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There is a “Christian” minister and old friend of mine whose works are beginning to receive scrutiny.

And perhaps not surprisingly, he is increasingly explaining to his congregation that the only “real” sin is anger.

Is anger a serious sin? You bet. No argument on that.

Does anger lead to physical sins, and does removing that anger tend to also remove physical sins? Yes, that is true.

So do our physical sins not matter, particularly sexual sins that affect other people and their families? Obviously they do matter–they matter a LOT!

Surely, anyone can see that and I don’t need to go into further examples today. I have thoroughly covered this ground in past posts.

A conversation from God…

This week I spoke to a woman who attends the “church” of my old friend who became corrupt. She’d asked to speak with me, and since I could sense her sincerity, I agreed to talk.

I was blessed by the conversation, and she said that she was too. We spoke of several things, but the core message kept returning…

She–like many others I’ve heard from since this current journey began–was very appreciative of the key message I have been delivering, and she framed it quite well: “DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUST IN MAN–TRUST GOD ALONE.”

We will never go astray following this message.

That message was from God.

Before speaking to this woman, I had spent the better part of several days trying to construct a comprehensive message to you about why I believe my old friend may have gone astray. But the message contained too much of my own gripes, and it was too hard to complete.

The message wasn’t from God.

My conversation with this woman was–I believe–God’s way of telling me that I was off track–that I was beginning to get sucked back into the anger trap, as another friend, Alan, had tried to warn me of before. Another old friend, John, has been warning me of the same thing. Thank you, guys!

I am grateful for that message. In exposing the misdeeds of others, we always must remain aware of our own misdeeds–even or particularly our own role in others’ misdeeds.

I’m really beginning to understand that I’ve had a message to deliver, and it has a purpose to free people. I must be like a surgeon–carrying out the work that does include the disclosure of wrongdoing by others–yet taking care not to participate in any form of wrongdoing while I’m delivering that message!

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll… and EVIL

In my conversation with the woman from my old friend’s “church,” I explained to her how physical sins in and of themselves are dangerous, and serve to LOWER OUR CONSCIOUSNESS–thereby laying the groundwork for EVIL TO ENTER US DIRECTLY.

I mentioned some of my frightening experiences with this growing up, and encouraged her to check out my series on this (Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL). I know I have including these links often, but I will do so again here, as they are so appropriate to the topic of the absolute seriousness of physical sin…

Part I

Part II

Part III

She understood what I meant about physical sin in and of itself lowering our consciousness, and she has experienced this in her own life, as we all have, really.

In the case of sexual sin, it is a sin against our own bodies (the temple of the Spirit), and a grievous sin when done with others–particularly others who are vulnerable in one way or another.

My old friend is certainly aware of this. Yet, he continues to “double down” and avoid the issue.

I believe two things are going on here. One is that the Devil has convinced him that it’s okay to go on sinning, as long as you believe that God has “cleaned your heart,” and apparently one day by and by will get around to cleaning up your mind and body!

The second reason my old friend is minimizing the devastating effects of physical sin is simply because deep down he knows he is guilty–we are all guilty when we use grace as a license to indulge our selfishness and corruption.

He knows on some level that he cannot continue acting as a minister of God to a congregation that needs truth while HE HIMSELF is a sinner! But he dares not acknowledged that to himself–or at least I believe that he hasn’t up until now.

So I fully expect my old friend to continue in this deception–which is coming straight out of Hell! And those who cling to him and their own desire to indulge their sins while God “cleans their heart” will continue in that dangerous deception too.

I certainly believe that it is possible that God may have given this ministry to my old friend as he claims. He has a gift of wisdom, and of explaining the healing power of forgiveness.

Yet I warn him that Lucifer was the brightest angel at one time–before his pride caused a great fall.

…That Solomon was the wisest man on earth–before he foolishly gave his body over to the pleasures of the flesh, and allowed his wives to worship other gods.

God gives us all talents–it’s how we USE them that matters.

I truly hope that my friend repents to God–perhaps he has, as he has said… But also comes clean to his congregation. I know that he helped me sin against my body–the temple of the spirit–and against my family.

And I know that he has tempted or caused others to sin too. Some have spoken to me since I started publishing these messages. There may be others we may never know about. I believe that God will bring to light what is necessary.

Wrong is wrong, and we need to stop pretending it isn’t so.

As for myself, I am putting one foot in front of the other every day, knowing that–despite my imperfections–God has His hand on me, and will continue correcting and blessing me, my family, and all those who seek His grace.

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31 thoughts on “CHANGING the DEFINITION of SIN”

  1. Guy who condemns guvment handouts operates an IRS 501 c3 guvment nonprofit organization. Has tax exempt status. Hasn’t been able to get new building in 30 years. Why his members go along with his racist rants about The Blatts is shameful. Fact is Blacks are Americans. Jesse uniting the racists for profit. Sinless Perfectionism indeed. Jesse has mother issues that he projects on everything. Guy is dangerous because he won’t accept correction .

