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We’re Doing It LIVE THIS Evening (Saturday 4/30)!

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Hello Old Schoolers!

I want to remind you that we’re doing it LIVE THIS evening (hopefully no meltdowns!) with my son, Paul, from “Mind Over Energy” channel on YouTube.

Mike Tyson and Elon Musk: They’re in the news for different reasons. We’re going to discuss things that are not discussed much about either–yet are REALLY important and which likely affect or will affect our lives in profound ways.

“Somebody Has to SAY IT About MIKE TYSON and ELON MUSK!” will go this evening (Saturday 4/30 at 5 PM Pacific Time / 8 PM Eastern Time). We look forward to seeing you there!

Here is the LINK for THIS evening’s LIVE Stream

I’m chomping at the bit to get this thing started. Tell your friends and family (I’m not ORDERING you–I’m asking… politely!) 🙂

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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