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Is There POWER In Prayer?

POWER in Prayer

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This morning I struggled with carnal temptation. But the morning came, and it was time for prayer.

In that simple prayer, I noticed the light inside my head, I heard the quiet in the room, my fingertips touched, and I felt energy between them. I noticed my heart area, my belly, and I felt the energy in my toes even, as I sat up in bed with my legs extended.

I realized–perhaps more than ever–that an ENERGY manifested throughout my body and mind. It was and is available–essentially anytime I open myself to it.

All it required, was that I pay attention to it, and not to my carnal thoughts, or my thoughts of what I intended to say to this person I hold a grudge against.

I have often thought about confronting this person (again), and exposing their misdeeds to all. But if I were to do that, it could not be with MY thoughts, MY grudges–MY idea of what should or needs to be said. Because, in reality, I don’t KNOW what needs to be said, or rather, what is WISE to say for the betterment of all.

And thinking of what I THINK should be said, merely places me OUTSIDE of this present moment, and into a THINKING posture. This is NOT of God.

This would be me PLAYING God–thinking that I know better how to deal with life than He does.

There is no POWER in contemplating our own revenge.

There is no power in our carnal thoughts.

There is no power in thinking of the past or potential future AT ALL.

I’m not saying this as a theoretical idea. I’m literally saying that in prayer, it can be readily noticed that we cannot feel energy emanating THROUGH us unless we are there in the present, and open to God’s power.

The same is true after we finish prayer and move on to our daily life, whatever that is. Being still in prayer just allows us to see more clearly what is going on inside of us, and around us.

So yes, there is indeed power in prayer. It’s not just an IDEA that you may have heard before, that merely SOUNDS good. It is A REAL FORCE–available to you when you are ready to PLUG IN to a Source infinitely greater than you… When you have seen that “YOUR” way does not work–that it does not bring you the peace of mind that you seek.

If this describes you and your situation, then I hope you will avail yourself of the “FREE ENERGY AND POWER” that is simply waiting for you to use it.

For YOUR benefit, and for the benefit of THIS LOST WORLD.

I wish you peace.

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2 thoughts on “Is There POWER In Prayer?”

  1. Hello Patrick
    After reading your prior comments.
    I was left wondering am I on the right path,even though the person that pointed me in this direction, is being revealed to be a wicked man its funny that I’ve never quite understand the quote that all thoughts are lies,but the thought has crossed my mind many times about whether he has a proclivity to this type of behavior and I’ve over the years questioned what would I think if the thoughts that I’ve had would be revealed to be true. This article encourages me to continue doing the prayer day and night. So Much to say but it’s 3am I’ve been reading and pondering the things you have revealed and others comments,but I must pray and rest now. I’d love to speak with you sometime. I don’t like typing/texting I prefer verbally conversing
    God Bless

    1. Thank you, Daphne! I completely understand what you’re saying and how you feel. It is not true that “All thoughts are lies.” Even the person who says this quote has said that the thoughts coming in the head are, but there are other “thoughts” that are really revelations from the Spirit. Yes, I’m happy to talk, and have sent you my contact.

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