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“This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds.”

Hebrews 10:16 (NIV)

“Teacher–leave them kids alone!”

Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

We’ve been so screwed up by teaching!

It didn’t have to be this way.

When I was a child, I distinctly remember closing my eyes as I went to sleep, and seeing sparkling lights on the “screen” in front of me in the dark. I was awake, and quite aware of myself and the moment.

While sitting on the couch in my living room during the day, I’d look out at the sun and notice cells inside my body floating past my line of vision. When my eyes darted, the cells would come with them, and then gently float in the other direction until my eyes darted back.

At the beach, while lying on my back with my eyes closed, I’d observe the same phenomenon.

As I got older, as most of us do, I’d have less of these kinds of experiences as I was drawn outside myself more and more through trauma.

The search for lost innocence

Once I became an adult I was pretty thoroughly corrupted. And I began to search for my lost innocence.

During that search, I read Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology). I read the Bible and began to follow a few preachers. One of them was an older, rebellious, cigar-smoking televangelist named Gene Scott who drove a motorcycle and paraded bikini-clad women on his Los Angeles-based show to get attention.

I followed him because he was rebellious and required no actual change from me.

During that time, I lived in a cheap “bachelor” apartment near Cal State Northridge. I began wearing a cross on a chain around my neck, and remember on two occasions going to bed wearing the cross–only to wake up with the cross itself (having come off the chain) lying on the carpet near my bed.

After the second occurrence, I figured God saw me as a hypocrite, and I threw the cross and chain away!

I knew it was time to get serious…


Shortly after that time my friend Marc introduced me to the teachings of another rebellious minister named Roy Masters (now deceased), who taught an observation exercise (meditation). I bought his cassette series which included three versions of the exercise–basically a starter and two progressions of the meditation.

I began listening to Roy Masters’ daily radio program, reading his books, and going to his Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) headquarters on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles to hear him preach, and for other associated fellowship meetings.

Practicing Roy Masters’ meditation, I had several “white light” experiences, as the darkness inside me was rocked by the “light within.”

I can honestly say that this meditation likely saved my life, and I am forever grateful. This man was a good, powerful presence in my life, and I know that he helped millions regain their internal compass and soul.

However, looking back, I must say that I do not believe that the three types of meditations he originally taught were necessary–perhaps only for some with severe difficulties getting in touch with their inner self.

The first meditation was hypnotic–which literally had the effect of having my right hand raise unconsciously–which was a strange effect, to say the least! This is not surprising, as Mr. Masters was a hypnotist in a previous career, and he often said that when he left the profession, his job became to “de-hypnotize” people.

The second meditation instructed the listener to let his or her right hand hang down, and to feel the energy in each successive finger while noticing the thoughts going across one’s forehead area with the eyes closed. I found this one much more effective.

The third meditation had the listener bring his or her hands together in a prayer-like fashion while keeping the other instructions basically the same. This third meditation is essentially the “7-minute meditation” contained in the above link, and I believe the most effective of all.

After doing an offshoot of this meditation (called the “silent prayer”) taught by a “student” of Roy Masters’ (and personally finding that version fairly ineffective), I returned later to practicing a simplified version of Roy Masters’ “7-minute meditation”–but in which I now rarely shift my attention from finger to finger as he suggested.

Based on a conversation I had with one of his sons, it sounds like the “finger to finger” meditation may have been intended as a way to get the listener to focus back inside themself, and not necessarily a way to meditate permanently.

In fact, Roy Masters himself said many times that he did not “invent” his meditation–he simply rediscovered something that mystics were likely doing for a very long time.

To me–being truly “still” means that we need not be shifting our attention continually. I mean… how can we be still when our minds are in motion?!

So I have pretty much come full circle back to what looks very much like the simple meditation the Holy Spirit taught me as a child. I believe that many (if not most) of us were naturally taught this when we were young, and simply forgot about as we grew older.

It’s kind of like the movie Polar Express, where the adults can no longer hear the ringing of the Christmas bell.

The purpose of “teachers”

Once we can no longer “hear the bell,” we become desperate to find someone who hopefully can hear it, with the idea that they can somehow lead us back to hearing it ourselves once again.

That is the reason I searched for a preacher, seer, guru, or somebody to show me the way back. I’m sure you can understand and possibly relate. Don’t get me wrong–people can be quite intuitive–and hearing them can spark a recognition of truth that can be greatly beneficial.

This happened often while listening to Roy Masters. He was the kind of man who appears perhaps once in a generation at most. But even with him, people often treated him as a guru and I’d hear some discuss listening to his radio show to “get into a meditative state,” while almost bragging that they did not meditate that morning. That is backwards and insane to me.

I have chronicled on these pages, the horrible vulnerability that “teacher-student” relationship places us in, and how we can be taken advantage of.

And by the way–this applies well beyond the realm of religion and spirituality. We have overdone the importance of “teaching” in every part of life. Certainly, human beings can help us learn math, or how to fix a car, etc., but ultimately, all deep learning comes from inner discovery. This is something Roy Masters spoke about often.

But it is particularly true in the spiritual world. Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is within.”

In our desperation, we look toward men (or sometimes women these days) to not only point us in the right direction, but to provide us with the step-by-step actions to get to “our destination.” We’re asking the impossible–God didn’t design us to give up our autonomy to outside authority figures, but those with big egos (want to be like God) are only too happy to give us what we ask for, in exchange for our worship.

