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What’s MISSING in the BIBLE

Let’s get this out of the way at the start–I love the Bible. I certainly believe it is inspired by God, and is highly useful as a “tool” (if I dare use such a word for something so profound) to help bring human beings closer to God.

I don’t want anyone misunderstanding me, though I know that it will be inevitable, given the subject matter, and the kind of relationship so many Christians, Jews, and others have developed with the Bible.

Nevertheless, in reading the Bible lately, I can’t help but notice that something is indeed missing. After all, think about it: by definition, some content was left in, and some was left out. I have a “Catholic” Bible called The New Jerusalem Bible. There are different versions of it. It is a translation, as they all are. It contains at least four books that the “Protestant” Bible does not have. They call these books the apocrypha. Basically, it means these books were not “officially approved” as being divinely inspired by the powers that be at the time. I can tell you that these are some of my favorite books in the Bible.

There are other books in the Bible that some say were supposedly included at one time, but were left out later. One well-known book is called The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden. Again, I read this book many years ago, and found value in it.

Another well-known book is The Dead Sea Scrolls, first found in 1947 in caves on the shore of the Dead Sea. There is much fascination with these manuscripts in certain circles.

I am no historian, and am not particularly interested in digging deep into these or any materials. I’m not knocking anyone who does, it’s just not my thing. And doesn’t the Bible itself say that much study is wearying? 🙂 I’m much more interested in something else…

So what really is missing in the Bible?

So in my reading of the Bible lately, I’ve noticed there are many references to prayer, and some to meditation (or at least “meditate on the Word” references). The writers of the Bible exhort us to be “in the Spirit,” and tell us what kind of qualities we should have to be pleasing to God, but honestly, it doesn’t really dig into the HOW!

Sure, there are references as to how Jesus said we should pray, but the Bible also says that we should “pray unceasingly.” Let’s be honest, THERE IS NO WAY TO PRAY (WITH WORDS) UNCEASINGLY!

I know there are some Christians who attempt to go around praying with words constantly, I believe they do it to try to follow that particular scripture, but I’m sorry–God gave us COMMON SENSE, and that tells us it’s crazy to walk around praying all day!

I have no doubt that Jesus and his disciples did a fair amount of praying without words. I have written and spoken a number of times about God showing me how to meditate when I was a child. I was laying on my bed one night feeling cut off from my parents and the world. My eyes were closed, and was just “looking out” from my closed eyelids, and seeing the brightness in my “mind’s eye.” I just communed with the Holy Spirit–a very natural thing that I bet many of us did as children.

Didn’t Jesus say that in order to “enter the kingdom of Heaven” we need to come back as children? I believe at heart that God is simple. Children are simple. Prayer should be simple too.

I’ve also spoken on this blog about times that I “strayed from the path,” and came back to meditation and prayer. At one point I found a man named Roy Masters who had independently discovered the same thing–that there is something missing in the Bible–or at least buried in there–because these things I speak of are referenced in an oblique way, i.e. “Be still and know that I am God,” “Take captive every thought,” And this is one of my favorites…

“The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.  And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

–Romans 8:26-27 NIV

Because of my experience with meditation as a child, I do not believe that anyone necessarily needs to “learn” to meditate, but on the other hand modern living with its myriad of distractions tends to pull us “out of our center” (where the kingdom of Heaven resides, as Jesus himself said). Therefore, sometimes it takes a little help to get back to that secret place inside ourselves. I know that happened to me once I went astray–I forgot about that natural meditation the Spirit showed me. Therefore, you may benefit from this simple exercise that Roy Masters taught.

Christians are supposed to have the internal power to cast out demons, heal the sick, and overcome the world. The vast majority of today’s Christians don’t have that kind of power. Something is missing.

