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First, let me get this out of the way: My posts are NOT for everyone!

Last night a friend called and yelled at me, saying I have bad motives for posting some of the things I do. I didn’t have this answer then, but it came to me now. There’s a simple way to see if what I say is true–focus on the actual content and not what you think my motives are.

Or, ask yourself if I have a history of lying to you. If I don’t, then perhaps what I say has credibility. Is that fair?

But if you cannot see the truth in what I post, then just dust your feet off and move on. Apparently, it’s not for you. Or perhaps–not for you right now.

That said, let me move on to the topic at hand.

Today’s post will not be peppered with links to past posts. No doubt many of you have been checking these links for more perspective. I appreciate that, and it provides a more well-rounded view of things.

But today I’d like you to focus on THIS post, if you don’t mind.

I realized yesterday afternoon that the “system” rarely fixes itself!

In politics, our elected officials are mostly corrupt to the core. We should never wait for them to clean their own house.

Neither will our cultural icons clean their own house.

It’s the same for our religious “leaders”/”teachers” (actually, Jesus admonished us to call no man “teacher”–the Holy Spirit is our infallible guide).

Those on the inside benefiting from their position and power will typically cling to these with everything they’ve got. It’s the rare individual who surprises us and comes clean.

The powerful are also typically very good with words, with their smooth talk that includes much truth yet avoids the most important truths. This is the skill that most contributes to them keeping their power.

Don’t expect real truth from someone who has already made a practice of avoiding it.

Few “controls”

Another key point is that those who wish to deceive typically set up their system with few controls–one of those controls being oversight. In other words, the more autocratic or tyrannical the person or people in charge, the less power they will cede to others who could keep watch over their actions.

…The system won’t fix itself…

This is where we come in. If you are involved with any entity, be sure that you have some idea of what is actually going on behind the scenes. If you donate to a political candidate, for instance, check them out well, and as best you can, see where that money is going to.

See who is standing behind those in charge. Is there true oversight?


Sometimes leaders will change their constituencies if their current constituencies no longer serve them. For instance, the Democrat Party has thrown black American citizens overboard, in favor of illegal aliens who are more ignorant of our laws, and who don’t demand as much from the politicians. Black citizens are by and large not deemed “useful” to the party anymore.

Ministries can change constituencies too.

If the leadership deems that, for instance, an older constituency (congregation) is no longer useful…. Perhaps that older constituency has discovered some “inconvenient truths” that are unfavorable to the leadership, then the ministry may focus on a newer constituency made up primarily of those who simply aren’t aware of the same information.

The new constituency is also usually not as bold as the old, and therefore is unlikely to challenge any discrepancies they may notice, particularly if leadership subtly tells them not to trust their own perception (“thoughts”).

I see that happening now.

Corrupt leadership needs a degree of ignorance to flourish.

How to fix the system

As I’ve said, the system won’t fix itself! The only way to fix it is from the outside.

In practice, this means that we must trust what we see!

And if we do see something, we must notice what we do see–before our thoughts and rationalizations take over and tell us we didn’t actually see it, or perhaps we did see it, but there’s a really great excuse for it!

Be willing to challenge leadership! As I said, most corrupt leadership is very good with words, and often expert on verbal jiu-jitsu (turning your questions against you if you get too close to the truth!).

Often they will try to discredit you by calling you “angry.” I say, that even if a person is angry over a violation–that does not negate their testimony!

Beware of these games.

We must demand oversight! We already know that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If whatever entity you support is essentially controlled by one man or woman, or very few people, this is a red flag! Do you think they are going to always do the right thing when nobody’s looking?

The next step?

I have done what I can do, laying the breadcrumbs for your attention. My goal is not to destroy people or institutions. If it were, I would not be keeping myself within certain boundaries.

I am merely a messenger, with a warning to those in charge, and those they may have hurt or used.

The message itself will only be useful if it produces a spark in you. If it causes you to wake up to something that you previously pushed aside. If it causes you to stand on the courage of your conviction.

Otherwise, the message is wasted. At least on you.

If there is anything I can clear up for you (that I am comfortable discussing), then I’m happy to do so. Just reach me at my email address below.

I have received my wakeup call, and though I make no claims to be a perfect man (far from it), I have been given the Grace to be able to act on what I have seen, and I believe I have act rightly.

I hope my message has brought benefit to you.

I wish you peace… But you will only have it if you do right by yourself and your fellow man.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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1 thought on “The SYSTEM Won’t Fix ITSELF!”

  1. Very true…Jesus said that God is looking for those who want to worship him in spirit and in truth, not in (church) buildings. Truth… sometimes manifest as honesty and standing against evil with that truth where appropriate, is worshiping God!…or a big part of it. These are people of the “church” of today, whether they attend a gathering or not.

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