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Employees, Concerned Citizens FIGHT BACK Against Ascension Healthcare’s Vaccine MANDATE!

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The People are fighting back against vaccine mandates!

In late July, Ascension Healthcare, one of the largest private healthcare systems in the United States mandated coronavirus vaccination for its employees, physicians, volunteers, and vendors. It cited a need for more action to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and promised exemptions to the mandate for people with health issues or religious objections.

According to the Alabama-based NBC15 News, an email sent to Ascension employees said fewer than 50% of its employees in Florida and the Gulf Coast were vaccinated. Ascension is looking to increase that percentage considerably.

Yet many of Ascension’s employees and associates, as well as other concerned citizens, are opposed to Ascension’s COVID vaccine mandate.

A petition calling for Ascension to immediately retract its COVID-19 vaccine mandate received nearly one thousand signatures in less than 24 hours and has over ten thousand signatures now.

Hundreds of employees from Mobile’s Providence Hospital and Pensacola’s Sacred Heart say requiring the vaccine is immoral.

“This is a medical intervention that requires informed consent, and we can either accept that and when we deny it, we are discriminated against,” said an anonymous employee.

The group Ascension for Medical Freedom released a statement in response to Ascension’s mandate:

We are fighting for our freedom to either accept or deny medical intervention. Being employed with Ascension does not strip you of your constitutional rights; every person deserves bodily autonomy. There is more than one way to protect ourselves and our patients. Part of Informed Consent is knowing the alternative options, we are simply choosing a different path. Not only is this mandate unconstitutional, it directly violates the National Catholic Bioethics Center in which our CEO, Joe Impicciche, is a board member. How can an organization claim to be a “Catholic Health Ministry” while so blatantly participating in hypocrisy, manipulation, and coercion? This is wrong. We have repeatedly and unequivocally said “no”, and no means “no.”

Ascension nurses and others are rallying against the vaccine mandate in various places.

In Northwest Florida, ongoing protests are occurring near Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Ascension Healthcare Workers Fighting For Medical Freedom is a group holding rallies every Friday from 5 to 7 pm in front of the hospital, as well as in front of other Ascension hospitals.

Members from Ascension for Medical Freedom and other community members also joined a “Just Say ‘No!’ Stop UnAmerican Medical Mandates” national rally this past Saturday sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

Upcoming Rally at the Florida State Capitol

On Friday, September 24th, Ascension Healthcare Workers Fighting for Medical Freedom is leading a “State Capitol Freedom Rally” in Tallahassee from 3 pm to 6 pm ET / 2 pm to 5 pm CT. For more information, contact [email protected].

I wholeheartedly salute those rallying for their health freedom nationwide, and encourage every American who still believes in freedom to join them!

I know that the cause is just, and I firmly believe that as time goes by, more and more Americans and people worldwide will come to see that not only do we all have the right to decide what we choose to put inside our bodies, but further, they will come to see that the vaccines do NOT prevent the transmission of COVID! Further, taking these vaccines makes one MORE LIKELY to have increased symptoms!

WATCH THIS TESTIMONY by Dr. Christina Parks in front of the Michigan House of Representatives, explaining this. It will open your eyes!

It’s time to stand for our freedom–no one will do it for us.

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2 thoughts on “Employees, Concerned Citizens FIGHT BACK Against Ascension Healthcare’s Vaccine MANDATE!”

  1. Afraid to be Unemployed

    I work in a University Medical Center in Philadelphia. All employees had to release their Covid vaccine status and had to show proof of vaccination in order to maintain their employment. Now we have received notification that we are mandated to take a vaccine booster in the October timeframe if we were vacinated in the winter. The August 2021 e-mail notification stated details of vaccine booster rollout will follow.

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