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Recently, I had the honor and pleasure of seeing a presentation by Professor David Clements about the machines that are killing our elections, and the critical need to return to using paper ballots. It was part of his “Greater Magistrates” Tour–he is literally criss-crossing America in the hopes of saving it!

This man has a distinguished resume as a former prosecutor, and professor at New Mexico State University, where he was fired after refusing to wear a mask or take the experimental COVID shots. He has appeared on Tucker Carlson and many other programs.

After seeing the professor’s presentation, I was impressed with the honesty and intellect of the man, and was convinced of the grave danger our nation is in, if we do not find a way to re-implement free and fair elections. I spoke with the professor and asked for an interview, which he graciously accepted. That interview–on my podcast DECLARATION of Independence–is here…

You can reach the professor:

Professor David Clements on Tucker Carlson Tonight (full interview)

This man is giving his all for this country. He did not want to ask for financial support on my program, or on other podcasts, but I can see that he can use support. Feel free to ask him how you can help.

Please share my interview with Professor David Clements wherever you can! We must take back our country, and the professor lays out the strategy (hint: reclaim your COUNTY!) in the interview. Thank you!

How to take back your county:

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  1. I just read this article from this Fabian. Who is he. !!! He definitely has a low opinion about Donald Trump. It seems like he hates him. Wow, what an acknowledgment. So he promoted the vaccine at first .!!!! Maybe he did not know at first, what a death vaccine it was. If Fauci had not pushed that Remdesivir on all the patients, many people would have survived Covid 19. They are still giving it to people and they are still pushing the vaccine on National Television, do not forget that. The Left will never stop their evil agenda. They still want to kill as many people as they can get away with.
    But I have heard very informed people about our economy and now our tyrannical lifestyle , that Donald Trump is the only one who can save us from this communist new world order regime we have at the moment in the White House. And I believe that also.
    Mr Fabian,
    You need to look , what he accomplished in these four short years under constant attack from the Swamp People and give him Credit for that. Nobody has ever achieved that. I hope and pray , that he will get re-elected in 2024 and fix this Country to its former Glory.

  2. Thank you Patruck, it is the core issue and how so many election have been stolen by the left, that is clear from the 2020 elections. I did jump the gun a bit on my initial comment about Trump, the professor, and the veeycrel mass murder happening with Trump fully colluding with it all, even now lying.
    So thank you and I will do what I can to help in this.
    I do see that due to Trump’s totally immoral selling of a known dna poisonois clot shot, by anyone who cares to know, made him open to take over. I cannot openly speak on him minus the reality of his betrayal, it is that big of a deal.
    And I believe anyone in the conservative movement should be same, and he should be shunned.

    1. Thanks. Fabian, I’m glad you saw that you jumped the gun with your Trump comments. I did not believe that talking about Trump in the way you seek was appropriate at that time. I still don’t. The interview was about bringing back free and fair elections. And I’m happy that you want to help. We need “all hands on deck!” Nevertheless, I understand how you can see things the way you do. If we lose faith with God in an area of our lives. He can remove his protection from us. God may have done this in letting his rightful Presidency be taken from him. Trump still retains amazing leadership gifts. And I hope and pray that he sees the light regarding the vaccine issue. Keep him on your prayers.

      1. Yes indeed, God removes His protection, and unfortunately has from America. We are worthy and I and many believe we will be destroyed massively soon. When we see dna point and worldwide porn being spread by us, as well as other nations yes, but we do a massively good job of that, and considering our once station in the world, we are under big judgment. and I don’t see Trump as having good leadership skills still, quite the opposite. If he did, he would help save some lives, especially kids, whose parents are still having them shot up, killed and injured. He cannot possibly love us, or the nation. not with his actions and now inaction or even words of warning. There’s a lot of momentum from the Trump cult to not see this truth.
        This is a worthy fight of course, but remember, this is a root cause of how the shadow government has taken and kept control, except of some localities. It’s not going to change enough to change our largely immoral nation. That would take war, but Jesus will take care of that. It looks like we will be out of the picture as a viable nation at that point, biblically we are not even present in revelation, which is very odd…except for likely mystery Babylon.
        Take care,

  3. WOW what a great interview. I also live in Santa Rosa county and would like to join you in making elections here fair and honest. I have actually worked the polls in Jay for several years.

    1. Thank you, Elijah! The first thing I’d recommend is for you to email the CORE citizen’s group at [email protected] and let them know you want to help bring free and fair elections to SRC. Also ask to sign up for their newsletter. Keep me posted!

  4. Thank you so much, Sid! That was my intent–once I saw Professor Clements speak and demonstrate this himself–to show people that they CAN make a difference!… Glad to be back!

  5. Wonderful interview! You have shown us so clearly, among other things,
    that one person can make a difference when you stood up
    and asked for your County officials to vote on paper ballots!
    If only one person in each county in this country would do
    what you have done then we might save the voting system here and
    the country itself.
    Really enjoyed this clear and insightful discussion.
    Well done as usual! Glad you are back. We need your voice!

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