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What Were the NAMES of the ISIS “High-Level Planners” Biden Had Killed?

Sorry. At this point I have no trust in the Biden regime. ZERO. So I’m gonna need some evidence here. I’m sure millions of Americans feel the same as me.

How “high-level” exactly, were these “planners”?

If the media puts out credible information regarding their identities of these “high level planners,” I’ll be happy to update this post accordingly.

Two days after the “ISIS-K” launched a bloody attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan killing 13 U.S. Marines and many others, the US claims to have successfully killed two ‘high profile’ targets from the terrorist group. Two “high-profile” ISIS-K members were killed in a US drone strike on Friday, 27 August 2021, and a third was wounded in a single mission, the Pentagon said.

Pictures have been released of the site the drone strike occurred in Afghanistan, but no human remains can be seen.

Contrast this lack of human evidence with photos released after President Trump had the infamous Iranian killer General Qasem Soleimani obliterated–no doubt at all!


I’m not trying to be gratuitous here, but his is very compelling evidence of Trump’s and the U.S. military’s “hit” on Soleimani. We need to see similar evidence of Biden’s supposed “hit.”

The families of the 13 fallen American soldiers and those of all the other victims of this horrendous attack need to know that some form of justice was or soon will be served on the enemies of freedom.

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2 thoughts on “What Were the NAMES of the ISIS “High-Level Planners” Biden Had Killed?”


    If the US had assurance that the dopes in the Milly mil. types category were fired, if the intel dopes in DIA, CIA, NSA were fired, and if Joe resigned along with Heels up Harris, I then would believe the Pentagon on the two terrorists killed. This Adm. is worse than the entire Grant, Harding, Carter, Clinton corruption all rolled up in one. And the voters who cheated, lied, or somehow got these CCP type Dems elected to the WH and Congress are just as bad. I am 82 ,a polysci teacher and never have seen such incompetence or treachery.

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