In reality, true meditation is a simple communion with the Spirit, and in my opinion, should require very little outside instruction for the adult–just a signpost back to the original inner relationship. Too much instruction can be counter-productive, habit-forming, and from my viewpoint–dangerous.


Let me close by saying something about words–words are employed by “teachers” and ourselves as a replacement for inner knowing. I was speaking to a lady yesterday about this. Having a dependence on words is the proof that we have been separated from our original knowing and are now looking for the compass “back home.”

Words can remind us where to look for truth–but they themselves are not truth.

If you find that you are dependent on words for motivation, direction, etc., just know that what you really need is to find your inner knowing again. It’s not hard–you just need to be willing to “be still and know that I am God.”

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7 thoughts on “No More TEACHING!”

  1. I minded by a spirit that I call the holy spirit, but the words that is just a conveyance of what describes thingness come from the lower domain mostly. The quality of words or finding truth in them that is the issue. No book can convey truth, for the truth can be in a print form, Jeramiah the prophet said that the heart is desperately wicked. This teachings was largely misconstrued in my mind since I was 7 and now I am 67 years old. What Jeramiah is speaking is that the heart is in the upper domain, like a hourglass analogy, and therefore its the genuine heart and not the feelings of the lower domain as Roy masters seems to get this right. Tho I point out that the heart can have a insight or a potential for good or for ill, and that is where those like the Pharisee vs the Publican had a discussion in the bible about who is saved and who is not. Roys Comments on the Radio station, where always you got to get out of feelings, those feeling just love you the way you are. Mind over matter, well that is another thing. Perhaps I was shunted by my Christian beliefs, and especially to discover Roy and his family living in Hawaiki on Oahu, during my teen age years. My mother had a following out I think she tried to evangelize him. If you know one thing about Roy master he was authoritative in his demeaner and would not appease anybody or kiss up to people. At that time I was too young to have interaction all I knew later was his kids one of them, I am guessing now is Alan had a bug for surfing, and Mr. Masters the dad confront him, and as in no uncertain words told him to take a hike with his friends, and so he came around to listen to his dad, and find family more important, later they left for Culver city , ca. Perhaps Hawaii was to much fame, and expensive to live as any kind of loyal family, too much distractions.

    To things I regret is that I had tried to stand up for myself on air with Mr. Masters, and boy was that uncalled for. Laborious, I rejected his teachings due mainly to my pride and dislike for his words especially in the problem with my mother that I did know all the facts. This is where he seem to have a shade of helping others that we get in trouble with others. One thing although it is 3-5 years after his passing, I recently discovered a duplicate person by the name or goes by Rolland Trajhelo, not sure at http: I am not sure how I am feeling, since still trapped in those feelings, and perhaps it because I resent Roy master, not sure, but then this guy is duplicating Mr. Masters meditation and calling it his own, without credit seems sort of capitalistic and isn’t those audio files under copyright agreement. I set a letter to Alan masters who is in charge of the foundation, but they seem to be taking Masters teaching in a totally different direction. Any comments here please know that I dont know anything, I plead Stoical in my logic, but beside this I know nothing at all.

    1. Wow, that was a lot to read, Winston. I didn’t follow everything, nor do I know of much of what you say. In short, don’t concern yourself too much with the teachings of men. Some of Roy Masters’ teachings have been a Godsend, but the best teaching of all is to be still and humbly seek God’s wisdom.

  2. I was only aware of the finger to finger meditation method. That was the one I practiced for a while until I got most of the “noise” out of my head, then I could just be quiet and observe and listen.

    Roy Masters was one of the few that didn’t want a huge following he would say that his job was to get us to a point where we no longer needed him and that way we could go on to help others.
    I would sit and talk with him at the ranch and he told one time that I had a good soul. That fed my ego for a few minutes but then I knew that was not the right reaction. I said “thank you uncle Roy” and walked over to the lake, that was the last one-on-one conversation that we had (1990’s). He was the only mentor that I claimed to have other than my parents and grandparents.

  3. Thank you. “Words can remind us where to look for truth–but they themselves are not truth.” A lot of “Christianity” has done this type of idolatry with the Bible, using the Genesis mistranslated as their basis…” in the beginning was the WORD…” When really it comes from the word LOGOS. As Roy described, it is more correctly spirit. Yes that spirit speaks truth outwardly or writes it through humans, but as you wrote, it is not THE truth. I got into it at our local meeting about that with a woman who holds the bible very close to her and brings it with her to the meetings. I expressed that that light within that wrote the bible, is within each of us, as you wrote here, so any one of us, if we are on the Path, can add or write very similarly. But most of us get tricked by these types as you described well.
    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.
    When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. (John 8:43-44)
    Those lies are unwittingly mixed with truth by so many “religious leaders”, but their little kingdoms of falseness are always revealed eventually. Who will repent of pride?…anyone who really wants to! Some are walking dead, but who knows who.

      1. Yes true true. I wrote my first part wrong partly. I meant to write that that logos is the truth! It is the words written down that are a copy of just a small bit of that spirit. I see that so many do not have the objectivity to trust the intuition that is the silent light that guides, so they latch onto the outer obvious truths or partial truth and often even lies as truth. I believe when Jesus sets up the new earth and his rule, the be still exercise will be taught widely all over the earth.

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