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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL (Part I)

Sex Drugs Rock and Roll HELL

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Early in my teen years, I remember seeing a bootleg Jimi Hendrix tape in the room my older brother and I shared. I picked it up, and started playing it–that was it, I was hooked on rock and roll music!

Jimi Hendrix–like many rock and roll musicians–had a lot of issues, but I don’t believe there’s any doubt that he had real genius in his music.

I dived into the genre, and began listening to Led Zeppelin, the Doors (who later became my favorite), the Rolling Stones, the Who, Aerosmith, UFO (great and underrated!) and others.

But my favorite, for some reason, was Black Sabbath. It might have been the inherent rebellion in their name. I did have a rebellious streak.

Guitar Heroes

I bought every Black Sabbath album, and even went to see them LIVE at Anaheim (California) stadium. I became a huge lead guitar fan, and of Black Sabbath’s lead guitar player, Tony Iommi. Here’s his Wikipedia page–actually, the story about how Tony lost the tips of his ring and middle fingers of his right hand (the hand that holds chords) in an industrial accident, and how he persevered and even used the handicap to create a whole new style of music (heavy metal), is an interesting one.

I’m not sure if the world should celebrate–or lament this new discovery 🙂

But my favorite lead guitar playing of all time was done by Michael Schenker of the London-formed heavy metal band, UFO. I first heard the band play while at my friend Jim’s house in the San Fernando Valley–I had never heard of UFO (many people hadn’t), and I was blown away.

There was and is a corruptive part of rock and roll music, for sure, but even though I myself was going through a period of corruption, there was still something in me that really appreciated good melodies and musicianship.

A great example of this is Michael Schenker’s work on the UFO song “Doctor, Doctor.” I particularly like the delicate (relative to the heavy part of heavy metal) introduction in this song. Let me know if you appreciate it too.

The whole UFO Strangers in the Night album is great, actually (if you like LIVE rock and roll!).

I can’t leave this subject without giving props to several more of my favorite LIVE rock and roll songs ever. First is this long Peter Frampton song (Do You Feel Like We Do) that shows his absolute mastery over the electric guitar, and a new (at the time–1976) technology called the talk box, which he used in conjunction with the guitar.

But I think Peter’s real mastery was in playing the audience, as you will hear if you listen.

…and Roadhouse Blues by the Doors–amazing!

Here’s a couple of other LIVE classics, this one is the free-wheeling Soul Sacrifice by Santana at Woodstock. There’s an amazing story that Carlos Santana, just 22-years-old at the time and on the eve of stardom, was high on LSD when he went on stage to perform. But even if he was high, there’s no doubt that he and the band certainly put their ALL into their performance! Here’s the LINK to the story and to the VIDEO.

There was another incredible performance at Woodstock–See Me, Feel Me by the Who–now THAT’s a LIVE rock and roll performance!

Funny–The Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey said he had a horrible time at Woodstock!

Yet despite all the revisionist history claiming that Woodstock was the greatest music /culture event ever, the reality was much different.

I didn’t intend to get this far into the music side of things, but I HAD to share this–there’s some amazing stuff here–REAL music in my opinion, with an edge to it that is rarely duplicated in today’s commercialized corporate music world.

So if I love this music so much, where do I get off calling it a “gateway to hell”?

When I got into rock and roll music as a teenager, I really appreciated so much of it. The music was and is great, but there is certainly a dark side to it. I don’t think anybody who knows the music and lifestyles involved could deny that.

If you dig into the lyrics in the songs, most glorify casual sex, some glorify drug use, and some even delve into satanic messages. Black Sabbath is BLATANT about it. Just look at their NAME!

So is another similar heavy metal band I used to enjoy–Judas Priest. Odd name, right? We know Judas from the Bible–the ultimate betrayer. And here that name is referred to–as a priest! There’s no coincidence there. I listened to their albums, and even saw them live at the Starwood in Hollywood on $2 Sunday night! (they were good–I have to admit!)

Another band with a dark name and sound was Blue Oyster Cult, who recorded the classic song, Don’t Fear the Reaper. The song describes (and it could be argued, even promotes) suicide after one lover dies. It’s done in a very seductive way–hearkening to the eternal romance of Romeo and Juliet–but nevertheless, it does glorify suicide. Here’s the song with lyrics.