The Bible cannot save us. Only God can. And if we want His help we must CONNECT with Him. Real Christian meditation is one of the primary ways to do just that.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He promotes natural health, success, and freedom during chaotic times. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

23 thoughts on “What’s MISSING in the BIBLE”

  1. Good morning Patrick, it looks like your seeking the truth, as any person seeking God is.
    I’m not a scholar nor a person that claims that just because he reads the Bible that I’m saved or going to heaven.
    All I know for sure is that we have to believe in Jesus and that he came to take on our sins.
    That enough is all you need.
    As for all the other stuff in the Bible is icing on the cake.
    Your seeking the truth and that is where God wants us to be.
    I learned that along time ago.
    I pray as much as I can.
    As you said God gave us common sense and he knows our heart.
    There are people that never opened a Bible that are closer to God than we are.
    I look at the world today and that alone tells me Gods return is upon us.
    We are living like the days of Noah but much worst and God has had enough.
    Just continue to pray anyway that works for you because God knows your heart.
    Your friend Robert

  2. I am stunned Patrick, that you preach non judgment and meditation, and I wrote just commonsense sense insightful real comment, snd you deleted it. That is judgment sir. Don’t be a hypocrite weakling. What have learned after Jesse? Good lord.

    1. Didn’t delete your comment, Fabian. I was out and you’d written two comments., awaiting approval. Both were approved. Yes, the first one was good. This one–not so much! 🙂

      1. my apologies…I jumped the gun, so often am I censored it appeared that way again. You can delete these other two comments if you wish, as the first was my error.

      2. I am curious, if you don’t mind…am I the only one who needs to have their comments approved by you before partaking in this forum? If so, why? and why would I even need this, when you know full well while you may disagree at times, I am not mean, bombastic, nor abusive, so I don’t get it. It’s like I am such a danger here that if you felt you needed to delete anything I wrote, having it up here until you could do that is going to do harm to anyone? You’re sort of treating me like someone who is needs to be watched over and censored.

        1. Yes, Fabian, other than new posters, you are the only one I’m having to moderate at this time. Anyone who looks at our exchange here may understand the reason why.

          I’ve known you for a long time. And you’re obsessive. This is my blog, and I wr>te about the things I find of interest. You have a history of hijacking other people’s platforms to browbeat people into accepting your take on things. If they don’t agree with you 100%, you will keep pushing until they do.

          So sometimes people put limitations on how much they’ll let you take over their platform. For instance, if I keep responding to you here. You will not stop responding to me. That’s a fact. I’ve seen you do this for years, and you will not change (at least so far). So moderation? Of course.

          This post has nothing to do with you. But you’ve made it about you as usual. YOUR behavior causes people to put limits on you, then you call them censors. And unfortunately, I’m sure I’ll have to block any further responses you may have on this matter.

          I’m not going to give you unlimited access here. Go do a YouTube video or whatever about what a bad, unfair, etc guy I am if you’d like. But my platform is for myself and those I choose to share it with. I will not allow it to be hijacked for any other purpose.

          1. Personally, I don’t see any point of even conversing with Fabian. He thinks he is being persecuted for righteousness sake when he speaks or writes the truth. In reality, he badgers people and makes himself an all-around pest. And there is no point in even trying to correct him because you are then just trying to make him “doubt himself”. He is right and never wrong.

            1. It’s hard to argue with you, Ted. I’ve known Fabian for years, and have give him a lot of rope. Unfortunately, he’s used it on himself. And I’ve been too hard headed to let him go. But I believe it is best for all concerned.

            2. That’s fine Patrick, it’s just not accurate description of my persistence in the face of persistent Trump praising, in the face of a real genocide. Somehow that seems to be lost upon many, and I am labeled obsessive or as Ted claims, being persecuted. I in no way feel like a victim, but I know denial when I see it, and persistence with polite facts is not ” browbeating” anyone. People who know me and read my contributions know it is mean well. You may want to see an irritation and lack of tolerance which turns my true and sincere stuff into perceived browbeating. The social media platform allows for many and diverse readers or watchers, so I have no idea who I may help to come out of a denial. If it were me constantly getting on you personally, one on one, writing the same things over and over, then I would agree with you. But that’s not what I do.
              Thank you

      3. I love what Roy said about the Bible. That we must become
        ‘Living Bibles’. Then words are no longer needed because his spirit
        dwells within us guiding us in every moment. You took on a difficult subject but you covered it well!

