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COVID Vindication!… Is Justice Finally Coming?

I tried to tell you. And so did others.

The word has finally gotten out to the world–or at least that part of it that is not under an information blackout (self-imposed or otherwise).

I’m from the old school. The “show me, don’t tell me” school. The Teddy Roosevelt, “Walk softly but carry a big stick” school.

But every once in a while–when appropriate and timely–it’s good to show your “bona fides.”

After we were hit with COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, I started to post blogs and videos about it. It was obvious to many of us that from the start–the “experts” were not shooting straight with us.

I’m not a doctor, or any kind of “expert.” I’m just a guy with a lifelong interest and background in natural health and fitness. So I started to comment on the really simple things people could do to build their immunity against COVID. Things like getting fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and good nutrition. Things that one would think would be totally non-controversial.

I was wrong.

Obviously, I was too naive about the whole thing. Who knew that such a large part of “the establishment” would be threatened by what would later be known as “natural immunity”?

Who knew that a large part of “the COVID response” was really about getting President Trump out of office? Clearly the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their allies in media, politics, entertainment, academia, and science did not WANT people to actually overcome COVID, but instead, to be afraid of it.

I had a number of my videos removed by YouTube. It got to the point where I was able to get little content out on their platform. One of these videos (“Killing Hydroxychloroquine”) got thousands of views before being removed. It detailed how the media and Dr. Fauci helped sow doubt as to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and the work of the late, great Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko in combatting COVID-19. “Killing Hydroxychloroquine” has thankfully been preserved on Odysee, another video content platform.

I was also cancelled by MailChimp--my email marketing service–for ONE email I put out that they disapproved of (too truthful), despite the fact that I had used their platform for several years without incident.

Suddenly, common sense was under attack, and gaslighting became the norm. And sadly, so many people worldwide fell for this. In, short, the world was brainwashed.

This was occurring during the masking hysteria–before the vaccines were rolled out, which brought on a whole new level of deceit.

I could be here all day talking about what happened in the interim and my thoughts regarding it, but I leave most of that to people who specialize in keeping the public updated on COVID/health. Go to my “Resources” page and go to the “Health (COVID)” category for more in-depth information. One of my resource links is a new one to me, yet it’s packed full of interesting updates and useful information–the “Coffee & Covid” blog.

For the purposes of time (yours and mine) and brevity, I’m going to fast-forward to the present, because the chickens are finally coming home to roost. It may be Elon Musk’s freeing of Twitter (major hat’s off to a guy I have been critical of), Tucker Carlson’s brave work at Fox News, the rise of Substack and its stable of freedom writers, an explosion of “citizen journalists” responding to our nation’s (and the world’s) peril, or just the inevitable weight of time and evidence that cannot be ignored at a certain point. Whatever the reason, the COVID dam has finally broken.

Much of what many of us have long known intuitively has been corroborated–much of that in recent days. The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic held its first hearing Tuesday, and apparently it was a doozy. Renown Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Marty Makary told the committee in brief but powerful testimony: “The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government” and he listed multiple examples.

One of the bombshells Dr. Makary referred to was the recent finding by the well-respected British Cochrane organization and their meta review of randomized controlled studies which showed that face masks provide little to no real-world benefit.

Another shoe has dropped, quoting Fox News: “The theory that COVID originated from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology has now been embraced by FBI Director Christopher Wray and a bombshell report recently indicated that the U.S. Energy Department believes the virus likely started at the lab.” This caused the media to scramble to cover their lies.

This is another story that has long been reported on, yet until now, not admitted to by the U.S. government. And this is also another subject I dealt with very early on.

One of my videos that YouTube pulled down was titled, “SPECIAL REPORT: Did Dr. Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab?” The video was based on damning information regarding Fauci’s relationship to the Wuhan lab gain-of-function experiments as published by Newsweek, a mainstream publication, nearly three years ago!

I tried to get around YouTube’s censors by titling my video “9 Questions for Dr. X.” At that point, I literally felt I could not name Dr. Fauci in a video title on their platform, and even not naming him, they STILL took the video down!

I was asking pertinent questions early on in this pandemic. You can watch the video here–it is a copy I uploaded to the Odysee site as a backup and pretty much forgot about it. I recently saw that it is still there!

I also commented on this video HERE.

And yet after ALL this evidence has finally risen to what is hopefully a critical mass–after so many lies, misdirections, and attacks, there are STILL “jounalists” like Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times who write forehead-smacking articles like “Mask Mandates? COVID Origins? Why Are We Still Having These Debates?” I’ll tell you, Robin: Because people you revere have taken actions which have led to the DEATHS and injuries of untold numbers of Americans and others worldwide. And because people like you, YouTube (Google), Facebook, most of the “mainstream” media, and so many more STILL do not have the human decency to admit that you were wrong.

