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It Takes LOVE to Change the World

I write often about action. About how we need to DO something to reclaim our country and our world.

Apathy is not the answer.

Despair is not the answer.

Hating those who oppress us is not the answer.

Fever dreams about taking up arms, when we never did the underlying work of keeping a Republic, is not the answer.

So what IS the answer?

Again, I have spoken of action, which is a PART of the answer.

But it’s not the most important part. Not by far.

Love is.

What is Love?

Many have defined love. I once had a friend who said, “Love is not hating.” And he’s right.

John Lennon said, “All you need is love.” And he was right.

Paul spoke eloquently and famously of love, and said that if we had every other good attribute, but had not love, we had nothing. And he was right.

I have come to see this in my own life.

For decades, I have believed, essentially, that prayer is all we need. Because it is a powerful gateway to love. And I was right.


But what I have come to realize–and in a moment this morning–is that the intent in our prayer is what really matters.

Let me explain…

Until now, I have wanted and prayed to God to take away my anger. Though He has done amazing things in my life, He has never removed all of my anger.

At the same time, I have prayed with the intent of increasing my objectivity, believing that one of my big stumbling blocks was not seeing myself and the world clear enough.

But objectivity is cold without love.

This morning, something caused me to yield to a sense of love that was there already, knocking at the door as it were.

And I was able to feel the love that was there waiting for me.

And so I realized that being in prayer is really just opening oneself to love–not our grudges. It’s as simple as that.

How I Pray

For decades, I have practiced some version of silent meditation, while using words sparingly (I’ve found out that where God is concerned, keeping my mouth shut for the most part has been a sound strategy!)

I have used more technical means of prayer / meditation in the past, and as I have said, I have certainly benefited.

But more recently, my meditation has become pretty simple. I just sit up in bed, or sometimes in a chair, close my eyes (to avoid distraction, and to see the movement of light that is occurring in front of me when my eyes are closed–yes, it is a phenomenon that does take place, we just typically never notice it because our minds are so busy).

I bring my hands together with my fingertips and thumbs touching each other lightly. That brings a connection, that I can feel in an electrical fashion–sometimes more powerfully than other times.

As best as I can, I also watch thoughts as they attempt to capture my attention.

…We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:5

Typically, I would also notice the sounds in the room and outside. But just being “in the moment,” as is popular to say these days, is not enough. As has been said, it is not the “present” that heals us, it’s the “presence” (of God).

But this morning, as I have felt occasionally over the years, I found myself yielding to the presence, and that presence is love!

Born Again?

I have heard people say that they had an encounter with God and were changed instantly, like Paul on the road to Damascus. This has not been my experience.

As I said, I have had occasional powerful experiences that were not of this world, and that have undoubtedly helped me. But they did not “save” me from my sins.

But after this morning, I have renewed hope that by simply being in prayer and being open to “the presence,” I can feel the love that I believe one day will save me from that which seeks my destruction.

Bringing It All Back to Action

So in coming back to the action necessary to reclaim our republic, and our world, it becomes plain that we of ourselves do NOT have the power to do this!

A simple example that I have heard about is the difference between the American and French revolutions–one chose a foundation based on a strong reliance on our Creator, and succeeded. One did not–and brought on a Reign of Terror.

The same thing will happen in America if we let hatred be our fuel instead of love. Just look in your own life, in the life of your family, and at our civic life, and you will see the degree that hatred has shaped us.

Love is the exception to the rule in America and the world today. But if we were to yield to it, it would become the “rule.”

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

2 thoughts on “It Takes LOVE to Change the World”

  1. “God is essentially love. And the universe is entirely orderly. Beyond that concept is the premise that each soul’s purpose is to become a companion with its creator. Life did not begin at the moment of physical birth; rather, there was an existence in spirit prior to physicality. God gave each soul complete freedom of choice and the opportunity to find expression, to find oneself in the image of its creator. It would only be through a process of personal experiences, one choice leading to another, and then another, and another, that God’s companions could gain their individuality. And as individuals, in their own right, would once again return, in consciousness, to the divine consciousness.

    The soul is creative; it longs for self-expression. The essential question repeated by the soul is, “Who am I?” This question is addressed in infinite ways as each soul chooses specific experiences to meet itself. The soul gains first-hand knowledge about its own identity and learns how choices may lead to specific experiences. In time, soul experiences and acquired knowledge will lead to wisdom. Inevitability, wisdom will lead to compassion and, eventually, love. At this point, the soul will know its identity as well as its proper relationship with God. The soul will have come to understand that its primary essence and God’s are the same, love.”

    1. Thank you, David. Interesting perspective. I see quotes on your comment. Are you quoting a source? If so, I don’t recognize it. Where did you see my post?

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