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Amazing Times! (DAYS OF NOAH; FINAL WARNING, Part I): By Guest Columnist ROBERT CAMPBELL

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Hello Folks, it has been a while since I have written an article. I have been so busy doing other things like work and rebuilding my life after my divorce, after 42 years of marriage. This was heartbreaking, to say the least, and very stressful. But life goes on, and you must move on. As a God-fearing man, I know God was watching over me through the whole process, and he allowed me to go through the pain to gain strength through it all.

Life improved for me because God had to show me myself and because I admitted my faults. I believe God also allowed me to be alone so that I was to look to Him and no one else–to call on Him only. It was a very trying time not to be able to contact folks in my own family, and friends. Not because of myself not contacting THEM, but because of them not contacting me. But as I said, God wanted me to look at myself only. It was like “Moses” crossing the desert. But I’m back, renewed with vigor and strength.

I am amazed at what is happening in this country, this world. We live in a time like it was in the “days of Noah,” where folks did whatever pleased them, morally or immorally. In fact, it’s more immoral than ever before. There is absolutely no consideration of God in these times whatsoever; God is not in the picture. They now look at God as evil and look at Satan as the god over them.

The new (degraded) culture

The new culture is to look any kind of way in appearance. It’s nothing now to see people wearing clothes that they just put on without any kind of thought. Grown men and women wearing pajama pants and tee shirts and raggedy jeans. I now see men and women with tattoos all over their bodies. Earrings and piercings protrude out of all parts of their face and body. Black men wear add-on braids in their hair, just like women. They will go to the beauty shop and have hair glued to their heads. There are times you cannot tell the men from the women. And women are stuffing themselves into clothes two sizes too small. It’s now a badge of honor to say you smoke and do drugs. Drugs are now as normal as drinking water.

Most men I see today just get by without thinking about getting ahead or taking care of themselves. I’m speaking from my perspective and from a black man’s view, so if you get offended by me talking about black people, so be it. I also address white folks too. In fact, I talk about all races of folks.

In my race of people (black folks), too many are lost; they still hate the white man and this country for no reason other than they were told to do so by evil people. The evil Left has brainwashed blacks and also whites so badly that they have become numb to listening to reason or truth. They would rather listen to a lie than hear that they are being used to get the evil agenda done, which in reality, is destroying their existence.

It started years ago when welfare was introduced by Lyndon Baines Johnson and his cronies. Actually, it started before then, but welfare was the tool to put it on the fast track to destroying families of all walks of life, and it has been devastating to the black family. The main goal was to destroy families and take the man out of the family unit. If you look closely, the woman is now the new head of the family in commercials, movies, and many venues. You also see them more and more in state and government venues. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but where are the men? The men today are now looked at as the weaker vessel.

Disintegration of black men

Unfortunately, there are men who go from one bed to another, having babies without regard or interest in caring for them, with their only concern being to smoke dope and have sex. This applies to all races, but it has been devastating to the black race. As I said, I’m black, so I can speak about my people. Whites can also; it’s just that they have fear and are afraid to tell them the truth.

It’s nothing now to see young men playing Satanic rap music as if that is real music. They play it repeatedly until it’s planted in their heads that America is their enemy, not knowing that Satan is deceiving them. Satan offers them riches beyond belief to rap about hatred of authority, police, country, and the government. The rap industry is the biggest money-making machine ever as far as music goes, if you can even call it music. People of all races and ages listen to it – blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Satan has used this instrument to deceive billions of folks. And why should he not? Was he not a master musician in heaven? He was also said to be a beautiful angel in heaven. I have always wondered, does God love “Lucifer”? However, that’s a discussion for another topic.

The new god is the smartphone, the smart TV, and of course, Google and all the other social media, etc. We pray to our phones and guard them like it’s our lifeblood. We will do whatever it takes to keep our smartphones safe and look at them at least every fifteen to twenty minutes to ensure that there are no phone calls or texts of (no) importance that we may have missed. Even if it’s a bill collector! The smartphone has made everyone seem important when talking about nothing. The smartphone has made folks seem like geniuses because they can get instant gratification and quick answers. It is like “Eve” biting the apple from the tree of knowledge.

Our children are addicted to electronics and don’t even know how to go outside and ride their bikes or play games in the yard. The kids’ parents now use their smartphones as babysitters. If you don’t believe me, just go out and take a test for yourself and see how much one looks at their phone.

Satan uses anything and anyone to get his agenda done, and that is to destroy any link to Jesus. He will offer you anything you want to get your attention.

Here on Earth, Satan is wreaking havoc. Satan has been allowed to destroy the family and spread evil all over the earth. The family unit is now becoming nonexistent in society, but especially the black family unit; it has almost disappeared. All that is left are baby daddies and mommies. Many black men have become useless to society. This, of course, is happening to all men but has been devastating to blacks.

Blacks lead the nation in divorce, fathers not in the home, abortion, crime, having babies out of wedlock, and leaving them for someone else to take care of. A lot of black men will not go to work and keep a steady job and add to the community; they will just complain about how racist the white man is and how he is holding them back.

Buying the lie

But it is not just blacks hating America; it’s other races of people also. It’s just plain evil that has taken over men’s and women’s minds to buy the lie. They have bought the lie that America is evil and that the Founding Fathers (those evil white men) were just white supremacists. Liberals today hate the white men of old because they had courage and strength. They built this great nation with the help of God into the greatest nation of all time.

While you may not believe this, God brought the black man to be a part of this country, Yes, we may have come “under” the boat, but nonetheless, we were here from the beginning. We were citizens from the start. And some great black men and women have come along to help build this great country. All you have to do is do your research (I have).

We have sacrificed millions of babies in the womb and made women believe that they can do whatever they want with their bodies. We now live in a society where good is evil and evil is good. Look around you; people are killing each other over nothing.

Road rage is a common phenomenon now, and you can get killed over just looking at a person wrong, accidentally cutting one off, etc.

We now hire armed guards in our schools to protect innocent children from getting killed when, in fact, that alone is totally out of the ordinary.

We now have allowed men to play women’s sports just because they say they have become a woman. It’s one thing for men (transgenders) to want to play in women’s sports; it’s another for us to allow it.

Deception in the Church

We so-called Christians that go to church every Sunday have allowed most of this evil to take place, all because we sit and wait on the Lord.

We believe all that we have to do is listen to the preacher and pray. Prayer is powerful, but it does nothing if we don’t put our best foot forward. We have to have faith that God will answer our prayers. And he may just say “No.” You can pray for a brand-new car in your yard, but if you don’t work, it will likely not happen because God will give you a job first instead of your new car.

Satan has run rampant over this land of America; it is not the shining light it used to be. We’re seeing a country that has lost its luster and has allowed the enemy to take a foothold. Evil is running this country from the top down. These are folks who we voted in to be over us. We voted for an administration that is robbing the country blind. This administration, from my perspective, is the most evil ever to run our country. They have brought this country down to becoming a third-world nation. And we as a people allowed them to do so.

Even so-called Christians voted in folks knowing that they were evil. They signed on the dotted line without looking at the contract, all because they were promised free stuff. And unfortunately, blacks were at the head of the pack.

END of Part I. Stay tuned for Part II–the conclusion!

Robert Campbell is a Christian American Republican “who happens to be black.”

He loves to paint and draw, and to write articles.

Robert has been writing for Rapture Ready, and Rapture Forums for several years.

He loves the Lord and wishes to get the information out regarding what he believes is going on in America and the world today.

He believes that men of all races need to stand up and take back their rightful role as men.

To contact Robert, email him at [email protected].

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