My name is Patrick Rooney. I’m the Founder of Old School™. This site chronicles my life-long experience with natural health, fitness, and lifestyle.

I’ve had a lot of health challenges, injuries, and surgeries too—and more comebacks than Madonna… So I can help you avoid some trouble.

I designed Greek Yoga™ over the years, when I had to do my own physical therapy after lung surgeries that bent my body sideways like a question mark. This led me to create a super-useful and user-friendly video: Greek Yoga™ for Beginners.

I’m available for health and fitness consulting worldwide via phone and Zoom. I can help you get lean and athletic, even as the years advance!

This site discusses old school health and fitness primarily, when they were done right, at least for the most part. It also encompasses the simple, rewarding, independent old school lifestyle and culture, which some of us actually remember (I’m closing in on 60!).

On this site you will see my blog posts on old school health, fitness, and lifestyle. You may even notice me posting here and there on old school culture.

You can also check out my new Old School™ Podcast, where I’m beginning to interview people who have done something with their lives, especially people whose knowledge and experience can make your life healthier, more successful, and freer.

Old School is a way of life, and a great one at that! I urge you to check out this lifestyle. You may become hooked!

To your new life in the Old School!


Patrick Rooney, Founder

Old School™