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Support PATRIOTIC Businesses–Not WOKE Corporations!

Isn’t it time we stopped supporting faceless, multi-national, woke corporations and started supporting patriotic enterprises? Here are some examples…


My Store (Mike Lindell’s alternative to

Red Balloon (We connect employers who value freedom with employees who value it too)

USA Products Only (A digital marketplace for US-made products)

My Patriot Supply (Emergency preparedness)

Brickhouse Nutrition (Built with science. Mortared with innovation)

Press House Coffee (A passion for sharing our passion)

We The People Holsters (American-made holsters designed for concealed carry)

Rightforge (The first global internet infrastructure company committed to American principles online)

My Pillow (Guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own–Mike Lindell’s company)

Helix (Find the perfect mattress for how you sleep)

Freedom Phone (Completely. Uncensored)

Patriot Mobile (Mobilizing Freedom)

Our Gold Guy (Protect your finances today)

“Don’t Buy!”

United Airlines Graduates First Class of New Pilots: 80% of Them Are Women or People of Color

Five Woke Companies And The Alternatives To Them (Gen Z Conservative)

HERE is Your Boycott List of All of the Liberal Agenda Corporations (Inland NW Report)

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Supports de-funding police)

CVS Pharmacy (Training tells employees to “Understand their privilege” and hire based on diversity)