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WHO OWNS Our ELECTED OFFICIALS? (Guest: KERRY SMITH, Santa Rosa County, Florida Board of County Commissioners–District 2– Candidate)

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Hello Everybody!

In this episode of my podcast DECLARATION of Independence, I interview Kerry Smith, Santa Rosa County, Florida Board of County Commissioners, District 2 candidate, about the power of developer money over politicians that is causing uncontrolled development to crowd out farmland, cause massive traffic, and major flooding in the county.

This is happening in a county with approximately 70% Republican voters, so it is not a POLITICAL problem–it’s a GREED problem.

Undoubtedly, no matter where you live, you are seeing similar problems rear their ugly head. I am posting this interview and plan to do more like it, so you can see how we are exposing with these issues and supporting key candidates, and hopefully to give you the encouragement to do the same in your own area.

It is much more effective to fight on the city and county level, than on the national level. Not that national issues are unimportant–they certainly are. But the amount of control citizens have locally vs. nationally is much greater.

Feel free to let me know of key issues, and people who are standing up and making a difference in our communities, in America, and in our world.

To Your Health, Success, and Freed-DOMMM!


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