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Does Veganism Work or is it a Fraud?

Does veganism work?

I mean—work for the masses of people, not just some individuals?

I say it does not. Just look at how many skinny and weak vegans we see amongst us.

I actually believe that it CAN work, and …

The 1 Key To Make a Vegan Diet Work

I’ve been having some trouble digesting saturated fats lately, so I decided to give my body a break and just eat vegan for a little while. The problem is, I’ve always failed at this after three to four days.

I …

The War On Meat is a War On MEN

Note: I’ve decided to release this piece as a single post. It’s not a short piece by any means, and clocks in at over 3,500 words. So don’t feel like you need to read it in one sitting. Hopefully, it