YouTube Pulled This Video in 1 HOUR! (“Jacob Blake Riots are a SETUP!”)

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Jacob Black Riots are a SETUP!

Yup, YouTube pulled another one of my videos, and this one was the fastest yank-down I’ve experienced.

I posted it last night about an hour before the start of the last night of the Republican Convention. It got hits left and right, and very quickly I racked up at least fifteen likes to just one dislike. Perhaps YouTube itself represented the one disklike! (or a creepy informer)

I was looking forward to seeing this video get out to a lot of people. This video happened to require a great deal of my time, I thought the content was useful, and at least I could look forward to some reward… or so I thought!


Thankfully, I post my videos concurrently on Lbry.TV, which is an “open source” platform—meaning that it is not owned by a big tech company and therefore cannot be deleted! If you are are a content creator, and are being censored, de-monetized, or even de-platformed by YouTube, check out Lbry.TV. There’s not a real big audience there (at least yet), but so far it looks like a solid platform to me.

In MY LATEST VIDEO (The Jacob Blake Riots are a SETUP), I discuss the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots, which started after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and the reason behind Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ failure to quell the mayhem.

I also discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings. Rittenhouse is a 17-year-old white man who was in Kenosha to protect property, and ended up shooting several people, killing two and injuring one.

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