    1. Thank you, Paul. Regarding the race issue, there is clearly not something right here. There is a truthful component, mixed with something that is not intended to actually UNITE the races, but to cause further division. Same spirit is involved with the man-woman issue. I believe it is an element that Satan has thrown in, that Jesse is not fully aware of.

    2. MeToo fake allegations

      Not paying taxes to big daddy government is not a handout from the governement. It’s just the government staying in its own lane. Jesse speaks the truth about the blacks, and you know it. Who else tells the truth like he does? No one. Everybody is a coward. They would speak about anything else, except blacks, homosexuals and women. You people better accept that you can’t get to him.

  2. Patrick, I commend you for your work. As you would expect, you are going to sound like the bad guy to some, but that’s how it is most of the time when you speak the truth. You will be hated for it for some odd reason. The bottom line is simple, this Minister has no right to carry that title. Some around him pretend that’s totally okay to have this person preach as if they forgot what they have been taught by the same minister. Morality and truthfulness. I could say our church is divided now and shame on those who found a way to condone this behavior and go back and attend this person’s preaching.

  3. Good man Pat, once in a while we find ourselves in a situation where two people who do not agree with each other are actually both correct. The minister is right and so are you.

    The only reason why fornication is considered to be a sin against your own body is because in regards to the regular vice or sin there’s no one else that can confess on your behalf – if you drink or do drugs on your own and keep it to yourself no one will ever know, if your vice is murder and you keep it to yourself no one will ever testify against you unless you are caught, if your vice is eating junk food no one is going to bring it up to God for you, etc.

    If you fornicate however, there’s a chance that the person you are fornicating with might confess. But a person being accused of fornication can easily go to their grave without ever admitting to their accusations therefore confessing on their behalf is rather pointless and didn’t really achieve anything for the one being accused only for the accuser, which is actually selfish and not really Christian.

    This is akin to donating to charity and then bragging about it.

    At the end of the day, unless someone knows you and the minister personally there is no way they can believe your truth over his. How can anyone know that you have stopped fornicating as well? We simply cannot and must take your word for it which is something you also accuse the minister of doing, and warn against.

    This is why it is better to let God be the judge of your mistakes, not the world, for he is the only one that can witness true change. All vices are equal and are condemned to the same fate – death. The real sin continues to be playing God. Only God can change the minister and only God can change you.

    I want to thank you for your stories good man Pat, and for giving Martin the courage to tell his stories as well.

    And a message to anyone reading: if sexual perversion is one of your vices pray that God removes that from your life first before all others.

    1. Well the end of your piece you congratulate Patrick for sending his message out, and for helping Martin, which indeed he helped save his life and many to awaken. But prior you are saying it is selfish and not Christian, if the accused denies it all. The problem with your rationale in this case is that the minister has indeed admitted and apologized before the entire family. So now the issue is not what you are pointing out, it is for the minster to do the same for the benefit of the truth and the public, which he has lied to for many years claiming to represent being free of sin and anger. That is probably the worst sin and is spoken to in the bible. There are also degrees of sin, some capture a soul worse than others and harm others more so than others. But yes,of course repentance needs to happen or we are likely to end up in hell. We all die…it’s up or down forever.
      One other note…since there has been an admission but a lack of that to the public, we have seen it right to expose this publicly on Youtube. It is the right thing to do because this minister was expecting to skate by and suffer no consequences as though he deserved anonymity. Not so. We have forced his hand for sure, a hand that was already revealed and has plenty of other evidences of his homosexual predation. And if he stands a chance at all to change, the war had to be taken publicly to at least separate him from some of his abhorring fans and false reputation, and do help protect other weak gullible young men.

    2. I would like to add also, there are always naysayers to even the best testimonies or ideas, but our own intuition can inform us of the truthful people. We can hear and see where a person is coming from, often and that combined with other evidence can make matters clear. Not always, but in this care absolutely.

    3. Thank you, “Red Shield.” I believe you are sincere, and I’ve seen Fabian has answered you well. I don’t need to add anything at this point. Stay tuned…

    4. Red Shield, i 100% agree. God should and will judge the minister, not the world. I see Fabian and Martin forcing the world to judge and condemn the minister and for some reason it seems OFF and not of God. I’m not saying the minister should not be accountable, but somehow in the current secular world of #metoo and cancel culture and now Martin and Fabian forging a “take down” in front of the whole world to judge, doesn’t pass the smell test of my inner knowing and conscience. Again, not saying the minister should not be judged for his wrongs, i just don’t think martin and fabian have truly been called by God to do that. After all, bible does say “ revenge is mine watery the lord”

      1. Walter,
        We did this reluctantly after waiting for over a month for Jesse to not only do what he already has privately, admission. The spirit is not in judgement or condemnation, and I was even led to state that right up front. We have no idea if Jesse will repent of this horror, but it was our duty to not allow him to try and skate by and continue on like nothing has happened. I also ended the video with a small promo for the real silent prayer at which if practiced with an honest intent to just be good, will stop judgments.
        When calling out such a public minister, we do need to always keep the eyes on ourselves, so I am really aware of that. My life is blessed, and standing up when appropriate, for God (goodness) is a big part of that blessing. What have we done for God lately?, rather than wondering what He has done for us….

