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***SPECIAL REPORT to EXPOSE Conservative Icon JESSE LEE PETERSON TOMORROW Night (Thursday 6/16/22 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET)***

Those of you who have been following my blog are aware of the series of exposes I wrote regarding my long-term sexual relationship with “Rev.” Jesse Lee Peterson. I covered this relationship and much more–most thoroughly (almost 12,000 words!) in the post “The DEVIL Has My Old Friend, JESSE LEE PETERSON.”

I have not written about this subject for some time, as I said what I needed to say, let any others who may have been involved with Jesse come forward (or not), and basically moved on with my life.

In the meantime, I participated in interviews with the conservative Catholic organization, Church Militant, who has a track record of exposing the illicit homosexual behavior of priests in the Catholic church.

The interviews have resulted in a special report that Church Militant is airing tomorrow night, Thursday, June 16, at 5 pm Pacific Time / 8 pm Eastern Time. If you care at all about the truth, you will not want to miss this report.

Here is a TRAILER promoting the special report…




I know it’s a cliche for me to say that I take no pleasure in the result of my coming forward, but I also know that it needed to happen. In this age of rapidly sliding morality, God needs men of true character representing him, not pretenders.

As I have said a number of times, I have been a pretender too, and have sought God’s forgiveness for my role in this great sin. I have come clean with my wife and son, and thankfully, they have been willing to forgive.

As for “my old friend” Jesse Lee Peterson, there is still hope for him if he is willing to humble himself and admit his deception to his congregation. I cannot guarantee what kind of “success” he may or may not have with his many followers, but what is most important is our eternal soul–not what our fellow human beings think of us, not fame, and not money.

I believe that our Father is always waiting for us to come back to Him. The ball is always in OUR court.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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6 thoughts on “***SPECIAL REPORT to EXPOSE Conservative Icon JESSE LEE PETERSON TOMORROW Night (Thursday 6/16/22 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET)***”

  1. Hi Patrick,
    I watched the video this morning – it is still shocking that this is still going on. It keeps coming up in little bits and pieces…thinking about the other men in the video and their experience. What I see too is that it’s easy to say: well why didn’t you all just run away. Because in the telling, the actual “trance” state isn’t apparent and I’m starting to understand that. It is a trance state – of being paralyzed – not even knowing what to say – how to leave….Anyway, so glad you all are speaking out. If only Jesse came out of his
    trance – he could be “transformed.” But that is not in anyone else’s power.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. That is so true–the trance state! When some people hear that, they immediately think “excuse”! No, not an excuse–but a REASON why people act the way they do. So glad God has shown me (and anyone with an open ear) the way out!

  2. Great interview on Church Militant. I forwarded your letter to my daughters but they couldn’t get it….do you know how they can get it? Thanking you in advance Rita

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