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WATCH Dr. Zelenko’s EXPLOSIVE VACCINE TESTIMONY to The Israeli Rabbinical Court

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Those of you who have been following Old School for some time know that I have been promoting Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko and his COVID protocols since he burst onto the international scene last year after President Trump glowingly promoted his treatment.

***If you haven’t see Dr. Zelenko’s testimony to the Israeli Rabbinical Court, it’s a MUST WATCH! ***

Highlights from Dr. Zelenko’s testimony

“…according to the New England Journal of Medicine article–their preliminary data–the miscarriage rate for a woman who gets vaccinated in the first trimester goes from 10% to 80%...”

[Yet, the CDC has just recommended that pregnant “people” get vaccinated.]

“…The animal studies that were done with these vaccines show that all the animals responded well, generating antibodies. But when they were challenged, however, with the virus that they were immunized against, a large percentage of them died. And when that was investigated, it was found that their immune system had killed them“…

“…(human studies) were not done. You are the study right now. The Pfizer CEO said, “Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world”…

 “…Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of HIV, said that this is the biggest risk to humanity and the biggest risk of genocide in the history of humanity…”

“…There is definite evidence that it affects fertility, damages ovarian function, that it reduces sperm counts. Number one, it definitely increases the amount of auto-immune diseases. Who knows over time how that is going to reduce lifespan? And just last week, a paper came out showing that it increases the risk of cancer”…

“…Someone who has already had COVID that has antibodies, naturally induced immunity, has a billion times more effective immunity than artificially induced immunity through the vaccine. So why? Why would I vaccinate someone with a poison death shot that makes inferior or dangerous antibodies when I already have healthy antibodies?”…

“…And then if you look at the high-risk population (the elderly) that has a 7.5 percent death rate. So, my data, which was the first one in the world which I published in a peer-reviewed journal, which has become the basis of over two hundred other studies, and I have corroborated my observations that if you treat people in the right time frame, you reduce death rate by 85 percent.

So out of 600,000 Americans who died, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital and dying. And by the way, I presented this information to Benjamin Netanyahu directly into his hands in April of 2020, and I informed every single member of your Ministry of Health as well.”…

“…And yes, your Ministry of Health is lying to you. Your statistics are absolutely skewed“…

“…Dr. Malone, who invented the RNA technology and has the original patents for the vaccine, is saying“Do not use this. The government is lying to you. The side effects are horrific”… 

“…There’s been a very coordinated effort to suppress life-saving information, drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which are the safest medications in the history of medicine, have been suppressed. And you can’t even get them in Israel.“…

“…And then tell me why there’s this incredible coercion, psychological pressure, and now using force to compel people to take the shot? You should be answering that question, not me. There is a coordinated effort here. And Israel is leading the way.”

Panel: “It appears that the United States is also not showing the numbers that you’re saying either?”

Dr. Zelenko: “Now you started. There’s data that shows as of today eleven thousand dead people and four hundred and fifty thousand adverse events (in the United States). First of all, is that not enough?  What’s your threshold of death?”

Panel: “No, just one (death).”

 Dr. Zelenko: “OK, VAERS is already admitting to that; there’s a CDC whistleblower that just said it’s not 11,000, but it’s 45,000. That’s not enough?”

“…So right now, if I tell you that this is an artificially made bioweapon, it’s a conspiracy, not a theory. Everyone agrees now that this disease was artificially made.

And I even know exactly when it was made and I know the patent numbers associated with the modifications. In 1999 Dr. Ralph Barrett at the The University of North Carolina modified a bat coronavirus on a surface protein in order that it should infect human beings. Then that research became illegal in America. It got sent by the American taxpayer dollars and by Fauci to WUHAN where that research continued until they figured out a way to modify this virus, to make it extremely more destructive to human lungs and to cause blood clots.

So, they took an artificial, naturally occurring virus and slowly made two changes to it over time. It took them 20 years to modify it so that it should infect humans and then when it does infect humans, that it should destroy a tissue. Now, no one’s saying I’m a conspiracy theorist. People are saying that it’s a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy to commit genocide.

Is it so hard for Jewish people to believe that there could be a group of people willing to destroy?  It’s a war against God“…

“…Let me tell you about the CDC. President Trump made an executive order that every single American should have access to Hydroxychloroquine. That order went to Health and Human Services Secretary Geithner and that eventually ended up at the CDC by Dr. Rick Bright. And then what Dr. Rick Bright did, instead of using the “right to try” legislation that would have made access to this medication to every American and every human being around the world… They created an executive use authorization that restricted and limited access to only hospitalized patients, effectively cutting it off from patients in an outpatient setting at home“…

“…This has been documented by Dr. Rick Bright himself in a documentary called Totally Under Control. These are not my words; those are his words.”

And furthermore, then they took away the emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine, and they used the Lancet Study that showed that hydroxychloroquine kills people. The problem with that study was that it was a fraud and they had to retract that study because it was based on data that didn’t exist.

But the FDA and the CDC used that study after it was retracted to revoke the emergency use authorization (of hydroxychloroquine).