AC/DC’s song Highway to Hell comes right out with the promotion of evil too, as do so many others. The Rolling Stones made the classic Sympathy for the Devil way back when. They weren’t hiding anything either.

Satanic Influence

By the way, the Rolling Stones played a huge concert in Altamont, California, which was promoted as a “Woodstock west” event. But the event was hastily set up. Some 300,000 fans showed up. The notorious Hell’s Angels outlaw motorcycle group were used for security, and reportedly paid with $500 in beer. The day became more and more chaotic. And during their song, Under My Thumb, a black man who’d already been involved in a fight that day approached the stage with a gun. He was stabbed twice and killed by a Hell’s Angel.

I’d call that a Satanic influence in rock and roll music.

Here’s a video from 2011 featuring Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine. In it, Mustaine, who says he is now a Christian, speaks of the satanic influences in heavy metal, and mentions the connection between drugs (in his case, alcohol) and Satanism, which I will explore in greater detail in Part 2 of this article.

In reading Mustaine’s Wikipedia page, it appears that he has become more and more conservative as his life has progressed.

Of course, I’m speaking of back in the day, and in today’s world, blatant Satanism is promoted not just in heavy metal music, but in pop music too, and rap–either through in-your-face hedonistic behavior, or directly.

Rapper Lil Nas X famously released “Satan” shoes with a drop of human blood in them, and starred in a video giving a lap dance to Satan.

Entertainers like Beyonce are known to use Satanic imagery in their videos. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a woman who worked in Beyonce’s band as a drummer for seven years asked for a restraining order against the star, claiming the Beyonce is an “Illuminati witch.”

I just went to YouTube to find an example or examples of Satanic-influenced music, or somebody breaking it down (I’m sure these kinds of videos still exist, I saw them fairly recently), but I was SHOCKED to discover that when I typed “Satan worship in music,” I got THIS LIST, which primarily consists of not exposes, but actual compilations of Satan “worship” music!

Thankfully, when I changed the search to “Satan INFLUENCE in music,” I got better list!

Why Did Satan Choose Popular Music to Influence the World?

When I typed the above heading, I didn’t actually know the answer to the question! But intantly, it hit me:

Woodstock (see the video) was a historic music festival and event held on a dairy farm in the state of New York in 1969. It was also a loud siren signaling a change in America–the counter-culture had begun to assert itself into becoming what it is today–the DOMINANT culture.

Something demonic happened at Woodstock, and the fact that the event was flooded with LSD no doubt had a lot to do with it. The hippies had some good instincts. One of the things they were rebelling against was the artificialness they saw growing in our culture, symbolized by this classic scene in The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman:

The hippies were looking for a measure of freedom from the artificial constraints of society, and a more natural way of living, among other things. I can understand these aspirations, I think we all can. In fact, I wrote about this (Is It Possible to Be a Conservative Hippie? Yeah, I’m One)

But many of the hippies were estranged in some way from their parents, and here is where Satan saw his opportunity to work. Satan ALWAYS looks for that chink in our armor to attack.


In Part II, coming soon, I will discuss and give specific examples how sex, drugs, and rock & roll are used to lower our consciousness, thereby allowing Satan to direct us. So far, I’ve talked about the music, and discussed drugs to some extent. More is coming. And sorry I haven’t talked about the sex part yet! Be patient, that is coming too! I’m going to tie it all together, I promise! See you on the next post!

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

7 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL (Part I)”

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  2. Really good read Patrick, since I don’t do drugs or drink alcohol I used music as an escape from what I thought was a very boring life. Even today some songs can take to me to a place where I’d rather be. Also wished that I had the talent of George Benson, Ray Charles and others who were multi-talented. Even though I thought this was completely innocent I saw how instead of having some quiet time I NEEDED to hear some “sounds” plus some songs got in my head and I couldn’t get them out. Even though I did not get as involved in music as some others I did see how it could do harm.

    1. Thank you, Charles. It’s funny–as I read your comments I noted how we’re all dealing with the same issue(s), in one form or another. I can certainly relate to not being able to get the music out of my head, and of course, that boredom that we run from.

  3. Your article was wonderful! Thank you for your insight! Reminding us all of how strong the influence of music and the demonic influence that can flow through music can affect our souls!

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