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Introducing “NEWS They Hide”

Today I’m introducing a new page called “NEWS They Hide”. I debuted it several weeks ago, and I now plan to make it a permanent fixture on the Old School site.

Why? Because I run across so much useful news, videos, and commentary that I want you to see. And even though Old School has begun bringing on guest contributors, we still can not keep up with the whirlwind changes going on in America and worldwide.

But by drawing from content from across the Internet, we are able to show you a much more complete picture of where the world is going.

You will find the “NEWS They Hide” page by going to the top menu on the homepage.

And I want YOU to know that your submissions are welcome. Of course I cannot print everything, but when I see articles, posts and videos that are first credible, and then useful, and particularly stories that are being suppressed by the major news sources–these are the ones that will get my attention.

Your submissions should fit an Old School category: natural health, success, and freedom.

If you do find something that fits the bill well, and you think the Old School audience will find it of great interest, then please send it HERE.

Thank You!

Patrick Rooney, Founder, Old School

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