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Prepare for (COVID) Battle

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It is now apparent to anyone with eyes that war was declared on the free people of the earth long ago.

Really, you could trace it back to Satan and his fallen angels making war on Michael and his good angels, Satan getting his a– handed to him, and being unceremoniously tossed out of Heaven.

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Revelation 12:7-10

You could look at the last century, when Communism and Fascism killed over a hundred million people.

You could look at 9-11–what I would call the Islamic extremists’ declaration of war against America. Ever since that time, I have noticed much more frequently than should be normal, the time “9:11” showing on my digital clock. I’ve often pondered why I would see it so frequently, and I checked and saw that it was happening to others too.

To me, it was a reminder–that THEY are at war with us. But in time I have expanded my understanding of WHO it is that are at war with us, and as the COVID forced lockdowns and incredible suppression of truth have made abundantly clear, our enemies are not only wild-eyed religious fanatics.

The “conspiracy” against us extends far beyond that.

It has existed for far longer than we have realized. Like the citizens of Troy, we slept soundly as the enemy slipped within our walls and left the Trojan horse… filled with soldiers waiting to strike.

But now the enemy–confident in its ability to carry out its malevolent plans–has been openly speaking its plans. It’s time we took them seriously. And acted in our best interest.

I know we did not seek out this battle, but this battle has sought us out. And like it or not, it’s time we recognized it and stepped up our game.

Building power to fight

What kind of power do we need to fight? There’s an easy way to answer that: Just consider how the elites shut us down since the beginning of COVID. Think about what they went after hardest. They shut down houses of worship, partly because they want to be our rulers, not God. And partly because they know that we are stronger together in numbers, and they wanted to isolate us.

They closed down martial arts studios, so we couldn’t improve our fighting skills, and meet together, potentially to discuss how to fight back against the draconian shutdowns. They’ve done the same online.

They tried to force us to wear masks, to render us faceless, to make us suspicious of each other, and to mess with our oxygen levels.

They discouraged us from going outside, where the power of the sun provides all the Vitamin D we need, and where we can engage in healthy exercise or yard work.

They kept our children out of school, or when allowing them in school, masked them unnecessarily, knowing that they were stunting not only their learning, but critically, their social skills.

They pushed mandate after mandate, and now experimental, dangerous vaccines, all supposedly for our health. Isn’t it interesting that the federal government and related COVID “experts” like Dr. Fauci have spent little time educating the public about the immune-boosting qualities of fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and nutrition?

When is the last time these “experts” spoke of the immune-suppressing effects of sugar, which dominates the vast majority of our supermarkets?

I’m also highly suspicious of the elites’ desire to eliminate the eating of meat. Yes, as I’ve discussed in the past, I believe it is possible to be quite healthy without eating meat; but I also know that it’s much easier to attain sound health by eating at least some meat. I dealt with this subject matter HERE.

Speaking of immunity, wise men have known for centuries that fasting improves the immune system, and that is just one benefit to fasting–not even the best one, which is improved mental and spiritual clarity. When’s the last time you heard Dr. Fauci speak to the public about the benefits of fasting? Do you wonder why he doesn’t? Surely he’s aware of those benefits.

The real answer is that Dr. Fauci and others don’t tell you about these things BECAUSE they can all help you avoid getting sick and having to seek out their hand-picked “solution.”

The most important weapon against COVID and tyranny

We haven’t discussed yet the most important “antidote” to COVID and the whole game that’s being played against you, your freedom, and your very life–prayer and meditation.

The elites have not stopped us from praying–at least individually. But, as mentioned above, they’ve done their best to keep us from praying together.

Yet it is well-known that fasting (as also mentioned above) helps sharpen our mental and spiritual clarity, and that being generally healthy also sharpens that mental and spiritual clarity, so don’t believe for a moment that these people–with guidance from that bright fallen angel Lucifer–haven’t been indirectly attacking our spiritual fortress.

In conclusion, the elites have done all they can to weaken us, in order to keep us from having the strength required to resist their warped schemes. But we do have the power to build our strength and fight for our lives, and the lives of the next generation, and those generations to come.

We OWE future generations access to the same freedoms and opportunities we had, before we squandered them away. Or at the least, we need to offer them the blueprint to regain these freedoms!

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