YouTube “STRIKES” – They Removed “We’ve Been Scammed!” Because I Mentioned the FAKE Election!

YouTube STRIKE-We've Been Scammed!

Well, big-social media is up to its usual totalitarian tricks–they’ve given me a “strike” for my “We’ve Been Scammed!” video. Why? Because “we think it violates our spam, deceptive practices, and scams policy.”















“Deceptive practices and scams policy”? Wow!

So just to recap, because I mentioned the fake election, I’m a spammer, and I’m participating in “deceptive practices” and even a “scam”!

So what is the deception? What is the scam?

They explain this in their letter to me warning me of the strike. It says right here in the subheading “How your content violates the policy”:

“Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.”

First of all, we know that since YouTube is NOT a publisher (legally), they have no business wading into these waters posing as the arbiter of what is true or false about ANYTHING, let alone the presidential election.

Secondly, they and everyone else know that no court to date has even HEARD the evidence of widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changing the outcome of the election.

So YouTube is in no position to label ANYTHING related to this election a “false” claim!

In short, the whole “false claims” claim is in itself the biggest fraud of all!

So my YouTube channel now has a “strike,” meaning that I can’t upload, post, or live stream for a week as of yesterday.

A week ago, YouTube removed my “Joe LOST… And He’s DANGEROUS!” video, and gave me a warning.












Then, my long-time mass email provider MailChimp dropped me after I attempted to send the above video to my list. I still haven’t found a free-speech replacement email service. Please let me know if you have any good suggestions!

You can watch this latest video that YouTube gave me the “strike” for, “We’ve Been Scammed!” on Rumble. I haven’t built up much of a presence there yet, but that will need to change now. It’s funny too, because if you watch this video, you’ll see that my criticism is spread around, and the main purpose of the video was to expose what appears to be a major scam coming from the “Q” movement. But so far, no one in the Q movement is demanding that I be censored!

I’ve mentioned that I have built up an audience on YouTube, and may need to start from scratch. After all, the fake election is something I can’t imagine shutting up about. I also had several past videos questioning the conventional “wisdom” about COVID yanked for no good reason.

One COVID-related video that YouTube removed was “Did Doctor Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab?” I put this video out LAST JUNE! Think of how many needless deaths we’ve suffered through since that time? It’s an absolute OUTRAGE, and YouTube is culpable, and yet somehow I’M the bad guy!!!

Rumble seems to be working okay for me so far. We’ll see what happens.

So what happens from here? For me, I’m more determined than ever to continue publishing useful content for the People. We need it more than ever. It’s weird that there is no rational reason that I am being censored. I’m not cursing, promoting pornography, threatening people, lying, etc, etc, etc. I’m just trying to help people rediscover timeless and safe natural health practices, assisting them in finding more success, and promoting freedom.

Ahhh, so threatening!

The question that powers that be should be asking themselves is, if they are so threatened by truth, are they not indeed on the WRONG side?!

I Need Your Help!

I’m fighting a one-man battle against blatant censorship, and I need all the help I can get in continuing to get the truth to the People. I NEED YOUR HELP TODAY, AND HERE’S HOW…

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Don’t be tempted to give up the fight in the face of unrelenting tyranny. In fact it’s more reason than ever to fight the good fight! Let’s march together in this battle for our future–a battle we have the power to ultimately WIN!

To your health, success, and freedom!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “YouTube “STRIKES” – They Removed “We’ve Been Scammed!” Because I Mentioned the FAKE Election!”

  1. Here’s the argument you want to advance.

    If we posit that the 2008 election was pure and honest, and Biden got 69,000,000 votes fair and square, we should then determine how many of his base voters remained when the 2020 election was held.

    That’s 12 years later, and over that time aboutt 12 million of his base either died, or became severely disabled, or just gave up voting at all. That means he had barely 57,000,000 base voters left for the 2020 general election.

    Some have proposed he gained a lot of newly registered people ~ mostly youth. In that same period about 35 million people came of age to vote. Normally, over time, Republicans pick up 30% of the voters, Democrats pick up 30% as well, and 40% of those eligible just don’t bother signing up or voting!

    We also know that Twenty Somethings are slow to start voting. They wait until they have a stake, sometime in their thirties, so, if we have a normal progression, Biden could have picked up 30% of that 35,000,000 newly eligible people ~ or 10,500,000 new voters. Yet, we know they are slow to register and slower to vote, and at best he could claim about half of them ~ that would be 5,000,000 new voters taking him up to 57,000,000 base left over from 2008, plus 5,000,000 more ~ or 62,000,000 voters.

    That’s not a number out of line with with results of others in the previous 5 Presidential races….

    Alas, without campaigning, and without any voter registration drives, Biden ended up credited with 81,000,000 votes, although a rational analysis based on prior performance and normal patterns suggests strongly that he still had only 62,000,000 voters to make those 81,000,000 votes!


    No doubt something happened ~ or, as Nikolai Lenin once said: “Mistakes were made”.

    Even if he picked up the residual of the 2016 Green and Libertarian voters, that’d be barely 5,000,000 more to claim with his 62,000,000 ~

    I have not been able to find where Joe Biden obtained what amounts to about 20,000,000 additional voters, give a few here or there ~ Does that mean FRAUD? Hey, I don’t know. I just do the math. And, I’ve looked at the last 70 some odd years worth of Presidential races from top to bottom, in states, and on a national basis.

    So, whadda’ I know! (Hint: more than any of those judes or talking head newsies, and certainly more than Zuck-Hitler or the creeps at Twitter and other websites)

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