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What’s More Important Than News and Politics?

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” —John 10:10 KJV

Let’s get this out of the way up front—news and politics are VERY important.

We should care about what is going on in our world. The “news” keeps us on top of what is well… new.

And politics is merely the codifying of our desires for what should be allowed or not allowed in our world into law.

So I have no beef with news or politics. Growing up, I developed into a “news junkie” through the influence of my dad, who subscribed to two local newspapers, religiously watched the news on TV, and always had news radio on (KFWB, Los Angeles: “You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world”) whenever he went out to the front porch to smoke his Camels. He loved those Camels, by the way, unfiltered. My dad was an unfiltered kind of guy.

What I have a problem with is the stretching of news and politics into something more than they should be. I suppose it’s the same issue I have with entertainment. It has been stretched into something it shouldn’t be.

News, politics, and entertainment have all morphed into one thing—entertainment. Think about it—how much of this do we really need? We are human beings with lives to live.

We don’t fully understand how much of what we have accepted into our lives is simply someone else’s ideas. It almost all has do do with money and power.

Ted Turner founded CNN in 1980. It was the world’s first 24-hour news channel. Did we need it? Well, it can be argued that it provided news programming at any time a viewer wanted to see it. But it DID NOT mean that we needed to be watching news 24 hours a day!

You could say that TV was invented to keep us watching long enough to sell us products. It’s true, in a sense, but I really have no problem with somebody wanting to sell me products. We all have to eat and pay the bills.

But we have become the extension of the wishes of others.

I’m including myself in this. For years, if I am driving in my car, my mind has been attuned to watching for the top of the hour, because that’s when the national news comes on. Gotta hear the latest!

And the talk radio shows talk mostly about the news. I’ve been listening to them for decades. I’m not saying it’s all bad. I’ve learned a lot. And we do need to know what’s going on, otherwise we can be manipulated by people with bad intentions and dreams of power.

I’ve discussed politics in many forums, and have even fancied myself as someone with a skill for commentary. I do think I have a knack for it, given my background and (I hope) my ability to keep things simple for the average person when I speak of it.

But I have begun to question this path.

At this point, there are many pundits out there, some are quite talented and rational. I don’t know that the world needs another political pundit.

I have always had other talents and skills. For instance, my lifelong love of bodybuilding specifically, and the broader interest of fitness, nutrition, and every aspect of health, including spiritual health and national health.

In developing Greek Yoga™ and other fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle skills, I have helped myself overcome many injuries and surgeries too. I’ve also developed a 12-Week Transformation Program, which works really well because of the amazing power of habit. I also have 6-Session and 1-Session consulting available. To see, just scroll down from the “transformation” link above.

Several years ago I left the big city to pursue a more natural way of life in the country. I am beginning to live more “abundantly” in many areas of life, and I want to help others do the same, no matter where they live.

Culture is important too—the way we see the world—and our American and world culture has degraded so far from when I was growing up. I’m saddened by that, and want to be part of a change back to a more innocent time, and way of seeing things.

This is more important to me than news and politics, though I’m fully aware that politics controls the laws that help keep or make a society free. Good people need to be involved in this process.

As important as news and politics are, I would like to see people get the things that are more important than news and politics right in their lives. Starting with their relationship to their Creator, and their relationships with others… Increased self-reliance, possibly starting a business, as I have done… Doing better financially, with increased security, and having more fulfilling recreational and leisure time (the modern world promised us more of these things, but in many ways has delivered less).

I’d like to post more often, and would also like to interview people who are successful in some of the areas I’ve listed above. If you know any such people, please let me know.

This is true success to me—a whole and fulfilling life. I want this for me, and I want it for you. And it will happen, if we keep our eyes open, and allow our priorities to sort themselves out.

I welcome your comments.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of, a website that believes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Its focus is Health, Success, and Freedom—yeah, in that order. Patrick is the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body—Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down; and is also the creator of Greek Yoga™ and the Greek Yoga for Beginners video. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

2 thoughts on “What’s More Important Than News and Politics?”

  1. Sounds good to me Patrick! I like the balance of everything. I’m reminded of the song, “I hope you dance”. By the way, we’ll be dancing tomorrow night to begin celebrating Rebecca’s birthday… Also I recently read an article about the amount of time Jesus spent dining with others, feeding others, spending time with others. It was a lot! I doubt if they were hanging around discussing the politics of Rome. They were eating good bread, broiled fish over a fire (broiling fish was the last action Jesus did before
    he ascended to heaven), and drinking wine. After all, his first miracle was turning water to wine at a wedding feast. Peace of Christ to you Bro!

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