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What Does “Lean NOT On Your Own Understanding” Mean?

How many times have we heard the admonition to “Lean Not On Your Own Understanding” from Proverbs 3:5? Do we really know what it means?

It’s one of those phrases we think we understand. Perhaps you already do. I thought I did but did not understand.

So what’s so complicated? Trust God, not your own thoughts. And there’s the problem–almost everybody trusts their own thoughts, or what they think are their own thoughts.

I have been doing this for all my life.

We are taught to ponder answers when we are perplexed with a problem.

We are taught–and it comes quite “naturally”–to think our way out of our problems.

But I have had a revelation that somewhat surprisingly never hit me before–that the thinking I have been doing not only has NOT solved my problems–it has taken me DEEPER into these problems.

I had become consumed with anger toward others, because my thoughts continuously gave me the wrong answers. They told me that others were somehow the cause of my problems! And therefore the solution was somehow to make THEM right so I could feel right!

I have discussed meditation many times on these pages. How proper meditation has helped me overcome so much. And yet, I have backslid of late without realizing it. Somehow I knew I needed to have my mind and heart re-calibrated–re-set back to their “Factory” settings!

Decades ago, when I first found an amazing way to do just this, I immediately started to get better. Once I understood the basic “technique,” I was able to more or less relax it, and find my own way. But I found that going back to that original meditative instruction–at least for the time being–has been a game-changer. I believe I understand why that is…

There is something baked into that instruction (and following it) that causes THOUGHT DISRUPTION. I know this may sound counter-intuitive and wrong, but yet I believe it embodies the actual ESSENCE of what prayer really is!…

“Lean NOT on your own understanding.”

What we think of as our own understanding is NOT true understanding at all–it is merely being controlled by the THOUGHTS in our head, and not a true understanding THAT COMES FROM ABOVE!

In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Paul exhorts us to “pray without ceasing.”

How can we possibly DO THAT?

By staying out of our thoughts, and therefore ALLOWING GOD TO GUIDE US!

Returning to that “classic meditation” has helped my re-set–to pull out of the clouds (thoughts) and be able to absorb God’s light! It is miraculous!

My anger subsided–I no longer was locked in to having to argue with my loved ones and others to prove I was “right.” There is no arguing necessary in love!

So when someone asks, “HOW or WHY does meditation work?”, I understand how to answer it now. True meditation is a communion with the Spirit, that can only come when we are out of our thought stream–NOT necessarily being WITHOUT thought–but rather being OBJECTIVE to / not controlled BY our thoughts!

Thoughts are there, and may always be there. But they need not CONTROL us!

In Romans 8, Paul says, “…the LAW OF THE Spirit which gives life in Christ Jesus HAS SET YOU FREE from the LAW of sin and death.” He makes similar statements in this letter, distinguishing between OPPOSING LAWS: the law of the Spirit vs. the law of sin and death. Which law you are subject to depends on which “frequency” you are “tuned in” to: the frequency of your thoughts and mind, or the frequency of the Spirit, which is found OUTSIDE YOUR MIND!

God has a beautiful life set aside for us, but we must be willing to “Lean NOT on OUR OWN understanding” to receive it!

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8 thoughts on “What Does “Lean NOT On Your Own Understanding” Mean?”

  1. Hmmmmmmmm, I sometimes think how blessed we are as a nation to be able to have the many choices we have. I also think of all the suffering that has gone on all over the world.
    I wonder what technique they used to ease the suffering.
    I’m sure they prayed to God.
    Did they meditate in a certain way, or pray a certain way.
    Did they stand , sit , kneel etc.
    We can sit on the couch or chair and say how close they got the Jesus/God.
    But when your in the fire what do you do.
    It took me awhile to figure out that just about all men and women fell short of God. From past to present. Men in the Bible were perfect examples of good men falling short.
    I stopped leaning on my own understanding, and just live.
    Im doing what’s in my heart to do what is right, no matter what.
    I don’t get into praying a certain way or meditate.
    I just give thanks to Jesus/ God all through the day.
    I give thanks to Him in everything.
    When work is hard, I give thanks, when life is tough I give thanks, when im wrong, I admit it and apologize.
    God is God, and no one can say what is the right way to get to him.
    That is your leaning on your own understanding.
    The Bible has created more religious and religion because of there understanding not Gods.
    When I get up in the morning, I say a few words then I’m done.
    What I see, touch, hear, feel etc. If all the men in the Bible fell short, then I’m in good company.

  2. Amen. It is just waiting for the silent guidance on all things. It’s always there when we are patient. The tricky part is the thoughts also are part of the m.o. of personal demon, acting like the light. False conscience.
    But just seeing it say words in our head, of truth or whatever, over and over all day everyday, sets us free and is praying all the time. So it’s become my way of life, and I feel pretty dumb, but also magical expression come out of me often. Thank God.

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