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I first planned to put out a post with this title weeks ago. But I got busy and yada, yada…

Then Joe made his stupid, angry announcement attempting to force larger businesses to mandate COVID vaccines for their employees, and it made this idea even more pressing.

What is the idea? Well, it’s certainly not my own. People have been thinking about this, and taking action toward this end, for decades now due to being able to see the once slow, and now very fast crumbling of the common structures that have supported our society, and our lives.

Anyone who looks at our current situation objectively can see that these common structures cannot last too much longer, and that once they begin to fall, like the Titanic sinking in the Atlantic or the fall of the Soviet Union, Venezuela, or many other examples, it can all come down very fast.

Look at any system in our modern world, such as the debt-based financial system, corrupt and tyrannical medical system, broken election system, food system built upon a few big conglomerates, “fake news”-based media system, etc., etc.

It’s clear that not only does the current diseased state of these systems encourage us to seek more independence and stronger systems with greater integrity; but as Joe’s announcement trying to force businesses to mandate that their employees take experimental, dangerous vaccines clearly demonstrates (as does the entire “cancel culture” movement), the diseased system is trying to force the rest of us OUT.

This is actually a great blessing, and may just save our lives! Think of it like being kicked out of your parents’ home, where perhaps you were screwing around watching video games all day, and being forced out into the world where you had to work, and find your own food and shelter. In the end, you were much better off!

The ship we have all made a social compact to sail on is becoming the Titanic. It’s taking on water now, and it’s only a matter of time before it goes down fast and hard. Therefore, the only intelligent response is to build our own ships–or arks–if you will!

Some of this will be individual, and some can be common structures for like-minded people.

What “building the ark” looks like

I’ve been working on ideas for “building your ark” for some time, and trying to put together something comprehensive for you after Biden’s rant/announcement. But after beating my head against the wall for a couple more weeks now, I’ve realized–or re-realized one of those great truths…

The point is that putting out a comprehensive plan of how someone can “build their ark” is quite a lengthy undertaking, and one that’s far beyond my abilities at this point. Besides, much of this structure is individualized.

Besides, there are many, many people who know far more than I likely ever will about how to do this, so it makes no sense for me to attempt to take this on. So I took a step back to see what I CAN do. And here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Yes, it may not appear to be much–but it is certainly a start, so absorb what is useful.

“Build the Ark” Links

The Old School website has links in a number of categories: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health (COVID), Health & Fitness, Legal, a list of key “real News” sites, Security, Self-Reliant Living, Social Media, and Spiritual Health. You can find those Links by scrolling down the right side of the home page.

Some of the categories are frankly a bit sparse still. If you are aware of other solid resources in a particular category, then please email us, and we’ll check out the resource and possibly add it.

New Page

We’ve recently added a new page to the Old School website, that contributes to the “build the ark” idea:

“BUY PATRIOT–Not WOKE!” This is our newest page, a “work in progress” that lists patriotic businesses you can support instead of faceless, multi-national, woke corporations. The page includes lists of these woke corporations, so you can see who is the “worst of the worst.” It’s important we find quality products and services, that we can use in good conscience, and avoid those that don’t fall into this category–in other words, starve the beast!

Podcasts are Back!

In addition, we’re bringing back our “Old School With Patrick Rooney” Podcast, through which I am starting to interview patriotic business owners, as well as promoting natural health, success, and freedom in whatever way I can. Feel free to let me know if there’s someone you think I should interview, or a topic that needs to be covered.

In Conclusion…

Building your ark is the most important thing you can do right now. It will enable you to build your health, success, and freedom, whereas attempting to desperately cling to the existing, diseased, failing structures is a recipe for disaster.

I wish you the best moving forward. Let’s do the intelligent and right thing, and help each other find the peace, freedom and prosperity we seek.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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