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The SIMPLE Way to Better HEALTH (But You Probably Won’t Try It)

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

19th Century proverb

In the age of COVID, all of us need to watch our health closer than ever before.

It’s not so much COVID itself that is my main concern, it’s keeping clear of the official “solutions” (i.e.: vaccines), and keeping out of hospitals, where the “cure” can be much worse than the “disease.”

In order to best ensure that we avoid the major obstacles, we need to do something novel to many: take responsibility for our own health.

Good health–at its root–is pretty simple. And yet, it remains elusive to most. Why?

What we actually put into our bodies has a huge relationship to our health. I think we can all agree on that. And yet, look at what the average person is putting into their bodies, and how much of it!

Child obesity, for instance, unsurprisingly, has risen during the the COVID crisis. What did we expect when we shut our kids in and kept them from playing with their friends?

So what is the simple way to better health? How about eating insects? Just kidding, although I’ve seen more and more media outlets pushing this insanity (at least it’s insane NOW–it may not be once Joe & Co. get through with the U.S.!).

No, it’s much simpler than that–eat more whole, raw fruits and vegetables from nutritious soil.

Yes, I understand there are exceptions to the rule, such as diabetics or others who have to watch their intake of fruit. On the other hand, there are very few people who have a medical reason to not eat veggies!

I emphasize “whole” here because we are always looking for the easy way out. For me and many others, that has meant pulverizing our veggies into juice, and our fruits into smoothies. I’m not saying these are bad ideas–they’re certainly much preferable to the typical American diet we see regularly in the aisles of Walmart.

It’s just not optimal for most.

But we always get in trouble when we stray from our roots–what is natural.

Fruit and veggies in their natural state have fiber–that fiber gets dissipated in smoothies, and completely eliminated in juice.

It’s just another example that we think–through our technology–we know better than God. Don’t we realize that fiber scrubs our digestive organs?

A new article from The Times of India says that colon cancer is lower in India due to a veggie-rich diet. I don’t doubt that much of these veggies are being eaten whole.

And for the record, I’m not saying in any way that we need to be vegans to have great health. In my mind, the jury’s still out as to the overall healthiness of the vegan diet, although at this point I do believe it is possible (if you’re meticulous in getting your nutrients) to maintain good health this way.

For me and many of us, it’s just much easier (and tasty!) to drink a fruit and green smoothie (from frozen materials) than to chop up fresh fruit or to make a veggie salad.

It’s also kind of boring to eat simple food–and that may be the biggest obstacle of all. Because much of the reason we are indulging and over-indulging with the wrong foods is because we are NOT eating for our health, but for our ego enjoyment!

Being bored is the thing we typically avoid the most in this lightning-fast-paced world.

But if we want to be truly healthy again, we’re going to have to bring back some boredom to do it.

And too often, we want to be saved from our bad diets and other lifestyle choices. We’re looking for a magic bullet, whether it’s a vaccine on one side of the spectrum, or something that appears to be from the other side of the spectrum, perhaps a “health” supplement, which can come in the form of a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, hormone, etc.

There is a whole lot of money in the vaccine industry, but there is a good deal of money in the supplement industry too. Am I against supplements? No, but I’m definitely against replacing healthy food with supplements.

I said in the title of this post that you probably won’t do what I’ suggesting. I know this because as much as I’ve been into natural health (most of my life), I still look for the easy way out whenever possible.

I think the only people who will listen to this message (which you’ve heard many times before, BTW) are those who have a health emergency, and perhaps a few who just want better health. That appears to be just human nature, which always seeks the easy way out.

In conclusion, if you’re so inclined to move in this direction, my advice is to just start adding more whole, raw fruits and vegetables from nutritious soil to your daily diet. There are obviously other steps to good health, including clean water, rest, exercise, and spiritual health, but I believe the person who starts eating better typically has the increased energy to want to start or increase exercise, and will also seek clean water, rest, and exercise.

Healthy habits tend to snowball.

Feel free to let me know if you have tried adding any of these healthy habits to your lifestyle, and what your results have been.

As always, I wish you health, success, and freedom!

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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2 thoughts on “The SIMPLE Way to Better HEALTH (But You Probably Won’t Try It)”

  1. all true. But there are exceptions… like the eskimos eating mostly fat and mammal meat.

    I believe that the secret to eating … is to eat food that is native to you genetic makeup.

    example…the mediterranean diet is really best for those who come from or live on that area!
    so a Scandinavian is better off consuming oil/fats that native to their area… Not olive oil.

    This can be a problem is mixed culture like the USA. I learned that each of my children has different food attractions based on the dominant genetic factor, derived from the parents. My wife being a mixture of Northern European and Mexican Indian decent and me from the Mediterranean area.

    eventually our bodies adopt, but it make take a few generations.

    1. Yes, Bruno, very astute. I had not thought much about the role of genetic makeup in this. Of course, in addition, even if you weren’t born in say the artic, you’d have no choice but to eat the way the natives do if you are stuck there without proper supplies. Not everyone has access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Anyway, feel free to comment anytime, your thoughts are a great addition.

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