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Here’s my LIVE Stream reaction to the young, WHITE male’s MASSACRE of 10 mostly BLACK shoppers in Buffalo, NY

A young, white male gun-downed 10 shoppers–most of whom were black–in a Buffalo, New York market on Saturday. He injured three others, in a race-motivated rampage.

I’d been tired, and had awoken from a pleasant rest to find out this horrific news, that should have been shocking, yet wasn’t.

As soon as I started reading a news report of the incident, it became clear what had happened, and how the media and politicians were already dealing with it.

It was soon after that I decided to go LIVE and just say what was on my mind. I’m tired of leaving the airwaves to the same old liars. We need EQUAL TIME!

We the People must be heard, because, in our absence, those with evil in their hearts are only too happy to see THEIR agendas moving forward. And we know the result of those agendas.

I have made a decision to put out more content, including LIVE streams and interviews with cultural movers, as there is so much going on, and the manipulators are so good at flooding the media with their content. I just can’t sit back and allow this to continue without a fight.

I’d like to hear your feedback about the show and about the fight that we are in. It’s time to come together as Americans (and people of goodwill worldwide). They like to keep us isolated–yet together, we are strong!

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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