Prideful people and prideful companies NEVER admit they are wrong!

Thankfully, the commenters under Robin Abcarian’s article did not hold back in blasting her and her “logic.” This is why I have hope that truth will finally be served regarding this unnecessary tragedy. I pray that there will someday be justice for the families of those who have died or been injured in vain.

Elon Musk has been promising to release the “Fauci Files,” which could expose major wrongdoing in the “plan-demic” response. So far that has not happened. Are there some really important people who don’t want this information coming out? What do you think?

And just how much evidence is needed to prosecute this man, anyway??? Does he need to go on TV and flat-out admit he helped fund research at Wuhan lab? Research that had the PURPOSE of making viruses more easily transmissible and dangerous to human beings!!!

Research that appears to have started the WHOLE COVID-19 pandemic with all of its deaths, injuries, political upheaval, loss of income and livelihoods! Arrests! The masking of schoolchildren in their most formulative years! The separation of sick, elderly people from their loved ones in hospitals! The list of horrors goes on…

This is what Fauci and his ilk have propagated. And now we’re supposed to just FORGET that it all happened or minimize it’s effects???

And now this: After years of the U.S. government DENYING that we support “gain-of-function” research, the White House has come out and said that Biden SUPPORTS “safe and secure” g.o.f. research!!!

So in short, the U.S. government just admitted that they were lying all along!

As to Dr. Fauci and his role in all of this, Sen. Ted Cruz has announced at CPAC that Fauci should be thrown in jail for lying under oath to Congress. Frankly, that’s likely the least of his crimes.

Nothing against Sen. Cruz (I do appreciate that he is fighting), but frankly, I’m not confident that politicians–who too often are part of the problem–have the will to ensure that justice is actually done. Political theater and actual results are two different things.

Whistleblower activists reportedly filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court at the Hague (in the Netherlands) against Fauci, Gates, Klaus Schwab, UK officials, and Big Pharma nearly two years ago for crimes against humanity. I hope some actual progress is taking place.

So while today, in many ways, I’m more hopeful than ever, and have seen great progress of late in the quest for truth regarding COVID, I know that to get results, good old fashioned work is needed. And that’s what is required here–not just exposure, but justice–for those who have been harmed or worse, and for their loved ones.

It has been said that “justice delayed is justice denied.” We’re getting close to the “denial” point.

But with God’s help, and with enough love for truth–I do believe that justice is now possible.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He promotes natural health, success, freedom–and most of all, clarity–during chaotic times. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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4 thoughts on “COVID Vindication!… Is Justice Finally Coming?”

  1. Thank you Patrick for taking the time and energy to expose the lies.
    I could see clearly that universal lock downs were wrong, giving people more
    money to stay home than they made at work was very obvious. Making homeowners
    and landlords go without income due to rent moratoriums. So many obvious attempts
    to bring us under control. Forced injections, jobs lost if people refused to take them.
    Freedom of choice disappeared and we began to lose more and more God given rights. I pray that the truth will come out. And I suspect we will learn that the Virus release was intentional. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Sid. You’re right, it was really obvious stuff. Free people should never allow this, and we must not allow something like this to occur again. Re the virus release from Wuhan, I’d be surprised if the release was NOT intentional. We were talking about this from the get go. Here’s a podcast I did almost 3 years ago on the subject with my friend Jay (“Coronavirus: Weapon of War?):

  2. Thank you Patrick.
    The problem the world aggressors had was that whatever they did to the flu virus, which appears what took place, it still could not kill well, so they needed bad evil protocols like stay home, and remdesivir and killing intubation, to set us up for fear and mind control in order to do their the end game, dna altering murderous clot shots. Now their deed is done, and yes Patrick, none of our “leaders” in politics are calling for an immediate halt to all of these lying shots and protection of the pharma executives behind it all. That is cowardly and we all need to share with them and demand they act. The actions DeSantis has taken with investigations is good, but way short given this extreme mass murder.
    Take a look at this brief OAN report.
    I am going to share it around, including to Trump.

    1. Thanks, Fabian, I concur with what your comments. The video is very good, it is a bit dated though (June of 2022). I went to the original source (OANN) but the page was not found.

      Someone just sent me this video from Tucker Carlson’s show re vaccines and the sudden death explosion. On the show, Tucker interviews Edward Dowd, who has written a very well received book called “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Vaccine Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” Here’s a link to the book I found on Amazon:

      I believe this interview is very effective. He just states the facts and numbers, and doesn’t get into a lot of who did this, and who did that. I think this approach can be very effective, and that fair-minded people would look at this interview and almost HAVE to agree with Ed. Even Trump and others who you may send this too may be persuaded by what they see. I wish I had the direct link to the show on “Tucker Carlson Today” but I don’t. It’s still a very good interview, well worth anyone’s time. Note: Interview is 54 minutes, but I get around that by watching in double speed!

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