’ve seen.

                12. Jesse Lee Peterson has been my good friend of mine for nearly three decades.
                  He has been kind to me and my family without exception.
                  He has helped me, especially during some very tough times in my life.
                  Accordingly, I have donated regularly to his church and it’s endeavors.
                  However, I have also known the author, Patrick Rooney, for just as long.
                  He has also been a good friend to me and my family.
                  That being said, from what I have read, he has no hard evidence (proof) that any of what he has stated in his series of articles is true.
                  It is, of course, up to the reader to decide whether or not Patrick Rooney is a vindictive liar or is actually telling the truth regarding these allegations.
                  I have spoken with Jesse Lee Peterson directly on the phone concerning this matter.
                  I’ve also spoken on the phone with the author of these articles, Patrick Rooney, concerning these allegations.
                  With all that being said, I believe Patrick Rooney.
                  Simply put, he just wouldn’t lie about this and has no motive to do so.
                  I think anyone who actually knows Pat would agree.
                  At the same time, ironically, I still consider Jesse Peterson a friend of mine and hold no animosity towards him whatsoever, which I believe gives me objectivity on this issue.
                  I have done a lot of reflecting on this matter.
                  I have been careful not to fall into my thoughts and emotions as is always the temptation.
                  I am not an avid reader of the Bible.
                  However, a Bible verse keeps coming to me while I’ve been contemplating this issue:
                  “. . . Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”, Matthew 25:40.
                  In other words, if Jesse did this deplorable act with Patrick, it’s the same as if it had been done with me.
                  It’s the same as if it had been done with one of my family members or even to the person reading this comment.
                  It gives me great sorrow in my heart to say that Jesse Lee Peterson is disqualified to lead any congregation that describes itself as Christian.

                  1. I understand Brian, but it also is several other witnesses coming forward, plus words that do not come from a minister blessed with grace, that throughout the years have caused much anger against Jesse. Of course that was all in his demon’s plan so he could believe they were all hating him for some goodness.
                    Astute people could hear that Jesse was lying about being free of sin and anger, because commonsense shows us that such people are very fluid and bright in speech. Jesse still stammers and can barely read a news story, after like 30 years of doing a show. Lack of confidence…faith. His sin of dumbing does publicly real salvation is at least as bad as the sexual ones.
                    Take care,
                    P.S. I have no sympathy for Jesse neither do I feel any anger. He is to self righteous lying hypocrite in the name of Jesus and that is a horrible way to be, but I have no idea if he will ever repent.

                13. Thank you Patrick and true true. I called out Jesse years ago publicly as a spiritual vampire and of course my attempt at helping to wake you up to the unholy control he had over you and others, was met by a vicious and false legal attack by him. I saw he was not at all free of sinning, so therefore his organization was built on a lie. I had a tiger by the tail and swung it around a bit too much for sure, my bad there, but the fight was and is a right one. Of course I had no knowledge of how bad it actually turned with the homosexual predator stuff. Clearly I was onto more than I knew.
                  And Roy’s rediscovery of silent prayer has a really saved tone and voice to it, which is vital. That obviously now always was missing with Jesse’s plagiarized version, and now it is basically a hypnosis relaxation technique. Very dangerous.
                  Thank you and God is awesome!

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