      4. I found out years ago that the origination of the word pray is – to examine oneself. Examine like we are examining a specimen through a mircoscope. So looking, watching, the mind…can only be the meaning of oneself. When we do that more and more, we are in that spiritually objective from the body space, our soul, where sin cannot effect us. It’s only when we are in the thoughts, intellect, that we can sin. It’s a sort of miraculous situation, and I am sure related to the ” knowledge of good and evil “. Out of ” knowledge”, or words in our head, even seemingly us talking inside our head, then we’re a bit dumb, but open to the wordless thoughts from the light.
        Jesus said to not think…about what we will say, eat and cloth ourselves with. But he’s of course saying really, don’t think, just love in the moment, which the lord’s prayer describes, but it’s written in the bible as a repetitive prayer, when in the text before that prayer, Jesus says do not speak repetitive prayers! 🤔

      5. Good point Patrick,
        We were taught as kids to always use words. My mom got upset with me one time when she told me that she could not understand my prayer and I told her that I was not praying to her.
        Roy taught us how to be quiet so that we could hear the Holy Spirit from within and I am so grateful for that. I tried to give this gift to others, some accepted and some thought of me as weird but that’s ok because they may get it later.
        I remember Roy saying that he lives his life as if in a theatre watching everything going on around him but not affecting him.

        1. Wow, you said you were not praying to HER (your mom). Right, no person NEEDS to understand your prayer , only God does! And as the Bible indicates, the Spirit prays for us. And knows what to “say”! And as far as not being affected by the world, that would be a beautiful thing. Little by little. I can see it coming.

      6. To “meditate unceasingly” is to be aware of one’s inner-self throughout the day.
        In order to develop the spiritual muscle to do this we must dedicate time to do the
        meditation exercise.

        1. Brian, I’m glad you mentioned meditating “unceasingly.” I didn’t explain that concept well in the article. Of course, we should not be walking around all day doing a meditation exercise, and yet, as you indicate, there is a meditative spirit we can tap into no matter what we are doing. That is a powerful thing, which should never be underestimated.

          1. I read your title and thought, “what has the Bible left out, its it not the complete word of God?”.
            Then I read your article and reminding me of all the evidence I’d forgotten!
            Like a ‘refresher course’.
            Thanks Patrick!
            Ps, the respectful, direct and truthful language you used towards Fabian in Lights was crafted very direct, and firm.
            Yet, still, just one more…always, one more, and one more and one more and one…..
            I have learned there are a type of brain that is “construct” that CAN NOT be otherwise.
            Ie: a ant. A tiger. A horse. A homiosapian.
            Within the brain is a ‘ construction’ that can not be anything other than what it is made up to be…programed in the animal kingdom. Including humans.
            To the point of your article and prior comments about prayer, the human being is set apart of the animal kingdom due to our gift, capable to connect, once again, to our true creator, our Heavenly Father, God. Within the animal minds that are “construct” are not capable in doing this.
            It is a mystery why some humans are programed to say, perhaps to do all the right things, but are fruitless, and do not have that blessing, capable in connecting to our Heavenly Father, but think they have.
            Re: self-righteousness. A mind construct.

            Just thoughts I wanted to share.

            1. Thank you, Brenda. Im glad you got value from the post.You have said a lot, and of course there are mysteries of God we cannot always explain or understand. I won’t comment heyond that now, as I won’t open the door to further argument from others. The Bible does speak of God wanting everyone to be saved, and I know He loves us. Thanks again.

      7. Patrick, yes I think there has been much truth edited out and mistranslations made to the bible. The bible says we should pray unceasingly but as you said that make no sense. I take that to mean keep God in mind in everything you do. To have a meditative mind. The bible is only a part of the whole story and much of that has been poorly translated I believe.

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