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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Jane Addams,” Head of Ascension Healthcare Workers Fighting For Medical Freedom (COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE!)

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As noted in yesterday’s post, in late July, Ascension Healthcare, one of the largest private healthcare systems in the United States, has mandated a COVID-19 vaccination for its employees, physicians, volunteers, and vendors.

Many of Ascension’s employees and associates, as well as other concerned citizens, are opposed to Ascension’s COVID vaccine mandate. One of those employees is “Jane Addams,” who is the head of Ascension Healthcare Workers Fighting for Medical Freedom. Out of concern of possible retribution from Ascension Healthcare / Sacred Heart Hospital, she is choosing to use a pseudonym.

Her concerns appear to be justified, as I know of another Ascension employee who opposes their vaccine mandate, and has been recently FIRED by the company.

Jane has posted a petition to “gain freedom for Ascension associates.” The petition has garnered over 10,000 signatures to date. I encourage you to sign it and spread it around social media, etc.

What follows is my exclusive interview with “Jane.” The interview covers a lot of ground, and reveals potentially highly-troubling behavior by Ascension Healthcare. I offer Ascension the opportunity to rebut any of this information.

For the benefit of the reader, is there anything you can say to give credibility to your association with Ascension Health / Sacred Heart?ll

I have been employed with Sacred Heart for almost 4 years. I give my word under honor of my family that this is true.

Why did you decide to get involved in / or start Medical Freedom for Ascension Associates?

This is completely beyond my comfort zone. I have never even attended a rally or protest, much less led the charge for an entire uprising. However, I feel that this is a pivotal moment in history. This is where I draw the line and say “enough is enough.” This is a very slippery slope and I am very fearful of what will come next. We have to put an end to medical tyranny once and for all.

Is the November 12 deadline to be vaccinated or granted an exemption tied into Ascension’s flu vaccination mandate somehow?

Both immunizations have the same deadline for either proof of shot or exemption. It is essentially the same process for both, but associates have to submit two separate applications for exemption–one for each shot.

Previously, associates could apply for exemption and they were granted permanent approval (they did not have to reapply each year). This year, Ascension has changed their policy to require associates to apply for new exemptions which now include much more extensive and intrusive questioning than in previous years.

What is your response to many who say that hospital personnel have been required to get other vaccinations in the past, including the flu vaccination. What is different about the COVID-19 vaccination in this regard?

This is not the same in any regard. This is an experimental product that by many accounts, including the CDC’s own definition, cannot even be considered a vaccine. It is impossible to know the long-term side effects and the short-term data that we do have is extremely alarming. The influenza vaccine, for example, does have some benefit to many associates with low risk. However, the risks associated with the Covid-19 shot tremendously outweigh any theoretical benefits.

Are you opposed to the COVID-19 vaccination? If so, why? Or are you just opposed to the vaccine being mandated by Ascension?

I am not completely opposed to the Covid-19 shot. I am thankful that many people, especially the elderly and high-risk, have this as an option. If you do your own research, calculate your personal risk vs. benefit, and then decide to get it, I think that’s great. However, under no circumstances should this be mandated to any person. We are fighting against the mandate itself, not against the shot.

Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? If not, would you like to comment on why you believe they are being so aggressively pushed by the U.S. government, the media, and many health care professionals?

We’re not in this fight to discuss science. We’re fighting for our rights to either accept or deny an experimental medical intervention. We’re fighting for our bodily autonomy. It does not matter why we chose not to get the shot. It matters that we have repeatedly and unequivocally said no, and “no” means “no.

Ascension has said that those who wish to can get an exemption (religious or medical), yet it appears that they have the power to reject the exemption request, or make it difficult to qualify for an exemption. Can you comment on that?

That is correct and this is extremely concerning. The questions on the religious exemption application are highly intrusive, unnecessary, and inappropriate. We are being asked to explain and justify our religious beliefs and prove how we live this out in our daily lives. Our answers will then be judged by a committee who is pretending to be God by either accepting or denying our religious beliefs. This is a direct infringement on our Constitutional rights. Being employed with Ascension does not strip us from our human rights.

