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A MODEL for a NEW Kind of CHURCH

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Our world needs good churches more than ever!

Yet, unfortunately, from my experience, they seem to be in short supply.

I have a fair amount of experience with churches. I’ve experienced the good, the bad, the ugly, and the in-between.

I’ve finally arrived at the conclusion that–as in many areas of life–it’s time that we learned from each other.

The model for churches we typically see–no matter the kind of church–is off. Typically, in one form or another, the pastor/minister seems to think it is his (or her–these days) duty to teach us, even though Jesus pointedly warned to “let no man teach us.”

So that’s number one.

This world has far too many “leaders,” “teachers,” and “gurus.” Many of them swear they are not teaching us, as they go about teaching us!

Much damage has been done through external “teaching,” even if that teaching is technically correct. If that teaching is not correct in any serious way–the result can be disastrous as I have pointed out in past posts.

It’s time for a new paradigm.


I have been fortunate to have attended two unconventional churches that emphasized communication between the minister and the congregation. I participated in useful discussion of spiritual, cultural, and even political matters. Yet, even in this environment, it became easy for the minister to turn it into a “teaching” session, instead of a place where personal testimony and understanding is shared by all.

Testimony can come through anyone, and when this is well-understood, powerful things can happen.

I’d really like to see the presiding minister act as more of a guide and facilitator of discussion and testimony rather than the principle source of wisdom.

All things considered, I am grateful to have seen the two-way communication model used effectively. I believe it should be a cornerstone.

However, the unconventional churches I attended tended to be light on Bible scripture–one was quite selective and used primarily the scripture that bolstered the pastor’s corrupted point of view.

Scripture is something of a two-edged sword–it can be grossly overused and just thrown out there as instructions that we already know in our own conscience. It can be dead. It can be quoted by congregants constantly, to the point of incredible annoyance!

Yet, scripture can also be quite useful as a corrective tool, if the minister’s pronouncements get too far away from actual truth. Looking back, actually reading or hearing certain scripture passages could have saved me–and my family–years of grief!

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”

2 Timothy 3:16 King James Bible

We need good churches NOW!

In this current day, with so much deceit and treachery abounding; with so many of us being “cancelled” out of society through “vaccine” mandates and the like, we need good churches more than ever.

In an age of forced social isolation, we need fellowship with like-minded people more than we ever have.

We need to gather together, fellowship together, help each other stay healthy and find fulfilling work–and if necessary, hire each other and assist each other in starting businesses (especially now that the work environment can be so hostile to us).

We need to teach each other the skills of living independently of “the system” that seeks to subjugate us.

What form can this take?

Governments have increasingly made it difficult for churches to operate in freedom. This happens even in America, the place that ironically has a government that was formed to limit its ability to attack our freedoms!

Sure, it would be great to see powerful churches form in the city and in the country. But, for many reasons, a standard church is just one limited option. We can gather in private residences, in parks, online through web conference, and even in casual ways such as calling each other on a traditional or video phone.

The point is to COME TOGETHER! This is what the elite who seek to control us fear. But in one form or another–come together we must!

Since I have come clean about the double life of sin I was leading which was destroying myself and my family, my family has become much closer. We essentially conduct our own “church service” on a regular basis. Just by seeking God and communicating honestly with others, we are “having church.”

Now, I understand that our first “church” is inside our own body–the temple of the spirit–that a corrupt minister helped me defile. So I always encourage people to meditate or pray to get in touch with the Spirit that guides us.

This is always the first priority.

Yet, it is important that we “not neglect our assemblies,” as Hebrews 10:25 exhorts us, for all the reasons I stated above. Our very lives may depend on us insisting that we meet regularly with like-minded people.

And I hope that our assemblies are as useful as possible, given that I have seen many examples of what works, and what doesn’t work well in church services. Some may prefer the comfort of staying in a church that they are not totally happy with, instead of being willing to find or create something that does benefit them as it should.

That’s their decision, but it’s not what I seek and what I believe many others seek too.

I’m basically an optimist, and believe that if there is a need, then there is a solution–perhaps right in front of us… we just have to be open to seeing that solution, and to taking one step at a time toward fulfilling it.

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8 thoughts on “A MODEL for a NEW Kind of CHURCH”

  1. When one or more are gathered in the spirit of now, the moment, that is church as you point out in meetings anywhere we go. I am lucky to go to Sunday meetings at the fhu where that open discussion is free for us to use and it has blessed my growth so much. Most people reading this know that for over 50 years that org. has taught the world what organized religions have failed to to…to watch, be still and know…real silent prayer. Some have tried to sort of copy it and make it their own, but there is only one. And it’s the sincere use of silent prayer that connects us to the inner light that shines our path in all things, large and small. Then the courage to act against wrongs when needed, or simply to be helpful to people, keeps that light shining strong. “Faith without works is dead..”

    1. Thanks, Sonja. This has been a journey for me and I have undergone changes (all good, I believe!) during this process. Be sure to check out my (hopefully!) last post in this series, which I plan to post today.

  2. The same principle applies (or can apply)to schooling, business, and some forms of local governmental programs. Here is a link to a video from the Not-Back-To-School-Camp, which embraces some of the concept of individuals coming together for learning and unfolding, where the leaders are not dominators cultivating dependent followers, but facilitators and managers to provide structure and help guide the magic exchanges of knowledge, wisdom, skills, and spirit.

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