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The SOLUTION for Ukraine–REAL Freedom!

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I’ve been wrestling with the “Ukraine question” since Putin launched his invasion.

The first thing I discovered was my own ignorance. Like most Americans, I didn’t know jack about Ukraine, its history, or its relationship with Russia.

But in attempting to educate myself, I ran into the big-media censorship and slant we’ve all become accustomed to.

It was clear from the get-go that the media was in lock-step: Ukrainian President Zelensky is a hero–period. He is boldly standing up for his People–for FREEDOM. Do not dare challenge that point!

Knowing that the media is almost always wrong, and noting their fanatical censorship in regards to this story, many of us smelled a rat–but where exactly was the rat?


Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was elected in 2019 with over 73% of the vote! Wow–that’s popularity!

Yet, this same man’s approval rating dropped to a low of under 25% prior to the Russian invasion.

What happened?

In short, he was elected on promises to clean up corruption, and failed to follow through.

It is very hard to avoid corruption when you are aggressively seeking investment for your sovereign country from all over the world. Zelensky spoke at the Davos 2020 event hosted by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum for the purpose of doing just that, while seeking membership in the European Union.

Now I know some of you are starting to say, “Here Patrick goes, talking about Zelensky’s ties to Klaus, while meanwhile Putin is blowing up Ukraine and massacring civilians!”

Hang in there with me. I’m getting to that.

You see, I see the two issues as linked.

The Power of Neutrality

I am not a fan of Vladimir Putin. From what I can tell, he is a ruthless thug bent on re-assembling the old Russian empire. At least that’s what I have read. His actions in invading Ukraine appear heavy-handed–to say the least, an example being his leveling of the city of Mariupol.

But many have fallen into the trap of thinking there’s always an evil side and a good side. Most of the time that is NOT the case–the People suffer at the hands of competing interests… those interests being some combination of power and money.

Putin has his interests, which appear to be power acquired from taking land–land with rich mineral, industrial, and other advantages.

And Zelensky is committed to bringing foreign, Western investors to Ukraine. This invariably comes with a price.

Zelensky has thrown his hand in with The World Economic Forum, the European Union, NATO, and all that comes with them. It appears that the Ukrainian People haven’t asked for this–they just wanted an end to corruption and independence! (Sound familiar, Americans?)

A reliance on foreign investment–led be entities like the IMF and World Bank–can destroy countries and even continents when the inevitable resulting corruption runs rampant–Africa being a prime cautionary tale.

“Red Line” for Putin?

One of the key reasons Putin attacked Ukraine was because he felt territorially threatened by NATO creeping further and further Eastward up to his border. He repeatedly said this was his “red line” Yet Zelensky sought admission into NATO, and Biden and Company played a little game–privately telling Zelensky he couldn’t join, while publicly saying it was a possibility.

In other words, the U.S. poked the Bear, hoping the Bear would invade. Why? This article explains.

What is the likely result of the sanctions placed on Russia? Not at all what we have been led to believe. It’s shocking, really, and a very serious threat to every American.

If Zelenksy would agree to neutrality, Putin would likely relent on his invasion. But Zelensky doesn’t want neutrality, nor true independence for Ukraine–he wants foreign money and to be part of the “social-Democratic” European Union.

There’s nothing free about the European Union–in fact, during the height of COVID hysteria, lockdowns became unbearable to EU citizens.

Truly independent nations aren’t allowed anymore–it appears that all we have left are socialist nanny states and dictatorships. Where is FREEDOM? This is the question we should be asking.

Let me be clear–I feel for the People of Ukraine, and am all for helping them in whatever way is possible without dragging ourselves into World War III. But from my vantage point, this war was caused by Putin, was pushed by Biden & Co., and Zelensky has it in his power to come to an agreement with Putin and stop it.

Freedom has always been at the core of Old School’s message. That will not change, and will only become more important as time moves forward. Volodymyr Zelensky needs to champion that freedom–the freedom he was elected to promote–if he truly cares about the lives and future of the Ukrainian People.

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11 thoughts on “The SOLUTION for Ukraine–REAL Freedom!”

  1. Ethnic violence and killing at the price of liberal democracy in the 21st century. So many people got killed, and destruction of so many places and the loss of so many hopes and dreams. It is a shame for liberal democracy that was not able to handle the aggression of Russia before the invasion of Ukraine.
    We do not romanticize war, killing or any other blood soaked battle and conflict regardless who are on power and why. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine should have come as no surprise, because the West had been moving into Russia’s backyard and threatening Russian strategic interest. This is not what international relations all about. Every political issue is the matter of cause and effect. Zelensky forgot his administaion put ban on Russian lanaguage and seperate Russian church with Ukranian one. He even rejected the idea of multilingual education system i Ukraine. One of the fundamental concepts in international relations is that modern states impose policies and programs in order to deliver peace and security for other nations. Today, noone has ever come with any suggestion for peace. Everybody talks about fight, arms supply, NATO enlargement and militarization of Europe.

