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This Friday Night LIVE Stream: GUN-Grabbing GHOULS Can Go to HELL!

Yesterday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left at least 19 children and two teachers dead is utterly horrific and heartbreaking to comprehend, and I pray for the families of these children–the children they will never see again in this world. The degree of their pain is unfathomable.

And yet America must act rationally to ensure that craven, disgusting politicians do not succeed in using this tragedy (as they always attempt to do) to advance their political power and control over the People. I for one am not going to just sit back and let this power grab succeed. I hope you agree with me.

I know who these people are, and I know what they want. I assure you–their goals have nothing to do with our safety, just as their COVID / vaccine goals have nothing to do with our health.

This Friday night at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time, I will host this week’s episode of DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE LIVE.

HERE IS THE LINK to the show. I may or may not have guests. My main goal is to discuss with you exactly what these “ghouls” are up to, so we do not allow ourselves to get carried away with the emotion of the moment, and give up our God-given right to self-defense.

I hope that you join me, and feel free to join our “Chat” as well.

See you then!

To Your Health, Success, and FREEDOM!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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