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I LOVE This Guy! (VIVEK Media Smackdown REACTIONS)

For the past several months, I’ve witnessed the rise of the most powerful political force I’ve seen in my lifetime–Vivek Ramaswamy. I’m not saying this lightly.

Do you know who this guy is? Have you been paying attention?

If you …


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Hello my Friends!

I’m sorry that I have not posted here for some time. I experienced a severe case of food poisoning, and full recovery took nearly two months. I have had much going on in my live as well.…

The Infrastructure (Good Vs. Evil)

Hello folks, I think it’s time for another article on things that concern me about what’s going on in America.

I don’t write regularly, only because other writers have covered many important topics. And I don’t need to repeat it.…

Why Frederick Douglass is Still Relevant Today

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I did not intend to write a trilogy here. I just wanted to understand the Civil War.

It started when I moved to the South. I wanted to understand why so many Americans would kill each other. And by extension, …