Another aspect of this application that is unacceptable are two statements that are required to be agreed to. You cannot submit the application until you select “agree”.

The first statement requires you to agree to “voluntarily resign” should your exemption be denied. Therefore, Ascension is forcing associates who have a religion [religious objection] to resign.

The second statement requires you to agree to “infection prevention measures” that will later be determined by Ascension should your exemption be approved. These measures are not defined and nobody in HR or Associate Health can provide clarification. Will we be required to wear extra PPE? Weekly, or even daily testing? Social distancing to a level that impedes our patient care and diminishes our mental health? We do not know any of these answers yet we are being forced to select “agree” in order to even submit the application.

So if an employee / associate does not comply with Ascension’s mandatory vaccine or exemption, Ascension is saying that they will deem that a “voluntary resignation.” Why are they doing this? Are they attempting to get around paying unemployment insurance? Are you aware if this is even legal?

Ascension can label it whatever they want, but when an employer initiates discharge that is the definition of termination and anything but voluntary.

From my own personal research as well as counsel from many attorneys, this is not legal.

I think unemployment is the least of their concerns. I don’t believe associates would qualify for this anyway. I believe their biggest concern is wrongful termination lawsuits. If an employee applies for medical or religious exemption, the exemption is denied, and then the employee is terminated, the associate has been terminated due to his or her medical condition or religion. I foresee a landslide of lawsuits against Ascension after November 12. Thousands of associates that I’m in contact with have class action lawsuits and personal attorneys ready to jump when that time comes. We are armed and ready to fight for the long haul.

Remember that only about 50% of Ascension associates have been fully vaccinated. We are the majority, despite what they are desperately trying to portray.

Why do you believe Ascension is pushing this vaccine mandate now? Do they have a vaccine percent goal? If so, what is it?  Do they get a reimbursement of some kind if they reach this goal? Is this in writing somewhere?

Yes, their goal is 75% of associates to be fully vaccinated.

Medicare reimburses at a higher rate for Covid-19 vaccines

Providers get greater reimbursement for COVID-19 vaccine

Medicare COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Payment

Medicare and medicaid likely to require employee vaccination in the near future, or they will not reimburse hospitals (this is how it works with the flu)

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Care Workers as a Condition for Medicare and Medicaid Participation

What has Ascension’s policy or behavior been toward employees / associates who have expressed resistance to getting vaccinated?

Absolutely horrendous. Those who wish to deny this shot are discriminated against and verbally attacked. Daily “safety huddles” consist of public shaming of the unvaccianted. I have personally experienced as well as heard numerous accounts of physicians and administrators publicly ridiculing employees who have not been vaccinated. Leaders spread toxic morale targeting the unvaccinated and persistently “encourage” associates to reconsider even after they have repeatedly and consistently denied. It is bordering on harassment and at the very least is workplace bullying.

What do you want from Ascension? Is it just removing the vaccine mandate?

We want to be respected as human beings and we want our constitutional rights to be honored.

We want a reasonable compromise. For example: Honoring natural immunity as an exemption. Countless studies have shown that natural antibodies and especially memory cells produce more robust and durable immunity than synthetic immunity. Ascension draws titers for measles and does not require employees to get the MMR shot if they show immunity, why is this not an option for Covid-19?

Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Longitudinal analysis shows durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection with persisting antibody responses and memory B and T cells

Large-scale study of antibody titer decay following BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine or SARS-CoV-2 infection

SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans

Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19 | National Institutes of Health

Researchers find long-lived immunity to 1918 pandemic virus

I have seen Dr. Jon Ward, who worked with Ascension, but who is adamantly against the forced vaccine mandates, on Facebook. He has said that though Ascension markets themselves as a not-for-profit, they work with limited partners who generate some $96 Billion in annual revenues—over 300 for-profit hospitals (non-Catholic) in more than 41 states. In contrast to that, the doctor said that Ascension gives just $2.4 Billion of income to poverty and low-income areas. That would be about just 2.5 percent of their budget. Do I have that right? Is Ascension misrepresenting themselves in some way to the public? Are they acting the way you would expect a Catholic health services company should? Are you encouraging a boycott?

From the research I have done, that is correct.