    1. Of course it is not a surprise Alex, as Putin has wanted the wealth and resources of Ukraine ever since they received their independence. There was no justification for rolling into and stealing part of their nation, Crimea, and there is no justification now of course. The moral outrage should be directed at the lying mass murderers led by their chief beast/ demon, wiping out thousands of civilians, just as they did their terror war on Chechnya. It always easy to blame the west for their stupidity, but any Godly person has to stand with the Ukrianians and direct moral blame on Putin, as I see it. I pray to God Europeans jumps in and help take out this thuggery. Appeasement never has worked, and Putin’s devil has intimated with threats of nuclear war.

  2. If Putin really wanted the ukraine, he could have taken it in less that a week. If he had, the world would have it’s panties in a tighter bunch that normal. Don’t ever mistake his kindness for weakness.

    1. Sounds like you’re a Putin fan, Slide-Easy. I didn’t say he was kind–quite the contrary. Do you admire Putin because you think he is a good man, or because you think he is a strong man?

  3. As a student of history and a freedom loving American I enjoyed your insights and analysis of these current events in Ukraine. So many Americans can be mislead or confused by the “masters of the universe” media that the truth is a casualty of the warmongers! The managed news sources and social media keep low information consumers on the “thought control plantation”.
    Freethinkers are people willing to use their minds without prejudice to understand things that clash with their own beliefs. God Bless Americans.

    1. Thank you, William. You are right. I first approached the Russia-Ukraine situation with my own prejudices based primarily on my distrust of media. Of course, that’s a healthy distrust based on their track record. Nevertheless, I watched myself lest I just jump in the opposite direction of everything they say without seeing for myself what is occurring. It is an ongoing process. I wish you well with your work!

  4. Good stuff, Patrick. I agree with most of what you’re talking about here.

    I think neutrality is a dangerous option for anyone facing invasion. For years, Russia has been carving off one piece of Ukraine at a time and claiming it for themselves.

    Ukraine, as ANY country, has a right to their own sovereignty as long as they respect the sovereignty of others. That means they can defend themselves, AND request assistance from other states in that defense.

    The mere request of “neutrality” from a force that is currently bombing your thousand year old cities into the stone age is kind of absurd. The only exception, in my mind, would be as a last-case, life or death scenario. Although, at this point, Zelensky has already said he’d be willing to entertain this, so all this talk may be a moot point.

    Putin’s also requested “de-Nazification,” which Zelensky has already shown willingness to agree to. These type of weird requests are certainly for Russia to “save face” over their stupid insane public reasoning for invading.

    Putin isn’t stopping there. He has demanded that Ukraine fully DISARM.

    So, not only can they not ask for help with defense, they are not allowed to defend themselves! Because, who would ever want to harm Ukraine?🤭

    What is Putin, (in the best-case-scenario) worried really about? Ukrainian invasion? NATO invasion?

    If after all the torture, death, and corruption haven’t caused a single country to even threaten Russia, why would they now?

    They’re not. This is all theatre. Putin is putting on a show to splinter the West (us included), whom he and his advisors have shown the highest level of disdain for. He wants Ukraine, Moldova, Finland, Mongolia, and probably even Alaska, for the grand unification of his Russian Empire.

    While all that’s happening, the Elite Global Left is flexing their muscles with their new “Great Reset” toy. Using the unsympathetic evil-doer as the perfect foil.

    As you said, Patrick, the everyday folks are stuck in the middle. The everyday Ukrainians, Russians, Americans, etc, are all
    paying (with lives and fortune) for this dumpster fire of a show.

    While Ukraine certainly needs assistance, and deserves it in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum ( ) we CAN NOT expect our current government to do anything but damage. In EVERYTHING the Executive & Legislative branches has touched they demonstrate a mixture of maliciousness and ineptitude beyond anything I think any of us thought possible.

    We’ve got to hang together through all of this. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for a while.

    Anyways, sorry for the wordiness…

    Thanks so much for your level-headed commentary. I appreciate you putting out all this great info and inviting discussion.👍

    1. Thank you, Brian, for this most thoughtful reply. I’m letting it roll around my mind like fine wine, and have no need for a reply at this moment. I really need to bring you on and discuss this soon in one form or fashion!

  5. Tucker Carlson did an excellent expose on the Ukrainian president’s corruption and shutting down his political opponents including jailing them. Most likely he is corrupting the election process like the Democrats did in this country.

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