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Podcast #13: BIG Raw Vegan MISTAKES! with DAVID MALTZ

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Hello Old Schoolers!

I’m pleased to post this new podcast featuring my long-time friend David Maltz–owner/operator of Dave’s TV (check out his most unique website!) in Grants Pass, Oregon, and the man behind Grants Pass TV Repair on YouTube. David has many followers there, and offers his unique perspective on the world of electronics and beyond.

Last week, I started to tape a “GOD-Cast” with David, but we found something in common we needed to share first, which has become Podcast #13: BIG Raw Vegan MISTAKES! with DAVID MALTZ.

I must tell you–this podcast may not be for everybody–but if you have had health challenges because of your diet, then you just might find this interview of value. David and I have DECADES of experience finding out what does NOT work–and what does–in the world of nutrition.

We may just be able to save you a world of pain!

In the age of COVID–every advantage you can get may be a big help–it could even save your life.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and feel free to give me your feedback.

To hear the AUDIO VERSION, scroll to the BOTTOM of this post.

To see the VIDEO VERSION, go to:

Rumble Version

YouTube Version

NOTE: I have included an extensive list of links here to topics that we brought up during our conversation. If you found any particular topic of interest, feel free to scan the list below to drill down deeper on it.

Raw Food Controversies (Frederic Patenaude)

Markus Rothkranz (raw food vegan—looks young at age 60)

Dr. Douglas Graham (80/10/10 fruit-dominant vegan diet)

Norman Walker (lived to be 107… or 118? – juicing pioneer)

Fit for Life (Harvey and Marilyn Diamond—vegan and food-combining pioneers)

The Juiceman (Jay Kordich)

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment (VIDEO–shows Dr. Douglas Graham–listed above–and others)

Dr. Shawn Baker (The Truth About the Carnivore Diet-VIDEO)

Mikhaila Peterson (Dr. Jordan Peterson’s daughter): Don’t Eat That (Her journey to a carnivore diet–VIDEO)

Aajonus Vonderplanitz (raw meat and other animal foods pioneer/ died in tragic accident)

Green Smooties (Victoria Boutenko)

Low Fat Risks

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Benefits (physical)

The Daniel Fast (Diet)

Emotional Eating (Roy Masters’ “Eat No Evil”)

Sundowners’ Syndrome

Paleo Diet (hunter/gatherer)

Keto Diet (use fat as fuel—not sugar)

Is Saturated Fat Unhealthy?

Do you have a wheat belly?

What is a Kosher diet?

***God’s Key to Health and Happiness (Elmer Josephson)*** (I recommend this old gem!)

Immunity Diet

What COVID-19 revealed about obesity and our immune system

How sleep affects immunity

Eating sugar can weaken your immune system

What will happen if you boil Coke? (VIDEO)

Foods that beat fatigue

Anti-brain fog diet (Mark Hyman, M.D.)

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To your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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