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Hello my Friends!

I’m sorry that I have not posted here for some time. I experienced a severe case of food poisoning, and full recovery took nearly two months. I have had much going on in my live as well.

I am back now, at full strength, thank God.

I have learned some things, and hope to pass some of this along to you as we go.

Not only have I not posted for many weeks, I have not hosted my “Old School LIVE!” podcast. It is something I have loved to do, and I miss it very much.

I’m happy to announce that I am going back “on the air” THIS SATURDAY NIGHT 11/12/22 at 8 PM Eastern Time / 5 PM Pacific Time (U.S.) on YouTube. Frankly, I’m probably hanging by a thread on the platform and I am prepared to let it go if I must and go to Rumble, where I currently have a modest presence.

Time will tell. You can always go to the Old School site to keep up with me.

HERE’S THE LINK to this Saturday night’s show.

I’m bringing on a Guest Host for the first time–my good friend / writer and artist ROBERT CAMPBELL. Robert is “a Christian American Republican who happens to be black.”

Robert and I agree on much in regards to doing all we can to save our culture, and yet there is much we disagree on too in regards to how we express our Christianity, and in some of our political affiliations. But this is one thing that makes America great–we can STILL agree to disagree and have the freedom (at least at this point) to do it.

Originally, I wanted to interview Robert about his controversial articles that I posted on this Old School site….

Amazing Times! (DAYS OF NOAH; FINAL WARNING, Part I)


But as I write this post, the mid-term election results are (still) coming in, and it’s clear that there is no “red wave.” The Republican Party–though it will control the House of Representatives (and that’s a very good thing)–may or may not control the Senate. They should have won both easily.

Moreover, they failed to win key state governor’s and other races.

If sanity reigned among the American People (and if the election rules and procedures were conducted without widespread fraud), FEW DEMOCRATS WOULD HAVE WON THEIR RACES. Why should they win when for the past nearly two years, Biden and his handlers have worked day and night in an obvious attempt to destroy our country.

Tuesday’s election results demonstrate that much of the country cannot see clearly enough–the massive destruction that is taking place–or just WHO the architects of that destruction are. That is a tragedy that makes me want to weep.

If the Republicans cannot pull off a “red wave” now–after month upon month of wanton destruction, it begs the question, “Just WHEN CAN they accomplish a ‘red wave’?”

Sadly, the America People have become so de-moralized (a process that has taken decades to accomplish, but one that has escalated dramatically over the past few years), that it is entirely possible that sufficient numbers of citizens will NEVER wake up to accomplish a political transformation of this country.

That would leave us in extreme peril. In fact, we are ALREADY in extreme peril.

This is the conversation we are going to start THIS SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8 PM EASTERN TIME / 5 PM PACIFIC TIME.

HERE’S THE LINK to this Saturday night’s show.

I hope you join us and participate in the “chat.”

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I know there is always hope as long as we have breath in our bodies, and I believe that there IS hope for America–but ONLY if we repent of our sins / colossal stupidity. We will discuss this too.

The hour is getting late. Is it TOO late? We shall see.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom! (I’m saying this to America as well as to every American…)


Patrick Rooney, Founder

Old School

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