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***FBI RAID On TRUMP: Time to UNITE the Right–and ALL Freedom-Loving Americans!***

Hello Friends,

Last night I was sickened to find out that Biden and Christopher Wray’s FBI RAIDED President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago HOME!

The supposed reason for this raid was the execution of a search for materials that Trump allegedly took with him after his Presidency. Fox News sources said the National Archives and Records Administration referred the case to the Justice Department, which recovered 15 boxes of classified materials from the home. 

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that the Leftist cabal that currently runs our country is deathly afraid that President Trump will run again in 2024. They have tried many ways to “cancel” him, including the “Russian collusion” hoax, outright SPYING on him from the Obama administration, and of course the current Kangaroo court “January 6” investigation.

Nothing has really stuck, and desperation is in the air.

But RAIDING the home of an (ex?) President? Wow!

Just think of all the obvious crimes perpetrated by the likes of Hillary Clinton (destroying thousands of emails just for starters), Barack Obama (who spied on Trump, set our country up for destruction, and never even presented legitimate legal documentation necessary to become President of the United States), Joe and Hunter Biden (where do we start?–Joe is OWNED by our most dangerous enemy, China!–“Come on, man!”).

Remember the raid on Trump’s ex-campaign Director Paul Manafort? Do you see that they charged ex-Trump advisor Steve Bannon with Contempt of Congress because he refused to participate in their January 6 show trial?

Speaking of January 6, do you understand the level of evil it takes to hold so many of the people involved for nearly two years without sentencing? And from reports, many have been treated like animals!

There are clearly two standards of justice in America–one for the corrupt people in power–and another for the likes of President Trump… and us, of course. The citizens who obey the law and pay taxes.

So where is this heading?

And why would Biden and Co. make such a major move against Trump now?

Yes, they don’t want him to run in 2024, but I believe there’s more going on here.

Are they trying to intimidate the People–of whom less than forty percent approve of the job Biden is doing?

I’m sure that’s one of their messages. After all, if they can raid Trump, they can certainly raid us!

They’re backing it up with (jack) boots on the ground–87,000new IRS agents have been approved by the just-signed “Inflation Reduction Act.”

I believe they have another goal too–one that they use often: Doing something so outrageous, wrong, and aggressive that they are hoping that the more angry and emotionally unbalanced among us will blow a fuse… will go over the edge into violence directed at those who are abusing us and our Constitution daily.

Look at the articles they are ALREADY printing about “conservative calls for a civil war.”

I urge every person reading this post not to fall into their trap. But to instead, oppose and expose their wrongdoing creatively… and of course, non-violently.

I am interested in WINNING this battle, with God’s help of course. Responding with violence plays right into their hands, and will accomplish nothing except death and imprisonment.

I was heartened to see demonstrations in support of President Trump outside Mara Lago.

I would love to see MASSIVE demonstrations outside the White House until Biden packs up and goes away. But realistically, I believe we are best served by spending our energy in prayer, and POLITICAL activity that seeks the exit of all freedom-hating individuals.

There are PRIMARY elections beginning already. Go out and vote for candidates that put the People first! Be a poll watcher to do your part to ensure our elections are not completely corrupted. And in November, clean the House (of Representatives) of the dead wood.

I believe that Biden and Co. may have a major miscalculation on their hands. What decent American–of ANY political persuasion–wants to see the political enemies of those in power harassed and possibly convicted of crimes?

This is no longer America if this kind of behavior is tolerated.

It is time that EVERY Freedom-loving American UNITES to stand with President Trump against this outrageous attack on his liberties. I don’t care if you like Trump or not. Personally, though I am grateful for all of Trump’s accomplishments on behalf of the American People, I am no longer the big Trump supporter I was because of his continuing support of the shots (which have proved deadly), and his lack of sustained support for the January 6 detainees.

Nevertheless, I MUST take a stand to support him in this fight because the current alternative to flawed leaders such as President Trump are DOWNRIGHT EVIL! And we’re not so much as standing for the MAN as we are standing for the PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOM!

Right now THAT is our choice–subjugation or freedom!

AFTER the raid on his home, President Trump released a NEW VIDEO. Clearly, he is not rolling over.

This is our last chance (and the 2024 elections if we get that far) to save our country through the electoral process. And once lost, the second civil war Biden and the media are stoking may come about.

I know many people seek that kind of conflict, but our Founding Fathers knew that war is a horrible thing, and should be the last resort for a freedom-loving People. They were measured in their responses to King George’s “repeated injuries and usurpations.” They exercised every available alternative to war before finally being left with no good option.

Perhaps you could argue that we’ve put up with similar abuses. But even if this were the case, understand that the Founding Fathers were never watched and tracked anywhere near as closely as we are now. We cannot even fart without them smelling it!

We have allowed our government to enslave us “for our own good.” Therefore our actions need to take our current circumstances into account, and creatively work for our freedom.

So make your choice. There’s a time for carping about what we don’t agree with, and a time for STANDING AGAINST TYRANNY. WE are not the enemy of our government. Our government (in the form of Biden and Co.) have–with the raid of President Trump’s HOME–stood up and declared THEMSELVES to be OUR enemy!

It’s time to recognize that fact and stand for freedom! Let us make allies with all who embrace it! I believe we will find that only a small minority actually agree with the abusive actions of the current occupant of the White House.

That’s a big advantage for us. If we seek His counsel, our great and mighty God will guide us to where we need to be. We just need to trust Him again.

To Your Health, Success, and FREE-DOMMM!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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9 thoughts on “***FBI RAID On TRUMP: Time to UNITE the Right–and ALL Freedom-Loving Americans!***”

    1. Then you will have to suffer at the hands of grave injustice, since you will not stand up for another American’s freedom. That’s the way the world works. Some liberals call it “karma.”

      1. I don’t care what you think. You have demonstrated yourselves to be criminal liars and hateful racist religious zealots. Join Reagan in hell and leave the rest of the world alone.

    2. Folks, Tom Hartman is a perfect example of a person that has no God in there life and hates his country. He believes in himself only. He hates the fact that there are people on both sides that believe in truth and justice for all.
      He hates Trump, because he represents truth and loves his country.
      Tom loves no one and he supports evil.
      Tom you really need to hear and listen for yourself how you really sound, your all emotion.
      You hate Trump because you support evil.
      Im hoping that you will open your eyes and see what is really going on.
      Your freedom is about to be taken from you and you dont even see it.
      God bless him Lord.

      1. Thanks, Robert. I realized that Tom is living in his own private he’ll and I wasn’t going to get through to him.

        And now I just noticed that his email address is [email protected]. That’s interesting. Free Rpublic is a conservative website, or at least it used to be. I can’t imagine them allowing such an unhinged moderator to represent them.

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