Ascension is acting the complete opposite of how they portray themselves. The company blatantly disregards the National Catholic Bioethics Center’s recommendation to not mandate this shot. The NCBC’s opinion is that mandating a vaccine is unethical and does not fall within catholic principles. It seems as though the Ascension CEO, Joe Impicicche, who is a sitting board member of the NCBC, does not respect Catholic principles.

Additionally, Ascension is highly censoring our voice. Although over 50% of Ascension employees do not want this shot, Ascension is desperately trying to cover this up. For example: They delete any Facebook comment that will show that their employees do not want this. One associate simply asked, “Will Ascension be held liable if I experience an adverse event?” and the comment was immediately deleted.

Ascension claims to care for patients and their associates, but their only motivation is virtue signaling and financial rewards. They work their employees into the ground with little support. Their employees are mistreated daily by leaders and administrators. Their phoney facade of being a “Catholic ministry” is quickly turned off when you actually work for the company and experience the manipulation, coercion, and bullying that takes place inside those walls.

How are you going about reaching the public?

We are hosting freedom rallies across the nation to shine our message and gain even more support. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support and love we experience at the freedom rallies. We have connected with healthcare workers from other local hospitals who stand with us. We have the support of EMT’s, firefighters, and police officers. We even have many standing with us that are vaccinated themselves, but believe in medical freedom and know that this mandate is wrong. We know that our support is the overwhelming majority, and Ascension knows that as well.

Do you work with other groups? Can you name any of them?

We have connected with many other Ascension locations across the nation. We are coordinating our efforts and stand united.

We also have the support of Arise Patriots, Florida Freedom Keepers, and the Tea Party Patriots to name a few.

If someone wants more information about what you are doing, has a question, or wants to join your protests, what should they do?

email [email protected]

Do you have protest events coming up? What are they?

We have one on September 3rd (Ed note: TODAY!), 5-7pm in front of Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital.

*After this week, we will be moving our weekly freedom rallies to Saturdays. Time TBD.

Freedom Rally at State Capitol- Sep 24th 3-6pm ET. Freedom rally at ALL state capitals across the nation.

I’m sure I’ve missed something you would like to speak to in regards to this unfortunate situation with Ascension. Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?

I understand the fear and I understand the intimidation. However, this MUST be the hill that we choose to die on. What will they mandate next? What conditions will your children have to work under? What will your children have unwillingly injected into their bodies? Where will this stop? This will not stop with healthcare workers and the military. This will bleed to every industry and every corner of our lives unless we stand up and unitedly shout “no more.” We must stand united to preserve our precious freedom that so many men and women have fought and died for. It is not time to be silent or fearful, it is time to be loud and courageous. If there was ever a time to fight for what you believe in, the time is now. We must resist, we must not comply, we must fight.

Thank you so much for your time, Jane!

Thank you.

Now it’s your turn, dear Reader! Please let me know if you found this interview helpful, and how you feel about Ascension Healthcare’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. More importantly, what are you going to DO about it? Believe me, if Ascension succeeds, many, many more companies across sectors will follow suit!

If you’d like to reach out to “Jane,” email her at [email protected]. And stay tuned to Old School–we will follow this story, and do everything in our power to continue our fight for natural health, success, and freedom!

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6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Jane Addams,” Head of Ascension Healthcare Workers Fighting For Medical Freedom (COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE!)”

  1. Very good Interview. I myself will make a concerted effort to avoid going to Sacred Heart for any services in the future and I hope others will consider doing the same, we have 2 other hospitals and plenty of physicians. I am a strong believer in showing my support or lack of it by going or not going to a particular establishment,I started last year when they implementated mask mandates.

  2. Great Interview by both of you Patrick and Jane. Thank you. I too am an Ascension Healthcare Employee and I will not be getting the vaccine. Jane was spot on with everything she said, except I’m not positive on the Catholic leaders part when you have a Pope that actually espouses Socialism cheering on the mandates.

    1. Thank you, Dean! Yes, I can certainly understand you not wanting the vaccine. As for the Pope, I agree 100%. IMO, any religious leader who refuses to stand on the side of freedom is suspect.

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