And the reason why is that if that drug has an emergency authorization, other drugs can’t! 

And three weeks later Remdesivir, made by Gilead Pharmaceuticals, received an emergency use authorization, a three-billion-dollar contract. And Remdesivir showed no survival benefit. It reduced hospital stay by five days but with no survival benefit. It cost $3,200 a patient and IV. The drugs that I was using cost 20 cents a pill at home and reduced death and hospitalization by 84 percent. That means they reduce the market share for Remdesivir by 84 percent.

So, the CDC is not an authority to me. You know, according to the NIH right now, you’re not supposed to treat COVID unless you’re in the hospital and your oxygen is less than 92 percent. Now, this is the advice and recommendation of a government that wants you to die. After 18 months and dozens of studies that have shown an 85 percent on the average benefit of avoiding hospitalization and death, and you have a government agency still making that recommendation.

 They have completely lost all credibility. Yes, our governments are corrupt. Yes, our governments have conspired.

You know, if I was organizing this, I would come to a world leader. I would come to Bibi or Bennett and say, “Listen, okay, here’s five hundred million dollars. I will put it in an account that no one could trace. Just listen to us. And if you don’t, we’re going to kill your family.”

(Long pause…)

Panel: “Okay.”

Dr. Zelenko continues: “By the way, if you look at the Exodus… only one out of 10 Jews left Egypt and made it to Israel. What that means is, only 10 percent of our people are capable of making the psychological transition from slavery to redemptive thinking.

That’s what the problem is here. It’s a collision of two systems that cannot coexist–a God-centered consciousness versus idolatry. There is nothing new under the sun. It’s all the same thing. It’s just that the battlefield now is Covid-19.”

Panel: “Okay, thank you very much, Doctor. I want to thank you personally because I used your protocol myself and I was able to get the protocol.”

Dr. Zelenko: “I’m glad you got better. I just hope that every other Jew could be like you.”

Panel [second member]: “I know. I second that. I was had kind of a flu–it worked in four days. Thank you, Doctor.”

Dr. Zelenko: “You’re welcome. But it’s not about me. It’s about the people. Why can’t every other Jew in Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) have the same treatment?

The video stops at this point. Was there even an answer for this? The rabbis know there IS no good answer for this. What a tragedy for Israel, the United States, and the world. Hopefully, the life-giving information such as that imparted by Dr. Zelenko and other brave men and women will serve to wake up increasing numbers of people across the world.

We are living in a dark and troubling time. But there are also many waking up to the truth. God-willing this awakening will continue, and we will be able to help make a major change in the way governments make policy. We have no choice but to try.

But if we cannot change government policy, we at least need to do all we can to help others stay healthy and free.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected]. To Support the critical work of Old School, go HERE or to Patrick’s SubscribeStar page HERE.

9 thoughts on “WATCH Dr. Zelenko’s EXPLOSIVE VACCINE TESTIMONY to The Israeli Rabbinical Court”

  1. His legacy lives on.

    The light shines in dark places and finds truth and shows it to all who seek it.
    Liberty or death, those are your 2 choices.

    Gloves are off and NWO is f–d

  2. Warned many b4 plandemic began of what they were releasing. Dr Z educated me and i in turn educated many of how to overcome the global attack on humanity. We see you NWO very clearly, and we will defeat you.
    Thanks for sharing truth here

  3. Thank you and I appreciate your having the courage to share THE TRUTH to us about covid 19 vaccinations and the lies from our government, the CDC, our President and others. It is frightening the evil that is among us and that our government, Dr. Fauci and other evil people want us to die or be sick, cause miscarriages, blood clots, cancer, lung diseases, and who knows what else. They should be put in prison. I wonder now, when we saw Biden and Kamala get their Covid vaccinations if it was Hydroxychloroquin or something to prevent them from getting the Covid virus, instead of the vaccinations everyone else is getting. We need to get this information out to as many people as possible to protect others from this evil agenda. What can we do now to protect our bodies if we have already received the vaccinations 1 and 2? I had Pfizer.

    1. Thank you, MJ, I appreciate that. Yes, some of these people involved are clearly evil. To help protect your body now, I am not a doctor and don’t give medical advice, but clearly you should do the basics to keep your God-given immune system strong (nutritious food, clean water, exercise, sunshine, fresh air, etc.). Beyond that, here’s a link to some potential sources of help:

      I wish you well, MJ, let me know if any of these sources are useful. Thank you!

  4. This man is brave – like so many who are speaking out. He’s not afraid to speak his truth to those who make the decisions. Just wish that the truth could be told to the majority who are listening to their radios and watching their TV’s. Alas, they will have to look elsewhere to find honest reporting and honest assessment of a very covert operation.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. Dr. Zelenko is indeed brave–he is a lion among men. It’s too bad he’s the exception and not the rule among men in America and worldwide. And yes, the “mainstream” media will never air the truth–we know they have an evil agenda, and truth always gets in the way of agendas. I’m glad you’re out there. I hope you keep up with what we’re doing here at Old School. We want to be part of the solution!

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