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***Please DONATE NOW to support Old School’s critical work promoting natural health, success, and freedom. Thank you!*** I first planned to put out a post with this title weeks ago. But I got busy and yada, yada… Then Joe made his stupid, angry announcement attempting to force larger businesses to mandate COVID vaccines for their employees, and it made this… Read the rest

Podcast #10: Discovering YOUR Path to SUCCESS with BRIAN J. POMBO, Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Coach

  • by Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:09:05 — 22.1MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS | More Hello Old Schoolers! This is my first podcast release in over ONE YEAR! There are many reasons for this, but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that we are BACK! For the first new podcast, I decided to… Read the rest


***HEY, YOU! Natural health, success, and freedom are under attack like never before. Old School is fighting for YOU. We CANNOT EXIST without your financial support! Please DONATE NOW to support our critical work. Thank you!*** I visited an old friend over the weekend. We had not talked for far too long a time. He gave me some sound advice–it was about… Read the rest
Brian Pombo - Business-Where To Start

Business: Where to Start?

Business strategy coach and Old School Contributor Brian J. Pombo begins his series on starting and operating a rewarding and successful business. Often, would-be entrepreneurs get stuck right at the start–and this is right where Brian starts today! “Success” is a key part of this discussion–what is your idea of success. Where do you want to go? It may be… Read the rest

Old School — NEWS THEY HIDE — Monday 8/2/21

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Just In: 111,000+ Vaccine Breakthrough Cases In US — More Than 10X CDC’s Count When They Stopped Tracking in May (The Gateway Pundit) Why Are Globalists and Governments So Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates? (Alt-Market) ***MUST READ!*** Johns Hopkins University Confirms that Self-Spreading Vaccines are Real ( I Know Exactly Who Is to Blame for This New Wave of COVID-19… Read the rest

It Takes LOVE to Change the World

I write often about action. About how we need to DO something to reclaim our country and our world. Apathy is not the answer. Despair is not the answer. Hating those who oppress us is not the answer. Fever dreams about taking up arms, when we never did the underlying work of keeping a Republic, is not the answer. So… Read the rest

Why We Suffer

Recently I realized that I think way too much about what I’m going to say to people who cause me, to be honest, just a mild inconvenience! It’s a clue to an issue that isn’t fully worked out yet. I remember being at a park one day when I was a boy. My brother was there, too, and another boy.… Read the rest

Does Your Success Matter?

Business strategy coach Brian J. Pombo introduces himself; and discusses what he and other contributors to the “new” Old School blog will be offering to enhance your health, success, and freedom, and why you should go to Old School’s home page to subscribe and receive new Old School posts. Brian also tells you how to get a FREE COPY of… Read the rest

Where Old School is Going… And Where to Find Me (VIDEO)

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In THIS VIDEO, I give an update… YouTube has been removing some of my videos and penalizing me for it. If you’ve seen my recent posts, you already know this. Why are they doing this? Because of my OPINION about the last election, and my comments calling out the scare-mongering and coverups they and the other social media giants have… Read the rest
Investing in Gold with Joe Grande

Podcast #9: Investing in GOLD (and How to Start) with Joe Grande

  • by Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:09:42 — 63.8MB) Subscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS | More VIDEO Link In this PODCAST, I interview businessman and experienced gold investor Joe Grande about the reasons people should consider investing in gold and silver, and how to get started. Joe Grande [email protected] 7-Minute Meditation Dr. Sherry Rogers on the 7… Read the rest