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STOP B*tching!

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Like many of you, I’ve been swallowing a series of “red pills” as world events unfold.

And I’ve finally seen the light regarding most of “conservative media”–it sells a product, and that product is outrage.

Much as government and the Left have no desire to actually fix problems, and instead exacerbate them for power and money, conservative media appears designed to do the same.

I’d say at least ninety percent of the programming I see or hear, particularly from the major sources, can be classified as b*tching–complaining about what some evil guy or people are doing.

What do we expect evil people to do??? They are controlled by evil so they CANNOT do good!

Perhaps we can say the same of conservative media–evil has at least some level of control over them.

So outrage is used as a product, but outrage is a dangerous product indeed. Essentially, they get people angry at what’s going on. The way this is done, is to report the outrageous act of the moment done by a thoroughly evil person or entity.

And they keep the emphasis on the evil person or entity, NOT on what good people can do to stop the evil!

Knowing and having resolve about what we can do to effectively fight has a very positive effect on our mood and confidence… While keeping the focus on the outrageous, evil act introduces hopelessness.

The difference is night and day!

Much as we need to stop supporting those who are actively working to destroy us and instead support those who are on our side, we need to stop tuning in to news and commentary that b*tches instead of empowers.

To see a list of quality conservative sites, go to my home page and scroll down to the “News” links on the right side of the page. But keep in mind that even “good” sites will often post outrage without hope–after all, they are posting “news,” not generally posting solutions.

You’ll see that I include Fox News on my links, but only because of Tucker Carlson, whose commentaries are generally outstanding, and some other good people and content. Overall, I’m disgusted by Fox’s work sandbagging Trump on election night with their extremely early call of Arizona for Biden, and for their refusal to properly cover the demand for a fair election count.

Always keep in mind that journalism is a business. Anyone who makes their living from news and commentary will be pressured in some way to move the ratings up, or get more views, etc. And the vast majority of people in this business–as is true in any business–are subject to economic and other pressures.

Discontinuing “NEWS They Hide!”

I do need to make an announcement here: Recently I created a “NEWS They Hide!” page to help my readers stay educated on important news that “mainstream media” blocks. But I’ve come to realize that there are other sources available, such as those “News” links listed on my home page I referred to above, that cover alternative news well. One place you can get quick access to this news is The Liberty Daily, which is a news “aggregator” and conservative alternative to the now-liberal Drudge Report.

I’ve come to realize that I must give up my time-consuming news pursuit, so I can better focus on the core of Old School: posts, videos, and podcasts promoting natural health, success, and freedom.

Fundraising vs. News/Commentary

Just like the news/commentary business, political and cause-related fundraising is subject to economic and other pressures–and therefore fundraising appeals grab attention by focusing on outrage. The difference between fundraising and news/commentary though, is that in fundraising, once the “problem” is identified, the “solution” is promoted, which is a particular candidate, organization, campaign, etc.

So the lack of a solution is basically baked into the news/commentary business. It’s the outrage that brings people to the media source, and there they are exposed to advertisers. Now the advertisers DO propose solutions to various problems, such as health and wealth, and I’m certainly not knocking advertisers, but neither they nor the news/commentary source typically propose a solution to the anger caused by the outrage!


Old School does not pretend to be immune from the pressures all businesses are subject to, nor are we free from the outrage game. But we try! In my posts, videos, and podcasts, I almost always add a proposed solution to the problem.

The solution to the outrage game, from my experience, is objectivity, which is beautiful, but typically not easily obtained. I find I attain an increasing degree of objectivity through simple meditation and prayer. I cover this in some more depth here.

I believe that objectivity is the number one antidote to the crazy world that we find ourselves in. Everything flows from objectivity, or common sense, as Old School content Contributor Brian J. Pombo explains here.

Also note some of these great quotes by Thomas Paine. While these quotes may “make you want to rebel,” you may notice that even more importantly, they reveal an objective state of mind, and could easily have been said regarding the current situation we find ourselves in.

Ultimately, I’m coming to believe that our infatuation with “news” as a society is a setup. The habit of consuming news voraciously was passed on to me by my father. But upon questioning him about the details of the news he was consuming, I found that he really didn’t pay it that much attention–he used it as a distraction from the pains of his own life. I should have paid better attention to that revelation.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be informed about what is going on in the world around us. But it is even better to be informed about what we can do to better our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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2 thoughts on “STOP B*tching!”

  1. This post was a HOME RUN. GREAT, I like more of that. Hardly anyone talks about that. We are all being effected by this OUTRAGE. And it is not good. Better, it is real bad. Listening day in day out this OUTRAGE causes a negative attitude in many, if not most people. In turn it causes hopelessness. It makes situations look worse than they really are. Don’t get wrong the whole situation is very bad. But being hit over the head with bad news continuously causes an alltogether negative attitude and hopelessness and not an objective view of things. Which all need. Your GREAT POST will wake many people UP and hopefully look at things, the selling of OUTRAGE, differently, more objectively

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