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White House, CDC, FDA & WHO STILL Do NOT Mandate THEIR Employees Take A COVID-19 VACCINE!

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Biden STILL does NOT mandate WH employees take vaccine

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Seeing the way the Biden Administration and its “health” agencies are trying to jam the jab into our bodies, after a quick news search I found that Biden STILL won’t mandate his employees do the same thing he’s pushing PRIVATE employers to do!

Should we be surprised? No. If Biden would sell out American citizens stranded in Afghanistan, he’ll sell YOU out too!

But the compromised media will not report this, and thus I want to keep it front and center.

We’re dealing with tyrannical hypocrites of the highest order.

And knowing how potentially unsafe the vaccines are, I can’t help but wonder what other motives may be a part of Joe’s (or rather his handlers’) decision-making.

Regarding the hypocritical “Do as I SAY, not as we DO” vaccine mandates, I checked none other than the hyper-liberal “fact check” site, Snopes, and even THEY admitted it!

Snopes also admitted that the WHO doesn’t require their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination either.

What about the vaccine companies?

In addition, Snopes admitted that–up until now, neither Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson currently require their employees to get the jab. Snopes did add that both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (but NOT Pfizer) will mandate that their employees get the vaccination by early October, unless they have a specific exemption. It did not dive further into the question to see how difficult (or not) the exemption process would be for the vaccine companies’ employees.

Pfizer has no apparent plans to require that their employees get the vaccination. Which brings up a question: Pfizer is the company that supposedly has “full” FDA approval for its vaccine. Doesn’t Pfizer have confidence in the safety of its “fully approved” vaccine?

Perhaps Pfizer has reasons not to be so confident.

WHO Are You?

And let’s not even get started with the WHO (World “Health” Association), which has been in the pocket of the perps (Chinese Communists) from the get go. They’ve flip flopped in the wind ever since, with their default position pushing one mandate or another.

Biden uses this discredited CDC as some kind of global authority to listen to as they say landlords shouldn’t evict tenants who fail to pay their rent, and that school children need to wear masks in school.

But with all of their “recommendations” for mandates for what others should do, this same CDC does not mandate its own employees to take the COVID-19 vaccination. WHO spokesperson Dr. Margaret Harris informed Snopes: “In line with UN Medical Directors consensus opinion, COVID-19 vaccination is strongly encouraged but is currently not mandatory for personnel.

How do they get away with it???

I believe the powers that be get away with their flamboyantly hypocritical behavior because, one, the media doesn’t report it, two, they’ve scared the public into thinking irrationally, and three, because people are afraid to lose something if they don’t comply.

But the questions need to be asked, “How long will you let them get away with it?” and more important:

“How long do you want to live as a slave?”

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