YouTube Pulled Another One of My Videos: “Did Dr. Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab? (VIDEO)

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Yes, YouTube has done it again: They pulled another one of my videos: SPECIAL REPORT: Did Dr. Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab?

I had no choice but to upload the video to another site called Lbry (go to the link above), which is “open source” and which therefore does NOT delete content. If you are a content creator, look into Lbry (WARNING: Mature audiences only as it does not censor videos) if you are having trouble with sites like YouTube pulling down your work.

One of the interesting things about my video, is that I pulled ALL of the major facts from mainstream sources. I particularly relied heavily on an amazing article in Newsweek, which frankly, I’m shocked they published knowing their left-leaning political slant.

So YouTube pulled my video NOT for my opinion, but for publishing the “wrong” FACTS!

The question is, what or who is YouTube/Google afraid of?

In related news, President Trump is signing an Executive Order ordering a review of a longstanding law protecting Silicon Valley firms from lawsuits when they post the comments of users.

The original law should have had the effect of making it easier for companies like YouTube / Google to post controversial opinions without fear of lawsuits, but instead, they have ignored the intent of the law, deleting videos and entire channels at their whim.

It is good that President Trump is challenging them, but don’t look for the media to congratulate him. It’s all politics these days, and the “mainstream” media knows that the social media giants are primarily going after creators on the right side of the political spectrum.

Will YouTube reinstate my video and apologize? Yeah, right! YouTube rarely reinstates videos they’ve removed. They removed one recently (The Press Comes Out Against SUNLIGHT!—which I had to upload to another platform). I didn’t bother to appeal. Why not?

Because the first time YouTube removed one of my videos…

…I DID appeal, and they took less than a minute to reject it! Of course, it’s clear no human being ever looked at my appeal—talk about an insult! Note their “lengthy” explanation…

I urge you to share my latest video, SPECIAL REPORT: Did Dr. Fauci Promote Risky Research at Wuhan Lab. It demonstrates that he did exactly as the video and the accompanying news articles report.

Dr. Fauci has a whole lot of explaining to do. According to President Trump, there is an investigation in progress regarding the Wuhan Lab (which I see no reporting on lately), and the U.S. government’s part in funding dangerous research that may have very well led to the COVID pandemic. Dr. Fauci is right in the middle of this. We need a serious investigation now!

The New York Post has recently reported that the Wuhan Lab has admitted to having three strains of LIVE bat coronavirus on site!

It appears that President Trump has at least temporarily cooled the White House Coronavirus Task Force, yet Dr. Fauci has told CNN that we will be seeing him and other members soon.

Why would President Trump or America listen to this man for one more moment?

Dr. Fauci should be under investigation, not continuing to lead our nation astray, scaring the hell out of everyone, which led to draconian lockdowns that are STILL in place in some (Democrat-controlled) states.

So, if you don’t see the need to support my work at this point, I’m not sure what else I can say to convince you. I’m one of the few taking on a tidal wave of media lies. I simply need your support to continue my work exposing the corrupt “death” system, which seeks to wipe out the simple, natural way of life and the means to great health.

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To your health, success, and freedom,


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