  4. The problem with “your old friend’s” argument is that it doesn’t make any logical sense on a spiritual or even an intellectual level.
    What is the point of being “born again” if you continue to sin again.
    And if being “born again” is simply not having hate in your heart, then it seems your heart would be filled with love by default.
    Are our souls not a vessel for one or the other?
    Can a soul be filled with indifference? I think not.
    If “your old friend” was born again he would have love in his heart toward you (and all others).
    What happened between you and him (the mutual self gratification of homosexuality involving adulatory) could never be construed as love.
    The violation of another human being (consensual or not) is not love.
    When you do harm to another, in any way, you do not get to call it a “vice” any longer.
    It becomes something much worse.
    Even if the crime is consensual, it is a recruitment of another human soul into the world of sin.
    I pray “your old friend” can see the logic.

    1. You said it quite well, Brian. I have nothing to add. What really hits is your comment re him calling these kinds of serious sins involving others “vices.” Hearing you say that blows his argument out of the water once and for all.

    2. …and “what’s the point of being born again if you’re going to continue to sin?” I’m just repeating some of the things you said, Brian, as they just crystallize some hard truth. Just doesn’t hold up to logic. Thanks for making these points so clear (I’ll give God the credit for all clarity as I know you would!)

    3. It can end really well for the minister and all those that believed his unwitting lies. It will be hard for him after so many years of befriending a demon of false salvation, but who knows?…greater miracles happen. He could help so many souls caught up in the demonic addiction of homosexuality.

  5. Easy does it folks that the comments drift off to a discussion about Anger when it concerns a man/minister Jessie Peterson who I see as diabolical; a deceiver, liar and a thief of a sort (Roy’s meditation) ! Had he committed acts a long time ago humbly admitted maybe the gentle touch would apply. He has a nationwide audience of young people who admire and adhere to his teachings. I respect the few Gentleman who walked with the signs and spoke. Courage. They weren’t quoting scriptures but courageously speaking from the heart. Evil of this type needs to be dealt with like Masters did when he discovered the theft of Meditation/change without consent! This kind of wrong feeds on the Weak. I ceased supporting him on lessor wrongdoing.

    1. Thank you, Mennette. I understand your concern about people potentially “taking their eyes off the ball.” It is certainly a serious matter, as I’ve been saying in these posts. I think, regarding this article, people are responding to me discussing the danger of falling into hating this person. We are talking about our souls here. I have had a message to deliver–which is not my own–and I do not want to damage that message or my own soul. I hope you understand.

      1. Yes so true. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Many many have been taken over in their minds by powerful demonic forces that mimic the light and have fooled this minister and many similar to him. It helps so much to see this truly as we see how we ourselves have been fooled in our lives by the intellect acting as truth. Then we can have more of an objective and powerful stance. They all will answer before God if they do not repent, so no need for me to be angry, but I will take my stand, as I have, better and better, thank God!

  6. Yes. Satan is very clever and can send us deception anytime he sees us turn away from God for just a second. There is a reason God told us to stay in prayer, constantly, and to sing psalms and praises. He is trying to keep us protected from satan’s lies.

    I agree that most anger is wrong, but there is a righteous anger as Jesus had when they dared to turn His Father’s temple into a “den of thieves”. Jesus knocked-over their tables and told them a thing-or-two. And there were times when people were speared-through or stoned to stop plagues from God because their sin was infecting His people. That anger is from a different place and, I’m sure, does not “eat” at us.

    May God help those people, young and old, who are listening to and following deceptive teachings. Our sin has made the veil between us and God so thick that it is hard to find Truth anymore. Please, God, help those who are, truly, seeking. In Jesus’s name.

    1. Thank you for your “prayer,” Cindy. Very nice. Agree with your points. One thing struck me–re staying in prayer, and singing psalms and praises. That makes sense–to keep our minds and hearts on Him. It occurred to me that I-we should be singing more praise songs instead of the usually dumb man-woman, etc. stuff we sing about!

  7. Jesse owes a public apology to his general public and supporters. He seemed to show an example of what it means to be cool under fire. He proclaimed to be free of sin. Some of his supporters, of which I was chief, still claim that this is a private matter.
    Unlike most every other pastor in the world, Jesse claimed not to have anger and that he no longer had sex of any kind because he is “born again”. I don’t have a problem with him promoting sexual chastity before marriage. I don’t have a problem with him promoting forgiveness of parents. I do have a problem with him lying about his personal spiritual accomplishments. What he was doing was the opposite of what he was telling everybody about his private physical and spiritual life. So he needs to unequivocally admit what he has been doing all these years and see if anybody will still support him. We all need to make an informed choice when we give to charities.

  8. Yes sir, and that tricky devil works daily on us in thoughts and imaginations. That’s its job, and we are the watchers with our soul, with the Holy Spirit doing the guardian duty in unseen ways.
    Thank you for your courage. I once heard Roy say that the only thing wrong with people is they lack courage. I believe and have experienced that, because once we start standing up for God and His standards, His love fulfills us. No more loneliness…and any anger can be seen and let go of much easier.

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