YouTube Removed My Video “Joe LOST… And He’s DANGEROUS!”

Banned from YouTube

Following Mailchimp’s banning of my Old School account after I attempted to send out the link to my video “Joe LOST… And He’s DANGEROUS!,” now YouTube has removed the video itself!

Strange world we’re living in, where opinions that run counter to the “officially accepted narrative” are simply removed! And removed by the same people who have claimed to be the champions of human rights! You really can’t make this stuff up!

I’ve loaded the video to Rumble, and may just make it my new video home, though I have Subscribers on YouTube and want to continue to get content to them (if that will still be possible!).

I really only made this video to promote Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” video, which details the extensive, coordinated election fraud that resulted in the installation of Comrade Joe as Resident of the United States.

Another good (and much shorter) video on the subject is “Unmasked: Have We Uncovered the Truth About the 2020 Election?”

I urge you to get these videos and others that may be produced in the near future out as far and wide as possible. We must “de-legitimize” Comrade Joe and thus lessen the damage he and his cohorts are committing against our great nation, just as President Trump was de-legitimized by those who sought to blunt his effectiveness as President.

The future of our Republic is at stake. We all know it.

As to my online future, I’d appreciate if you’d let me know:

#1: If you have any recommendations for a good free-speech mass-email-sending platform. And…

#2: What do you think of Rumble as a video management provider?

Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to keep the flame of truth alive!

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To your health, success, and freedom!


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