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I was training at the gym today (yes, this 60+-year-old is POWERLIFTING, but that’s a story for another day).

Sometimes, members abuse the music, going heavy on the cursing, or turning it up too loud. Many think they need over-the-top music to train. I understand the motivational potential of music, and it has worked for me too, yet I typically prefer to train in silence.

For some reason, there was no music at the gym today. One guy came in and then started to leave. Another guy asked him why he was leaving. He said he couldn’t train without music! The other guy agreed with him and said, “Only psychopaths can do that!.”

I love to train, but it’s like prayer or something to me–in silence I think better. So I guess you can put me in the “psychopath” category 😉 .

In any case, I realized that I don’t like having to correct people in certain situations, such as telling beefy weightlifters their music is too foul, or loud. I’m sure there’s some self-preservation in my reticence 🙂 .

But it caused me to ponder the concept of courage.

Powerlifters like to yell, and pump themselves up when it’s time to lift the big iron at a meet.

Football players like to butt heads with teammates like rams, yell, and “get crazy.”

How many activities do you do, that you are scared to do, that you feel like you have to push yourself into another zone to do?

When I first started doing handstands, I would do that–yelling and trying to “psych myself up.” We’ve all been there.

Yet, having to push ourselves mentally and emotionally like this shows that we lack the courage to do the task in a normal state of mind.

I began to think of some of the ways in which I see my courage lacking. One of these ways I’ve been thinking about over the last few days. You see, I lost a tooth recently–in the front where it can be seen. I had lost a few others over the last several years.

It’s something I haven’t wanted to discuss, since I’m in the health and fitness world and coach and consult with people. Therefore it’s embarrassing to lose a tooth–or teeth, and tends to undercut my “authority.”

But I’m bringing this up for a reason: perhaps I can help others if I level with you.

I believe the reason I’ve lost these teeth is a combination of my diet, and the fact that my teeth have always been crowded together. I don’t eat a lot of processed sugar, but I do eat a lot of grains, and sometimes raisins and things that stick to the teeth.

My studies tell me that processed grains have a lot of phytic acid in them, which cause damage to teeth. And because my teeth are so crowded together, food tends to get stuck in between my teeth, so that in-between area is where my teeth start decaying.

So what does this have to do with courage?

I’ve noticed that I do not eat merely for nutrients. Like most people, I eat for taste, and for what I would call “comfort.” There are certain foods we eat because they make us “feel good.” I grew up eating a lot of cereal and other sweet food, and still crave it.

And I’ve noticed that if I don’t eat these kinds of food, or stop before I’m too full, there is some uneasiness in my spirit. Continuing to eat dulls this little pain that I feel.

It’s not a food issue I’m dealing with here, it’s a COURAGE issue! I have lacked the courage to face my issues head on, and have taken the easy way out.

I’m realizing more and more, that courage is not so much about the obvious outside things we should stand up to. Those are important, but I now realize more than ever that we must START with facing OURSELVES–this is where courage begins!

I’ll check back with you and let you know how this insight plays out in my life. But I do know it’s TIME to “face the music,” or rather the silence. I believe that there is something beautiful on the other side of that silence–it just seems so scary from this end!

I’m dropping this post out into the world of political and cultural argument. Many are missing the boat, demonizing those they disagree with and getting angry with them, in order to get up the “courage” to curse them out or dismiss them. This isn’t going to solve anything–and it certainly won’t help you gain the true courage you need.

Don’t misunderstand–purposely or otherwise. I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t fight for our culture and Republic–we can and MUST! We are losing them by the day. But if we are to restore our nation, it will be because we developed true courage first.

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