mailchimp banned me

YouTube STRIKE-We've Been Scammed!

YouTube “STRIKES” – They Removed “We’ve Been Scammed!” Because I Mentioned the FAKE Election!

Well, big-social media is up to its usual totalitarian tricks–they’ve given me a “strike” for my “We’ve Been Scammed!” video. Why? Because “we think it violates our spam, deceptive practices, and scams policy.”                             “Deceptive practices and scams policy”? Wow! So just to recap, because I mentioned… Read the rest
MailChimp banned me!

Last night my mass email provider Mailchimp banned my Old School account…

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Last night my mass email provider MailChimp banned my Old School account after I attempted to send the video “Joe LOST… And He’s Dangerous!” Here’s MailChimp’s letter “cancelling” me…       Let me know if you know of any free-speech mass email sending alternatives. Please support my work HERE …or on My Subscribestar page To your health, success, and… Read the rest