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Iran Fails To Honor Key Nuclear Agreement, Only Days Away From Enough Fuel For Nuclear Weapon Daily Wire 9/27/21

Arizona Governor Ducey Does It Again – Sides with Biden and Fellow RINOs No Matter What the Facts Are with the 2020 Election in Arizona The Gateway Pundit 9/25/21

“US Sovereignty”: NATO Takes over Norfolk Naval Base Global Research 9/25/21

Democrats own this debt limit hike — don’t bail them out (Fat chance Republicans will actually do the right thing!) Washington Examiner 9/27/21

‘I cannot practice, I cannot play’: Tennis ace ends season, admits he regrets taking Covid vaccine after feeling ‘violent pain’ The Wyoming News Station 9/26/21

Trump Rising Townhall 9/27/21

VIDEO: The Dead-On Principle CRUCIAL for Success Brian J. Pombo Youtube 9/25/21

ANOTHER TUCKER “MUST WATCH”: Tucker Carlson: This is proof Biden and his lackeys in the media are lying about COVID Fox News 9/25/21

Hegseth: Did Biden just drop 12,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS in your backyard? Fox News 9/24/21

Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace (Who shilled for Biden against Trump in the Presidential Debate!!!) On Biden’s Border Crisis: It’s Time To ‘Build A Wall’ Daily Wire 9/24/21

Joe Biden Tells Indian Prime Minister Not to Answer Questions from U.S. Press Breitbart 9/24/21

Arizona audit flags thousands of suspect ballots, kicking issue to state’s attorney general Just the News 9/24/21

VIDEO: Arizona State University Student Harassed for Studying While White in a ‘Multicultural Space’ Rumble 9/24/21

Biden’s IRS bank account snooping plan faces mounting opposition Fox Business 9/24/21

CDC director recommends COVID-19 booster for younger at-risk workers, defying advisory panel Fox News 9/24/21

Nicki Minaj Fans and Trump Supporters to Join Together at “Fraud Fauci Friday Rally” at CDC Headquarters Today in Atlanta The Gateway Pundit

Dems Seek to Abolish Trump-Created Space Force Newsmax 9/23/21

Fox News bans Rudy Giuliani from appearing: report The Hill 9/24/21

China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal BBC 9/24/21


MUST READ: Organizing Patriots in the Face of Government Informants and False Flags 9/23/21

VIDEO: Sidney Powell updates election fraud fight 9/15/21 (NOTE: This is nearly 60 minutes, but well worth watching. If you’re pressed for time, just go to the “gear” icon and speed up to 1.5 or even 2X speed, as I did!)

Healthy Athletes Suddenly Fall Ill, Die After Forced Covid Injection – And The Media’s Silent InfoWars 9/22/21

California woman suing to force hospital to give intubated husband ivermectin SF Gate 9/23/21

Joe Biden Bans Officials from Using Horses to Secure the Border Breitbart 9/23/21

House of Representatives approves $1b. for Iron Dome by landslide Jerusalem Post 9/23/21

VIDEO: President Trump calls America to 21 days of Prayer Sean Feucht YouTube 9/12/21 (Note: Sorry I’m late in posting this, but there’s still 10 days of prayer left!)

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