Why Are January 6 Defendants Treated Like Terrorists

WHY the January 6 Defendants are Treated Like TERRORISTS

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What is it about the January 6 Capitol riot defendants that has caused the Biden administration and media to treat them like terrorists? Yesterday, members of Congress were denied entry into the federal prison facility where the January 6 defendants are being held! Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia were literally… Read the rest
Exposing Joes Border Invasion--Forced Vaccine Game

Exposing Joe’s Border Invasion–Forced Vaccine Game

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Does this make any sense? Americans have been under mask mandates since last year, and now we’re under tremendous pressure to submit and take an experimental, non-fully FDA approved, potentially fatal, COVID vaccine. The virus had been under control, continuing to diminish, until recently, when the “Delta variant” spiked up. And during this same time, the Biden administration just so… Read the rest
How Many Americans Died Covid Vaccine

How Many Americans Have DIED After Getting a COVID VACCINATION?

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Note: It is NOT for the government, the media, me, nor anyone to tell free Americans to take or not to take a vaccine for COVID. That is YOUR decision, and should remain that way. The purpose of this article is to attempt to provide a fuller picture of the potential risks involved in taking a vaccine, if you so… Read the rest

Why Are We Sacrificing Our Children to LIARS?

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In Tucker Carlson’s report last night on government lies regarding the unvaccinated population, he made some shocking statements, including: #1: According to the CDC website, just 335 people under the age of eighteen have died from coronavirus in the United States. No information was provided on circumstances. #2: Researchers at John’s Hopkins, led by Doctor Marty Makary, looked more closely… Read the rest

Did Our Government HELP ORGANIZE the January 6 Capitol Riot? Tucker Carlson and Say It’s Very Likely!

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Anyone viewing Old School’s current content can see that we are doing our best to publish a positive message that focuses on how American citizens and people of goodwill everywhere can live with passion and purpose in turbulent, trying times. Though our focus is natural health, success, and freedom, because of the great threats we are facing to the very… Read the rest

YouTube Covers for Dr. Wuhan Again!

Well, they did it again! YouTube gave me a “strike” and removed my video, Stupid, Dangerous COVID Advice (this link goes to the video on Rumble). Supposed reason: It violated their “Community Guidelines.” I now have a “strike” and can’t upload for a week. On what grounds did YouTube remove my video? Are you ready? “Spam, deceptive practices, and scams”!… Read the rest
Stupid Dangerous COVID Advice

Stupid, Dangerous COVID Advice (VIDEO)

In THIS VIDEO, I discuss the willful, dangerous stupidity of much of  the past and current COVID “guidance” we’ve received, and the shocking story behind our main “guide.” KEY LINKS: *Zelenko (COVID) Prophylaxis Protocol:  *Special Report: Did Dr. Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab ?   To Support my work, go to​ …or….…​ To your health, success,… Read the rest