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Hello Everybody,

Well, last night Church Militant released their excellent expose on “my old friend” Jesse Lee Peterson, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should. It’s under a half hour, but it certainly packs a punch! I am grateful for their highly professional work, and most importantly, their desire to expose evil–whether it is in their own church (Catholic)–or now in the larger church.

Portions of my interview with them were featured, as well as interviews with others from Jesse’s organization, BOND, who are aware of / or who experienced–Jesse’s dark deeds. I salute these men for standing up for truth!

Each week I have been hosting a LIVE stream about issues of great importance to America and the world. Tonight (Friday 6/17/22 at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time) I am using this time to clarify some key points that were made during the Special, and to add some key points that time did not permit to be shown.


I hope you can be there!

To your Health, Success, and (most important!) FREE-DOM!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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16 thoughts on “LIVE TONIGHT! The TRUTH re “Amazing Disgrace” EXPOSE on JESSE LEE PETERSON”

  1. Sorry for commenting here, as I want to steal this opportunity to speak to our long time church members her. Pat please allow me to speak to them here since they will not exchange a single word with us

    For those of u who still support jlp need to wake up now. This happens all the time on the news and this time it has hit home. The difference is most of the time on the news, the preacher resigns of his duties. But you guys are so weak, that your cult leader has convinced you to condone it even caught with his hand in the jar. Now i say this to you, turn your backs, and why havent you told us why we should condone it? If you believe you are right, correct us, we are your brothers still and we are willing to be corrected. But none of you have spoken to us, because like spineless cowards, you follow the instructions of the cult leader. So long as you support him, we are not brothers and i will be ashamed to call you one. Decide now and switch sides. Peace

    1. I hope some of them will listen, Arman. I have wondered about some of the key people. I believe for some it’s a weird kind of loyalty. They think that Jesse changed their life–gave them strength when they felt they had none. I have looked at this phenomenon for some time. Only God can change us. If we copy the personality of someone else, it does not make us “changed.” It makes us an ACTOR.

      I have noticed some of these people–and I was one–who have taken on the “Jesse” personality. In exchange, they have traded away their innocence–which at least was real.

      Playing the game of deciding to be quiet or look the other way when evil is staring you in the face, because of your false loyalty–or because you have calculated “all the good Jesse has done”–is a fool’s bargain, particularly with your soul on the line.

      1. You’re projecting. You are infatuated with Jesse and have issues man. All he does is run a tv show and a charity.

        1. William, try caring to really look into this. We are all more conservative than Jesse and care about the truth and salvation being honestly portrayed and that is obviously our motivation.

    2. Well said Arman. Like Pat said there is a undying loyalty for these people that have changed their lives thanks to Jesse. They have put him on a pedastal so high, they are willing to turn a blind eye instead of calling him out like a true brother. The followers of BOND are at this point completely under Jesse’s spell, and they see him as a father they never had and a god of some sort. I hope these people can wake up and see that there is no weight behind Jesse’s preachings now.

    3. They can’t because it means facing the fact that their entire spiritual belief system and their God, Rev Peterson is not only fake, it’s pure evil. Many of them have been basing their lives on this for decades. Some people aren’t willing to face something like that, they’d rather pretend it’s not happening and some of them are just corrupt, like him. You guys have done well, a lot if people will be saved from suffering Jesse’s wrath because of what you’ve done so far. The ones who choose to stay knowing what they know now will suffer the consequences because they’re choosing to help someone who has made it his life’s mission to snatch souls.

  2. Great show last night Patrick – I just finished listening to the replay. It was good to help put the Church Militant’s expose into prospective and also give others a chance to chime in with their thoughts and observations. I think you are right – this isn’t over…..More and more people will speak up. Thanks.

    1. So glad you got a chance to hear, Nancy. We shall see, but I know there are more people out there, and if they have been taken advantage of in any way, then coming forward will bless them and those who have yet to step out of the shadows.

  3. Many of us made the same mistake of putting jlp on the pedlestone but it’s not all our fault because he deceived his way to be put on peddlestone too. I keep misspelling the word. Lol

  4. Patrick you thank Church Militant for this and I commend them too for hard work they put in. But none of this would have been possible without your courage. People might not understand what it took from you to take that step. That was complete selfless did and the moment you spoke about it, you redeemed yourself for your sins. And i trully believe this

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