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NEWS They Hide

***NEWS They Hide is a project of Old School. We separate the “wheat” from the “chaff,” highlighting key stories the news and stories “mainstream” media purposely ignores. Old School exists to promote natural health, success, and freedom–all under unrelenting attack in today’s world. We are standing for YOU! Please make a one-time or monthly DONATION to support our critical work. Thank You!***

***Republicans Race to Stop Biden From Giving WHO Power Over Pandemic Surveillance*** –Reclaim The Net 2/25/23

VIDEO: “This is the Greatest Crime I’ve Ever Seen in My Life (Tucker Carlson interviews Ed Dowd re Vaccine Deaths and Injuries) –Before It’s News 2/24/23

British Journalist Shows How the CIA Played a ‘Direct’ Role in the Creation of Google –Life Site News 2/27/23

VIDEO: In Explosive New Interview, Sy Hersch Details His Allegations of the Nord Stream 2 Sabotage –The Gateway Pundit 2/26/23

Zuckerberg Funds Recruitment of Progressives to Administer U.S. Elections –Just The News 2/25/23

Programmer Tells AZ Lawmakers How Machines Can Be Manipulated Without Detection –Lifesite 2/23/23

New Video Shows Capitol Police January 6 Started Firing On Innocent Crowd Without Warning –The Gateway Pundit 2/23/23

Tom Emmer Unveils Bill To Ban Fed From Issuing Government-Controlled Digital Currency –Breitbart 2/22/23

***VIDEO: The ES&S Coverup: The Machines Aren’t Certifiable***–The Professor’s Record (Excellent introduction to machine election fraud–Professor David Clements interviews Sophie Anderson and Jenn Orton of

Fox News Proves Dominion Knew Their Machines Were Vulnerable to Hacking “Riddled With Bugs“–Doug Dillings Report 2/18/23

Here’s Your Proof of a Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election –Wayne Allyn Root

Naomi Wold Proves “It’s A Bio Weapon”: Autopsies From Report 56 Reveal Medical Atrocities From Covid Shots [Video] –The Liberty Daily

Conquered: Another Historic Catholic Church Will Be Converted into a Mosque in Buffalo, New York –RAIR Foundation USA

If YOU see an important news story that is being hidden by the “mainstream media”, let us know about it!