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IN-Filling: The Missing SPIRITUAL Ingredient

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“I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

John 4:32 (NIV)

I was talking to a couple of old friends this week who are vehemently against some of the things I have been posting of late.

They questioned my motives, and essentially called any open discussion of an “authority” who has missed the mark the equivalent of “poison.”

Their aggressive denunciations had the effect of rocking my mind and spirit some, even though I believe I have acted rightly. Nevertheless, the doubt that had crept in caused me great pain, and I realized something very interesting…

Doubt is the wrong way to examine ourselves!

The pain caused me to seek spiritual assistance more than ever.

In seeking this assistance, I began to pray (meditate) with serious intent, and to welcome the healing “food” that the Holy Spirit can bring.

It was a homecoming–returning fully to the kind of meditation that allows the Spirit to fill us. This is the food Jesus spoke of!

This food is the key to overcoming everything, such as doubt, anger, and addictions of all kinds, including food and sex. My old friends have their own spiritual and physical challenges, and they need this spiritual food as much as anyone.

I have noted on these pages much of the hell I have experienced growing up, for instance, in the Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Really ARE the GATEWAY TO HELL series…

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Thank God, many years ago, I found the “antidote” to that hell through an amazingly effective meditation exercise taught by the late Roy Masters.

Unfortunately, through my association with another minister, I ended up eventually pulling away from that meditation and practicing his version of meditation, which was not effective for me. And after my confrontations with my old friends, I really began to see why that was so…

Because true meditation is the “food”–it brings an IN-filling of the spirit. This is the missing “ingredient” in most meditations, and I believe it is the reason that some of those who promote these meditations struggle with their own sins.

I also believe that it is the reason that those who follow these leaders struggle with their sins too.

If you struggle with sins, it’s only natural that you may excuse those sins, and pretend they are not important.


It may be the “intent” of the meditation that renders it weak. If there’s some element of relaxation in it, it is a giveaway that it is missing the point–which is to commune with the Spirit and separate from the constant suggestions in our mind.

And I believe that if the meditation instruction never brings your hands together (to pray as the ancients did), then it is a sign that the circuit is being broken. As the “brightest angel,” Satan is fully aware of our body’s circuitry, and the effect that happens when we break the circuit.

Satan also works through men, even and especially when they are not aware of it.

When you are truly being filled by the Spirit, you can feel it.

You cannot overcome spiritual issues on your own!

And if the Spirit is not IN-filling you, then it cannot help you!

I believe that my old friends have bought their minister’s lie that God first “cleans your heart,” and then somewhere (possibly way down the road), He removes your “vices.”

It’s not that there isn’t some truth to that, but why would God want to wait years and even decades to remove our physical sins! But without true meditation, we are not “digesting” the “food” that can save us!

This is spiritual “science,” and if you remove the “food,” you will always seek to be filled with the compensation of a physical “vice.”

This is the most important error of all, because it acts to prevent our spiritual and physical freedom. It allows sin to remain in us, and with it the need to have to make up excuses and rationalizations for remaining in bondage.

This is dangerous theology, and needs to be met with a strong rebuke.

It is also a guarantee that by believing this lie, true freedom will never be found–by those propagating the lie, and by those who believe it.

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7 thoughts on “IN-Filling: The Missing SPIRITUAL Ingredient”

  1. I’m glad you asked this. Geovanni, because I misspoke here. More accurately, I should have said that if relaxation is a major part if the meditation. Then it is a red flag. Saying to relax and let the spirit work is fine. The point is, the relaxation part is only a small part of successful meditation. Intent is indeed important, as is effectively connecting with the Spirit.

  2. “It may be the “intent” of the meditation that renders it weak. If there’s some element of relaxation in it, it is a giveaway that it is missing the point–which is to commune with the Spirit and separate from the constant suggestions in our mind.”

    Can you clarify this? I started with the ministers silent prayer and he tells us to relax and let the spirit work. When i meditate i do exactly that. Are we not supposed to relax and let go so that we are aware of the thoughts/suggestions and commune with the spirit? Thanks Patrick.

  3. I have seen that that spirit of truth is always there but cannot become activated without that meditation/ prayer. Yes…relaxation is missing it. We must be like a child as Jesus spoke to as I see it, mostly by living without taking to thought and intellect. It cannot work without humility (the intent!).

      1. Amen
        Merry Christmas to you and family too! Happy earthly birthday Jesus and may your return indeed be in 2028 as reveals so the wicked forces ruling earth will finally be dealt with and there will be a awesome kingdom here of peace and happiness.

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