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WHY the January 6 Defendants are Treated Like TERRORISTS

Why Are January 6 Defendants Treated Like Terrorists

What is it about the January 6 Capitol riot defendants that has caused the Biden administration and media to treat them like terrorists?

Yesterday, members of Congress were denied entry into the federal prison facility where the January 6 defendants are being held! Reps. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia were literally LOCKED out of the facility!

Keep in mind that Congress has OVERSIGHT over the funding for federal facilities.

See the details HERE and HERE.

It’s (almost) hard to believe that this is happening in America.

Dog and Pony Show

I’m no fan of what happened at the Capitol on January 6. It was wrong and stupid. But I believe we may very well find out that some Trump supporters were lured into a “honey pot,” with FBI-affiliated individuals playing key roles. They were angry at the stolen election and our elected officials who allowed it to happen with few speaking out against it.

But the Left knew that if they could provoke an incident that discredited the Trump supporters, then that incident would give weak-kneed politicians, particularly Vice President Mike Pence, an excuse not to challenge the election results.

And Nancy Pelosi’s “investigation” of the event is overkill, yet it accomplishes a couple of goals for her:

#1. Draws any focus away from HER and her role in keeping the security that day at minimum levels to help make breaching the Capitol easier.

#2. It seeks to discredit President Trump and keep him from running for President in 2024.

Capitol police officer Dunn testified at Nancy Pelosi’s “investigation,” claiming Trump supporters called him a N—-r. This sounds eerily close to the time Rep. John Lewis falsely claimed that Tea Party protestors shouted the N– word at him and other Black Caucus members on the steps of Capitol Hill.

Officer Dunn also defended the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots!

So WHY are the January 6 defendants treated like TERRORISTS?

Because in the minds of Leftists (meaning the people running America these days and the media), THESE PRISONERS ARE THE SAME AS DONALD TRUMP.

They are THREATS because President Donald J. Trump is the greatest threat to their power in America. It’s no more complicated than that.

And being their greatest threat, they must destroy him.

Why is Trump such a threat? It has nothing to do with his personality, supposed association with Russia, alleged immoral behavior (Please! Keep in mind all the HOLLYWOOD Democrats!), the way he Tweets, etc., etc.

It’s because Trump is a PATRIOT—he loves America, and the Leftists opposing him HATE America. It’s no more complicated than that.

So the January 6 defendants have been elevated to the level of TERRORISTS in the mind of the Left, because President Trump TERRIFIES them.

January 6 is like September 11th to them.

Illegal Aliens Treated Better

Ask yourself why illegal aliens are given MUCH better treatment than the January 6 defendants. Nobody would DREAM of holding THEM in solitary confinement for up to 22 hours per day, allegedly stripping and BEATING them, and treating them like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, according to Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, who was one of the Congressional representatives denied access to the federal detention center holding January 6 defendants.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Left PREFERS illegal aliens over American citizens, because American citizens are THREATS to their plans of unlimited power—they’re too patriotic, know their history and rights too well, and generally have the economic means to put up a fight for freedom.

In contrast, illegal aliens have no allegiance to America, don’t know our history and rights, and do NOT have the economic means to fight for freedom.

In other words, they are POWERLESS and therefore no threat to our would-be overlords.

What Can Be Done

There are two main reasons that I’m aware of, as to why the government is able to get away with treating the January 6 defendants like terrorists:

#1: The media has blacked out their plight, so many just don’t know. Hint: If you are STILL watching the “mainstream media,” get out now! These people do NOT have your best interests in mind, which should be patently obvious after they were caught lying about President Trump and “Russian collusion,” over a year and a half of “panic porn” COVID coverage, and six months into hiding the train wreck that is the Biden administration (VIDEO).

If you aren’t convinced by now—short of a “Damascus moment,” I don’t believe you ever will be.

#2: You have believed the media narrative that the January 6 incident was a violent “insurrection,” and that these “deplorables” somehow DESERVE to be deprived of their rights, kept from their lawyers, beaten, put into solitary confinement, and generally treated like terrorists (actually, terrorists are likely treated better these days in America).

We need to wake up quick and stop this trampling of human rights and travesty of our “justice” system.

It’s time to DEMAND justice for your fellow Americans. I urge you to call your Senators and Congressmen and women and tell them to restore the rights of the January 6 defendants. CALL 202-224-3121. Note: This is OLD SCHOOL and I know that CALLING their offices is more direct and powerful than emailing or using a web form.

A Troubling Postscript

I hesitate to bring this up, yet I know others have thought about it, and surely the Leftists holding American citizens know it, so here is the question:

Will the federal government EVER allow the January 6 defendants justice? Are they trying to keep them there until something is finished? Because once the defendants get out they will talk, and it will likely be DAMNING to those in charge, to hear their first-person stories of what was done to them.

We need to be sure that they get out anyway, and those stories NEED to be told!

Do not let justice in America die! If justice does die here, then America itself is dead.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

4 thoughts on “WHY the January 6 Defendants are Treated Like TERRORISTS”

  1. Good, no … GREAT stuff. Best we can do is pray for America. For whatever reason the Marxists in our midst, those who believe they are in charge of the rest of us, are acting as though their end game is extant. YES … those that can, SHOULD participate in the upcoming demonstration in DC against this GROSS injustice (taking care to watch for FBI agents provocateur in their midst) … but I believe that minus a miraculous intervention from God (the one that led the Israelite Children out of bondage in Egypt) the “one worlders” may well win. What kind of intervention? A fourth Great Awakening (5th if you count the 60’s “Jesus Movement.” Edward Kosky (USNA ’68 and SWBTS ’86)

    1. Thank you, Edward. Sorry for the delay. I did not see your message till now (my bad!). Yes, it will take a major awakening, I agree. It is always possible, and I hope we can be part of it!

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