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Do You LOVE Justice Or HATE Injustice? (Pick ONE!)

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“If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them! “

Luke 6:32 New Living Translation

A minister I used to listen to would often discuss the difference between loving justice and hating injustice. Of course, if you think about it for a moment, you’d see that they have nothing in common with each other–they are two completely different things.

And therefore, it’s about time we separated the “sheep from the goats” regarding this issue.

There will likely be many who read the title of this article and be inclined to answer “Both! I love justice AND hate injustice!” Yet, if they’d but scratch the surface of how they really operate day to day, it would be clear that they live primarily in one camp or the other.

Love and hate, after all, are two completely different things.

I’m caused to think about this issue because my sister recently passed. She had been battling cancer, and had lived much of her life also battling what she perceived as injustice.

My sister and I had some political disagreements, which unfortunately did negatively affect our relationship in the latter part of her life, which I regret. I wrote about her, and our relationship here, in a post called Dear Suz…

All of us at one time or another have reacted angrily to injustice, or perceived injustice. Suz was no different.

In my post, I referenced a piece in the VC (Ventura County) Reporter called Fighting the Good Fight: Senior Advocate and Local Government Watchdog Suz Montgomery Has Never Stopped Working For Her Community, where a reporter interviewed my sister just weeks before she passed.

My sister was passionate about her beliefs, and tirelessly worked to “right the wrongs” she saw in her life and in her community of Ventura, California, where she was well-known and respected. She was admirable in many ways.

The article started off with a quote from Suz: “Sometimes I think about how much easier it would have been if I hadn’t been such an angry woman; it’s what fuels me.” 

Now as I said in my first piece, I do not know if Suz ever came to a point of transcending the anger she felt toward injustice in her life. I certainly hope that she did give it up before she passed from this earthly plane.

And I totally understand the anger that she carried. As I said, we’ve all experienced it. And anger can feel like a necessary emotion to provide us that fuel to fight that Suz spoke to the reporter about.

And yet, I also understand that that anger can destroy us if we do not give it up.

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

James 1:19-20 NIV

I’m saying all this to speak to everyone (including myself), because we have seen an epidemic of anger in the divide–Americans vs. Americans–each believing that he or she is right, but in giving way to human anger toward our brother or sister, each showing that he or she is wrong.

I “identify” as a conservative, which once had as a central tenant that we not only loved our country, but we also loved the people in it. After all, there was a spiritual base undergirding our beliefs.

When I look around at many of those calling themselves conservatives, or patriots today, I see that that spiritual base is not there. This is the real reason that America has fallen out of favor with God, and finds itself on the brink of extinction.

And this is largely the fault of those of us who have not found love in our lives, and therefore not passed it on others around us, and to the next generation.

So breezily commenting that you both love justice AND hate injustice isn’t going to cut it. As I’ve said, we’ve all hated injustice, so it’s nothing to be proud of, and does not encourage good to come forward.

Not that we should accept injustice–no way! It’s just that we must find a new fuel to fight with.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21 NIV

But HOW do we overcome evil with good? Frankly, I’m not an expert on this yet, myself, I’m still a student. But I have seen this principle at work in my life, and at times God has worked through me to bring good about. I’m sure you have seen God do the same in your own life.

One thing I know that is essential in learning how to “overcome evil with good” is to keep guard that anger does not seep in and overtake us. I have employed prayer and meditation toward this end, as have many others.

God would not tell us to overcome evil with good unless we had the power to do so. And we do.

But we all need to get off our high horse–judging everybody who doesn’t see things our way. There’s nothing “Christian” about acting like this. And even if you don’t call or consider yourself a Christian, there are UNIVERSAL principles that run the world, and like it or not, you need to access these principles to have a successful, and peaceful life.

Beyond that, you could be taken from this world at any moment, as my sister was. And I would much rather “take my chances” entering the next world in peace, rather than in turmoil. I’m sure you would too.

It’s time we returned to being true Americans again. It’s really the only rational path forward.

My prayer is that you rest in peace, my dear sister Suz.

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